Chillers, bullies and Fatsolve - Night-shift drift of a Bakkavor food factory cleaner

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Over the last four years we spoke to many night-shift cleaners from local food processing plants. Young guys having a spliff after shift, telling us that using the chemicals for cleaning in confined spaces make you think of Syria or other gas attacks. Women workers have less time, as they hurry to get the kids ready for school. From workers at Adelie sandwich plant to LSG Sky Chef airline caterer to Bakkavor ready-meal factory – they all tell us that the time given for cleaning the shop-floor is not enough and that despite their knowledge and responsibility they are paid the lowest possible wage. Read a longer report below…

Despite the tensions I have described most co-workers are friendly and willing to give good advice. There clearly is a bond created by the fact of being stuck together in hell…

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France Could Lose Billions In Brexit Trade Route Redirection

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How French ports and hence France look set to lose in Brexit.

Yemen’s “Forgotten War” Re-ignited

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As we have seen in Syria and elsewhere modern imperialist war is total war with no holds barred. There is no Geneva Convention, or set of humanitarian concerns, that can act as a check on the bestial appetites of the contending parties. The situation in Yemen remains unbelievably dire.

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3 Blokes In The Pub…Talk No Deal Brexit

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Nitty gritty details of what happens with a crash-out Brexit, made accessible and even entertaining.

What Is Wrong with the Bank of England's Decision Today?

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The BoE’s decision to raise the Bank Rate to 0.75% is a mistake. It is a mistake comparable to those made by Alan Greenspan’s Federal Reserve in the years between 2003 and 2006. 

 Mark Carney

Mark Carney


It is a mistake that must be understood in a wider context. Not just the political context – which promotes ‘monetary radicalism and fiscal conservatism’ – to quote David Cameron and George Osborne. But also in a wider monetary policy context. 

As the governor of the Bank pointed out recently: ‘the Bank is the only game in town’ ...

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Financial Times Goes Wobbly on Brexit; Runs Front Page Stories Claiming Theresa May Charm Offensive Is Winning “Fudges” When No Such Thing Is Happening

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The Financial Times has used two lead stories this week to deliver factuall-challenged propagandizing for the Government's Brexit maneuvers.

More Brexit Grim Tidings: WTO Warns Ireland to Prepare for Crash-Out; Deutsche Moves Half of Euro Clearing Ops to Germany; Food Freakout

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More on how the Brexit situation is developing not necessarily to the UK's advantage.

Taxcast: A Firewall to Protect EU Citizens from the Big Four Accountancy Firms and the Tax Avoidance Lobby

In the Tax Justice Network’s July 2018 Taxcast, Vickie Cann and John Christensen examine a proposal for a firewall to protect EU citizens from the Big Four accountancy firms and the tax avoidance lobby, as well as look at a new report from the Corporate Europe Observatory.

Michel Barnier Nixes Theresa May’s Customs Union Scheme as Bad Brexit Dynamics Worsen

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More Brexit Groundhog Day as the EU is compelled to say the same old "nos" to the UK.

Bakkavor Factory Newsletter Issue no.4

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The Bakkavor food factories in west London are a prime example of the tension between structural oppression of each individual worker - most of them migrant women workers - and a collective potential of working class power. It ain't always easy, but we continue to work within that tension.

Hundreds of workers across all the Bakkavor Park Royal sites filed grievances. It is a good sign that people took this step to demand more. But in order to be successful we need actions that create more unity and strength amongst us.

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