Tale of the Tapes

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Would an “N-Word Tape” tell us anything we didn’t already know?

#MeToo in the Bay Area

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Even one of America’s largest progressive bastions isn’t immune from sexual predation in the artist and activist communities - especially for women of color.

Katter Condemns Fraser Anning For Not Mentioning Crocodiles In His Maiden Speech

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Bob Katter has lashed out at his Senator Fraser Anning over his maiden speech to Parliament after the new Senator failed to mention crocodiles at any stage during his speech.

“People are angry at Fraser and rightfully so,” said Mr Katter. “I mean it’s all well and good to get up and tell a yarn in Parliament. But to not mention crocodiles, when every three months someone in Northern Queensland is being torn apart by one is criminal.”

“I’ll be taking old mate Fraser out to the woodshed later on to teach him a lesson.”

When asked whether he condemned Senator Anning over any other part of his maiden speech Mr Katter replied: “Oh look he did go a bit hard on the Muslims and his language was a bit clunky. But the main thing we need to take out of this is the lack of people talking about crocodiles.”

“Maybe we could start deporting crocodiles. Oh Bobby boy what an idea, where’s Dutton?”

Mark Williamson 


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Sudanese youth step up the fight against racist media and politicians

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Racism, Racism

A defiant 500-strong protest led by South Sudanese youth and students stood up to the barrage of government and media racism, rallying on Saturday 28 July, against Channel 7’s airing of the racist “African Gangs” segment on Sunday Night in early July.

Channel 7’s segment is a shameless continuation of a relentless racist campaign since late 2017, when Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Victorian Liberal opposition leader, Matthew Guy, began to push the idea that Victoria was “over-run” by “African gangs”.

Although Victoria’s Chief Police Commissioner rejected the suggestion at the time, the media continues to demonise and racially vilify Sudanese youth.

Rally organiser, Sebit Gurech, countered media misrepresentation, saying, “I have been in situations where I am hanging with my friends and something happens between them—two people—and later, I go home to see that 250 Sudanese youth were involved in an altercation. But that is not the truth.”

Flora Chol told the rally, “I am a south Sudanese woman. We did not survive 50 years of civil war, our forefathers did not survive 50 years of civil war, to stand down to Channel 7. We will not do that. We will stand here, and make our voices be heard.”

Rally organisers also pointed to the hypocrisy of Liberal politicians’ claims about the over-representation of Sudanese people in the crime statistics. Krown told the rally, “If you are talking about crime… you can go to any station in Melbourne and see any nationality is able to commit crime, so why are you pointing fingers at us?”

As Victorian Crime Statistics Agency figures from September 2017 reveal, those born in Australia were responsible for 71.7 per cent of crime, while Sudanese-born were responsible for just 1 per cent.

Wiradjuri woman and Victorian Trades Hall ATSI officer Edi Shepperd also challenged the government’s demonisation of Sudanese people, “In the union movement we have a saying, touch one, touch all, your struggle, is my struggle… we are with you all the way because our liberations are bound together… we stand against Turnbull, Dutton, Channel 7, and all of their conservative mates with a clear message, your time is up.”

Flora Chol drew links with Aboriginal struggles, “My solidarity will always be with the traditional custodians of this land, because as black people we know all too well, what it’s like to be discriminated just for your skin colour… If we stand together, no one can work against us.”

Racist violence

The Liberals’ campaign against Sudanese and African communities has a longer history. In 2007, Liep Gony was the victim of a brutal racist murder.

Yet just three days after Liep’s murder, then Liberal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews implemented an immediate freeze on accepting African refugees. At the time, Andrews claimed that Sudanese migrants were responsible for violence and instilled the idea of “violent Sudanese gangs”.

But it was Sudanese people themselves who faced brutal racist violence, as Liep’s murder showed. Liep’s cousin, Nyawech Fouch, spoke publicly for the first time, explaining, “My whole family is traumatised by what the media has done to our family, to our family and friends and the people around us… they criminalised my cousin when he was dead.”

In a replay of events surrounding Liep’s murder, the media has shamefully tried to portray the recent death of young Sudanese woman, La Chol as evidence of “African gangs”. But La Chol’s family told SBS, “It is with sadness that we have watched the tragic death of our precious daughter be used for political agendas and media commercial interests.”

Victorian Labor aids racism

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has distributed a shockingly racist election leaflet. The leaflet, with an image of black men in hoodies in a park was titled, “Stop Gangs hunting in packs”, likening black men to animals.

It was later revealed that the images were taken directly from a 2012 London Evening Standard newspaper article. Malcolm Turnbull’s comments about the existence of “African gangs” has similarly boosted racism.

Responding to these events Krown said, “if it comes to a monopoly game where you need votes, don’t do us like that.”

But while the Liberals ramp up their racist offensive, the current State Labor government’s proposal to introduce the new “Unlawful Association” laws is aiding the Liberals’ racism and hysteria.

