Preview: What are taxes actually for?

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We need to talk about taxation. I do not think it means what you think it means.

While some of us are pretty conscious of the importance of using the correct terminology when it comes to issues of social justice, race, gender and sexuality, when it comes to addressing inequality, we are still using language straight out of the neoliberal handbook

We need to be honest about how the tax system works and what it is for. To do so isn’t radical, or even progressive. It is simply the economics of reality…

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Taxcast: A Firewall to Protect EU Citizens from the Big Four Accountancy Firms and the Tax Avoidance Lobby

In the Tax Justice Network’s July 2018 Taxcast, Vickie Cann and John Christensen examine a proposal for a firewall to protect EU citizens from the Big Four accountancy firms and the tax avoidance lobby, as well as look at a new report from the Corporate Europe Observatory.

The Missing Profits of Nations

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Profit shifting is a key driver of the decline in global average statutory corporate tax rate, which has fallen by more than half

The case against income tax

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“If income tax were really important, how come those who make the most often pay the least?

Income tax doesn’t really pay for government services federally. So why do we, the 99%, even need to pay it? Isn’t it just punishing people for earning?”

Me at Renegade Inc. on the case against income tax. Click here for the full schpiel.

Taxcast: How Accountants Broke Capitalism

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No matter what the scandal is, when it comes to financial secrecy and tax dodging, the so-called big four accountancy firms are key players. The latest June 2018 Taxcast discusses how accountants broke capitalism.

Tesla And GM Close To Capping Out On Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives

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Tesla and GM are nearing the end of a subsidy road.

How Tax Evasion Increases Inequality

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Total tax evasion among the top 0.01% in Scandinavia is roughly 10 times the level of the population at large.

Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

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Housing, Taxes

I’ve traveled in a lot of major US cities in the last year outside of my hometown of Boston, Mass. Most of them are experiencing gentrification as wealthy newcomers drive up the cost of housing and displace long-time residents. But there’s an additional disruptive force — a sort of globally supercharged gentrification resulting from billions of dollars in global wealth flowing into residential real estate. Across these cities, new residential luxury towers are rising up like weeds. Last month, I wrote an op-ed in the Sunday Boston Globe that has triggered some great conversations. The piece, called “Time to Tax the Swanktuaries,” describes One Dalton Place — a building under construction that I see on my daily walk.  The article led to an interview on WBUR’s Radio Boston and a recent conversation on Boston Neighborhood Network with Chris Lovett.

Trump’s Carbon Capture Tax Break: Mechanical and Biological Paths

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Looking at the potential benefit of tax subsidies for carbon capture.

Why Americans’ Hatred of Taxes Is Fake News

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Newspapers consistently underplay wide public support for higher taxes on businesses and the wealthy.