It’s Not ALL Bad

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Supreme Court silver lining.

4,000 Years of Abortion History

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No matter what politicians or the law say, abortion has always existed and will always exist.

The Truth About Kavanaugh

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What if the supreme court nominee was momentarily possessed by the spirt of honesty?

I Went to Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

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Since the Supreme Court ruled “undue burdens” to abortion access unconstitutional, it has in fact become harder to access for many Americans.

Contraceptive Confusion

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So you want to stop abortion? Maybe you should want to keep Planned Parenthood around.

Cartoon: A profound commitment

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Cartoon: Pros and cons of the new Supreme Court

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As usual, the news cycle has shifted under my feet as I work on a cartoon. This time, it's Trump's nausea-inducing summit with Putin bumping the nausea-inducing radicalization of the Supreme Court out of the headlines. But thinking in terms of evaporating news cycles is part of our problem, so I'm not going to worry about it.

While I applaud the efforts to block Kavanaugh from joining the Court, I can't help but feel that particular pooch was screwed a long time ago. To mix metaphors horribly: the ship of judicial extremism has sailed, the horse of market fundamentalism has left the barn. There isn't even a barn anymore -- it's now a big box store. I keep thinking of this dude I met when I was in Wisconsin in September of 2016. He was determined to vote for Jill Stein to "send a message." I pleaded with him for half an hour, citing the Supreme Court over and over, but in the end he seemed unconvinced.

If you want to feel alarmed, read this diary about Kavanaugh and the environment and this column about the Court's evisceration of voting rights.

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The Astonishing Pragmatist vs. Brett Kavanaugh

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Trump’s SCOTUS pick seems like he’s going to be a disaster...or is he?

What Would a Post-Roe v. Wade World Look Like?

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An estimated 5,000 women a year died in the US before abortion was legalized.

Stella Creasy Attacks Government over Abortion and DUP

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This is another great video from RT, although it’s only 47 seconds long. It’s of the Labour MP Stella Creasy tearing into the government for their refusal to allow the women of Northern Ireland vote on the issue of abortion, because of their need to retain the support of the far right DUP.

Creasy begins her speech by asking if the government will really require rape victims to come forward to give evidence in open court, in order to get an open declaration and force them to act. She then asks whether they, as MPs, responsible under the Good Friday Agreement for the human rights of all citizens in Northern Ireland, are going to pretend that they’re doing their job if they allow the government to go through with this. She states that the women of Northern Ireland deserve better; they deserve control over their bodies, they do not deserve to be forced to go to court to talk about these issues in order to get the government to listen.

And then the punchline: They deserve the kind of control that Arlene Foster has over this government.