The new legislation will give police expanded powers to prevent people as young as 14 from associating with other young people. The Flemington Kensington Legal Centre has condemned the bill saying it will escalate police racial profiling of indigenous people and communities of colour.

By Jasmine Ali

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Trump’s European chaos tour will unleash the far right

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The extreme centre, as author Tariq Ali dubbed mainstream neo-liberal parties, is convinced that Donald Trump’s European tour confirmed he is unfit to be president. And it’s true that his performance has been characteristically erratic, and occasionally idiotic.

But focusing on the admittedly bizarre Trump day-to-day can easily lead to underestimating how dangerous he is. One of his favourite news programmes, the ultra-conservative Fox & Friends, called his trip to Europe the “world disruption tour” and that’s exactly what it was.

Trump had in his sights precisely the centre right that currently dominates the European Union (EU).

Given this, it was natural for Trump to focus his fire on German chancellor Angela Merkel. She is the leading political figure in Europe.

His vanity was probably piqued by all the toadies who proclaimed her “the real leader of the free world” after he was elected president in November 2016.

But Germany is a target for strategic reasons as well. Trump thinks that the US has been systematically ripped off by its allies and trading partners for the past few decades.

China is a major offender here, hence the trade war Trump has launched. But he also said, “I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade.”

Germany dominates the EU. Not only does it run a huge trade surplus with the US. It also spends only 1.2 per cent of national income on defence, way below the target of 2 per cent for members of the Nato military alliance.

Trump believes that the international institutions the US has built up—Nato and the World Trade Organisation, for example—have actually worked to America’s disadvantage.

So he’s trying to shake them up—for example by demanding that Nato member states raise their defence spending to 4 per cent of national income. Even the US currently only spends 3.1 per cent.


It’s here that Trump’s incoherence and vanity get in the way. He claimed that he’d got a deal to raise the target above 2 per cent, only to have this denied by other Nato leaders.

The security expert Lawrence Freedman tweeted, “Trumpian diplomacy involves claiming great success with binding deals for which there is no actual record and which his interlocutors dispute.

“Interesting question is whether with deals existing only in his imagination he can be satisfied with imaginary implementation as well.”

But maybe Trump doesn’t care about the actual policy outcomes because he has other fish to fry.

His attacks on Merkel were semi-orchestrated with the far right governments that have taken office in Europe. They are Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Sebastian Kurz in collaboration with the Nazi Freedom Party in Austria and Matteo Salvini in Italy.

Similarly, Trump’s intervention in the Tory factional struggle over the terms of Brexit was intended to bolster Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers in rebellion against Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump told the media Johnson would make “a great prime minister” in comments that severely embarrassed his host Theresa May.

As the Financial Times newspaper put it, “The US president is clearly intent on forming a new kind of transatlantic alliance with insurgent political forces.” Luckily Johnson is probably too lazy and cowardly to take full advantage of Trump’s support.

But Orbán, Kurz, and Salvini are no clowns. They already have Merkel and other leaders of the European extreme centre such as Emmanuel Macron in a headlock.

So Trump is trying to subvert the political institutions of neo-liberal capitalism on both sides of the Atlantic by promoting the forces of the far right. This is very dangerous.

In the first place, neither he nor his European allies have a real economic alternative to neo-liberalism. Their most potent weapon is anti-migrant racism, and the extreme centre is adapting to their demands. Secondly, Trump is giving confidence to genuinely fascist forces, like those on the streets of Britain in recent weeks.

So it’s no surprise that his ex-adviser Steve Bannon has called for British Nazi Tommy Robinson’s release. We have a tough struggle against racism ahead.

By Alex Callinicos
Socialist Worker UK

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A Racist in the Opinion Pages!

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Racism against white people...in the paper of record? This won’t stand!

Fault Right

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Calling racists racist is what makes them be racist! Absolutely.

Four Cartoonists on The Biggest Lies of Their Lives

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Race, birth control, leprechaun meat- lies are EVERYWHERE!

Dauvé versus Marx

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image/jpeg iconconvict-leasing.jpg

In critiquing Silvia Federici's Caliban and the Witch Gilles Dauvé highlights limitations in his own conception of the creation of the proletariat internationally, and his understanding of Marx’s work on slavery. These limitations are not unique to Dauvé, but as someone libcom cites as an influence, especially due to his insistence on the proletariat as a negative rather than positive category, and who has been influential on the communisation tendency generally, we should expect better.

if 19th century industrialisation was the beginning of the end of slavery, it was only so in the sense that detonation is the beginning of the end of a bomb.

Mike Harman

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Cartoon: Let it beef

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In this cartoon, I'm of course referring to the recent Supreme Court decision that allowed Texas's discriminatory redrawing of Congressional maps.

Americans are gluttons for news stories about smackdowns, insults, and personal rivalries. Someone says something outrageous on Twitter? We're all over it. As for slightly more abstract issues like gerrymandering, we just don't get as worked up. Some of us do, to be sure. But if gerrymandering could be translated into a simple verbal insult, it might resonate with more people.

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