Germany’s 28-Hour Workweek

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German metalworkers’ union IG Metall made international headlines last month after a twenty-four-hour “warning strike” compelled employers to sign a deal with the union giving its members the right to a twenty-eight-hour workweek. The deal — which covers 900,000 workers in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg — is seen as a landmark in European labor relations, granting workers who want to reduce their working hours the right to do so for a two-year period. It came after 15,000 workers in eighty companies downed tools as part of a campaign for a better work-life balance and also included a substantial pay raise. But is it too good be true? Jacobin’s Loren Balhorn sat down with German labor sociologist Klaus Dörre to find out more about the strike, what the workers really gained, and what it might say about the German labor movement’s future.

Del Monte’s Pay Ratio Is Largest To Date At 1,465:1

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Del Monte Produce, makers of the beloved fruit cups present in every elementary school, paid their CEO 1,465 times more than their typical employee last year. CEO Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh made $8.5 million, while their median employee, located in Costa Rica, made $5,833. Del Monte had to reveal this astounding information as the result of a new regulation requiring publicly held firms to report their CEO-worker pay gaps. Corporations fought tooth and nail for nearly eight years to squelch this regulation — to no avail. Now, the American public will finally know more about the companies that dominate their lives. We’ll now be able to know the gap between what top executives make, what their typical employees make, and, in some cases, more information on the location of their employees.