Portugal: Pan-European screening of Free Lunch Society on Tuesday 26th September BIEN Conference in Lisbon

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The documentary Free Lunch Society will be screened on Tuesday 26th September, at 7:30 pm, during Basic Income Earth Network Conference in Lisbon. This will take place at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management – and will be followed by a debate between basic income experts Scott Santens (USA), Jorge Pinto and Sara Bizarro (Portugal) and the director

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Data Extract 236 Released

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Issue 236 is hot off the presses and on its way to DWCA Members! This bumper packed edition of the Doctor Who Club of Australia’s magazine contains an interview with Joshua Campbell, who works at Planet 55 Studios and was involved with the animations of The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet and The Moonbase. There’s also a tribute to Rosemary Howe, who was instrumental in getting the club up and running. We also continue our reviews of episodes from Series 10 and much, much more. We also want to make special mention of Katie Yu’s amazing artwork for the … Continue reading

UNITED STATES: Joe Biden believes that jobs are the future, rather than basic income

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Joe Biden. Credit to: GQ.   Joe Biden, Obama’s ex-vice president, is confident that the reinforcement of the job-centered culture is the answer to the challenges already affecting work marketplaces in the US, as written in his blog at the Biden Institute. He supports this vision instead of the idea increasingly put forward by Silicon Valley moguls: unconditional basic income.

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China: Association for Promotion of UBI established

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News, China

Zhang Chao and Gan Lin, high school seniors from the Chinese province of Zhejiang and founded UBIForALL to promote basic income in mainland China.

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Unity and persistence have paid off for Barts workers

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Cleaners, porters, and catering staff in Barts NHS Trust have won a deal after 24 days of strike action and plenty of protest

Republicans Try to Block RT from Being Shown in US

The Republicans are up to their tricks again, trying to stop American audiences from taking their news from alternative sources and so getting a clearer, different picture from that the corporate media wishes to impose. In this report by Samira Khan from RTUK, Republican Senator John McCaine and one of his colleagues are trying to pass a bill, which would allow American network providers to avoid having to carry RT – Russia Today – in the US. The ostensible reason is that Russia is using the broadcaster, which is owned by the Russian state, to influence American politics. There’s a clip in the programme of various Republicans in Congress debating and complaining that too many Americans are getting their views from RT.

The programme notes that there are three other state-owned foreign broadcasters in the US. These are France 24, Al-Jazeera, which is owned by Qatar, and, of course, the Beeb. None of these will be subject to the McCaine’s and Graham’s bill.

I’m very much aware that RT is owned by Russia, which since the Second World War has been America’s ideological and geopolitical opponent. And, despite the Fall of Communism and the introduction of capitalism, Russia still is in geopolitical opposition to America. But the claims that Russia is interfering in US politics is pure rubbish.

This twaddle ultimately comes from Hillary Clinton and her attempts to blame everyone else for her failure and corruption at the elections. She claimed that the leaked emails from the Democratic National Convention, which showed how corrupt she was in her dealings with corporate backers, and how she and Debbie Wasserman Schultz unfairly manipulated the internal electoral process within the party to stop Bernie Sanders coming to power, came from the Russians. They weren’t. They came from disgruntled members of her own party.

As for the accusation that Russia was influencing US politics, there’s no evidence that they were doing so unduly, or at least, no more than they had been. And as William S. Blum has pointed out on his Anti-Empire Report, that’s a lot less than America has interfered in other countries. He has a whole list of the countries, in which America has interfered in their politics and elections, not counting those, which the US has actively invaded or organized or backed coups to overthrow liberal and left-wing, but not necessarily Marxist or even Socialist governments. And there are pages and pages on this in Blum’s book.

This is just another attempt by the political establishment to try and shut down alternative media, and stop the American people from finding out what their country is really doing. Not just around the world, but also to them. Thanks to both the establishment Democrats and the Republicans’ promotion of corporate interests, as Pat Mills observed in one of his talks on politics and comics, there are pockets of America which are like the Third World. And this is White America, never mind Blacks, who still remain much poorer.

The corporate establishment is panicking, both in America and over here in Blighty, because people are no longer buying the right-wing propaganda churned out by Fox News and MSNBC, or by a supine BBC over here, which has turned its news into a kind of British TASS for Conservatives. (TASS was the Soviet state news agency before the collapse of Communism). They’re taking their news from alternative sources, like the Real News Network, RT, Democracy Now!, The Young Turks, Secular Talk, the David Pakman Show, Sam Seder’s Majority Report in the US, RTUK over here, media commentators like Chunky Mark the Artist Taxi Driver, and a whole plethora of bloggers and vloggers. And they’re getting worried.

It’s why establishment journos in the press and on the Beeb are whining about how the decline of their sector of news gathering and publication means that there will no longer be a consensus view that broadly unites people of all shades of political opinion. What this actually translates into is a panic that they won’t be able to shape public opinion like they could. They argue this means that opinions are becoming increasingly polarized and oppositional. It also means that they’re afraid that they can’t shape public opinion for the benefit of their corporate proprietors like they used to, and without influence and declining sales they could see all that lucrative advertising money that keeps so many of them going, drying up.

