How Tax Evasion Increases Inequality

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Total tax evasion among the top 0.01% in Scandinavia is roughly 10 times the level of the population at large.

Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

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I’ve traveled in a lot of major US cities in the last year outside of my hometown of Boston, Mass. Most of them are experiencing gentrification as wealthy newcomers drive up the cost of housing and displace long-time residents. But there’s an additional disruptive force — a sort of globally supercharged gentrification resulting from billions of dollars in global wealth flowing into residential real estate. Across these cities, new residential luxury towers are rising up like weeds. Last month, I wrote an op-ed in the Sunday Boston Globe that has triggered some great conversations. The piece, called “Time to Tax the Swanktuaries,” describes One Dalton Place — a building under construction that I see on my daily walk.  The article led to an interview on WBUR’s Radio Boston and a recent conversation on Boston Neighborhood Network with Chris Lovett.

Trump’s Carbon Capture Tax Break: Mechanical and Biological Paths

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Looking at the potential benefit of tax subsidies for carbon capture.

Why Americans’ Hatred of Taxes Is Fake News

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Newspapers consistently underplay wide public support for higher taxes on businesses and the wealthy.

Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?

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Michael Hudson discusses monopoly capitalism on the Laura Flanders show.

Hiding from the Tax Man, International Wealthy Style

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Tax avoidance is an ever-evolving game. Some fresh information on which countries are willing to offer a helping hand to the rich.

Big Banks Got Huge Tax Cuts, Then Hiked States’ And Cities’ Interest Rates

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The monster banks get monster tax cuts … then turn around and hike interest rates for states and cities. The hikes could translate into millions of dollars of extra costs for cash-strapped municipalities. Creating Public Banks would cut these middlemen — along with the enormous soaring drain of interest payments and fees — out of public budgets. Bloomberg: “It takes away from money that would help the state’s reserve, or it takes away from money the state may appropriate for other statewide public purposes,” said David Erdman, the capital finance director for Wisconsin, whose payments on a $279 million loan will jump by about $750,000 next year.

The Tax Scam Is Starting To Sink In

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While billionaires fund a PR push for the tax law, most ordinary workers report seeing no increase in their take-home pay. It’s no fun being scammed. I distinctly remember looking for my first big city apartment and finding an ad that looked perfect. Beautiful picture, cheap rent, great location. It sounded too good to be true and, sadly, it was. Just send a check in the mail, and don’t forget to send over your Social Security number, they said. We’ll mail you a key. Fortunately, I didn’t take the bait. I’ve also managed to dodge the countless “Nigerian royalty” looking to make me rich via e-mail, and the endless robo-calls about lowering my utility bills. Not everyone is so lucky. If there’s one constant of scams, it’s that given enough opportunities, they’ll get somebody to give up the goods.

Bitcoin as Prosecution Futures: Coinbase Agrees to Turn Customer Records Over to Department of Justice for Possible Tax Evasion

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Even in the US, which so far has been more lenient toward cryptocurrencies than China, the noose is tightening. Top Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has decided that trying to defy the law, in terms of not complying with a IRS summons requiring it to turn over information about customers who had engaged in more than $20,000 […]

Tax Astroturf: The B-Team Lowers the Bar for Tax Transparency

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Quelle surprise! The B Team, a supposed top group for "responsible business," punts on tax transparency.