And the giants of the internet are also panicking. It’s why Google is so keen to demonetize ‘controversial’ material on YouTube. The excuse is that they’re doing so to stop racist, Alt Right, Nazi and Islamist propaganda appearing on the platform. But as so much of what is demonetized extends to left-wing news outlets, like David Pakman, Sam Seder and Democracy Now!, this excuse is very spurious and flimsy indeed. Google has said it wants to prioritise corporate content. It’s therefore just another big corporation trying to silence the critics of the corporate capitalism that’s destroying the planet and impoverishing everyone in the world except the super-rich 1 per cent.

It’s also why Facebook has also changed its policy, so that bloggers like Mike over at Vox Political also find it hard to reach their audience.

People the world over aren’t buying the corporate, establishment propaganda. They are turning to alternative media, which includes Russia Today, to find out about what’s really going on. And the corporate media is terrified. Hence this wretched bill. And I’ve no doubt that if this gets through Congress, the Tories will try something similar over here. After all, RT is also over here, as is the Iranian state broadcaster, PressTV, and they also tell the British public facts and information that they really don’t want people to see. Like George Galloway talking about the oppression of the Palestinians in Israel, and western militarism and imperialism in eastern Europe and the Middle East.

‘The ‘logic’ of Fake News’ – Philip Mirowski, 27th October

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The ‘Logic’ of Fake News
Philip Mirowski

6-7.30pm, 27th October 2017

PSH LG01, Goldsmiths

It is amazing the extent to which the very phenomenon of ‘fake news’ has been garbled and rubbished, to the extent it means nothing in particular. One might almost regard this as another case of agnotology. In this lecture, Philip Mirowski will insist that the terminology should only be used in a relatively narrow set of cases; and further, that it is a fairly direct expression of some tenets of neoliberal epistemology. While the neoliberal thought collective did not ‘invent’ fake news, they certainly helped shape its current configuration.

Philip Mirowski is Carl Koch Chair of Economics and the History and Philosophy of Science, and Fellow of the Reilly Center, University of Notre Dame. He is author of, among others, Machine Dreams (2002), The Effortless Economy of Science? (2004), More Heat than Light (1989), Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste (2013), and ScienceMart: privatizing American science (2011). His latest book is The Knowledge We Have Lost in Information: The History of Information in Modern Economics with Edward M. Nik-Khah.

This event is open to all and no registration is necessary. To find Goldsmiths, click here.

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GERMANY: Basic Income party Bündnis Grundeinkommen prepares for participation in upcoming election

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News, Germany

Bündnis Grundeinkommen gathering at Brandenburg gate. Credit to: Enno Schmidt and Bündnis Grundeinkommen   The Bündnis Grundeinkommen, Germany’s political party campaigning on the single issue of introducing a basic income in the country, has held an open air event in preparation to participate in their first national election.   Hosted together with Kulturimpuls Grundeinkommen eV (a German broadcaster), the event

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Dazed Tony Abbott Lucky That Tasmanian Only Attacked Him With One Head

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Doctors say that Tony Abbott is fortunate that an irate Tasmanian was only able to headbutt him with one of his heads in an attack on the former PM in Hobart last night.

“Tony could have sustained very serious injuries from a proper apple buster if his assailant had managed to connect with both of his heads,” said Dr Bernice Derwent, chief neurosurgeon at the Royal Hobart Hospital. “Fortunately we’re used to treating headbutt injuries in our casualty department, especially on windy days.”

The debate about the SSM survey has been particularly divisive in Tasmania, where many voters have one head that wants to vote YES and another that wants to vote NO.

“Allowing same sex marriage is a slippery slope that will end with people who aren’t relatives being allowed to get married,” claimed Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz. “I’m especially against lesbians being allowed to marry. Last time I looked my atlas contained a map of the mainland and a map of Tasmania, not two maps of Tassie.”

Peter Green

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Local Man Becomes Target Of ‘Shallow State’ Conspiracy

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A Wanda Beach man has been forced to go into hiding after becoming the subject of a campaign of harassment from very low level government employees.

“Ever since I expressed the view at a barbie that Donald Trump’s hair wasn’t all that ugly I’ve been the object of a conspiracy against me from a shadowy group of operatives from not very far within the apparatus of the state”, said hand carwash manager Brett Merriwether. “The postman pelts me with mulberries whenever he rides by on his little red bike, the librarian follows me around the library telling me to shush every time I make a noise and the dog catcher deliberately lets loose any sausage dogs he catches into my house rather than take them to the pound.”

“The CIA has much bigger fish to fry than Brett so we’ve delegated the task of bringing him down to elements that aren’t quite so “deep state” but are still quite annoying,” said CIA director Antonio Prohias. “We’ll see how long Brett’s enthusiasm for Mr Trump’s hairdo lasts once the guy who runs the eye test at the motor registry starts making him read the extra blurry line on the eye chart, or the rangers start hiding the “Danger Crocodiles” sign whenever he visits the National Park.”

While not implicated in the Kennedy assassination or Watergate, the so called “shallow state” has claimed responsibility for such acts as denying Tony Blair a loading zone, supplying Gough Whitlam with a pricey estimated electricity bill during the Timor invasion and shutting down former New Zealand PM David Lange’s favourite pie shop for unexplained breaches of the health regulations.

“Coming home late because my train was cancelled to find fifteen sausage dogs frolicking in my rumpus room was the last straw,” said Merriwether from his hiding place within the sand dunes just north of Wanda Beach. “Once the “shallow state” makes up its mind to get you there’s nowhere to hide from its many tentacles. When you control the train timetables you control the world.”

Peter Green

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