Wed, 20/03/2024 - 09:48

Following years of pressure from Israel lobbyists and British spooks, I was finally banned by Twitter/X. What does my removal say about Elon Musk, who flaunts his opposition to censorship, while promising to build an “everything app” where you could lose access to banking and messaging for violating dubious speech codes?  On February 17, I was suspended from Twitter/X without warning. The cause was mass-reporting by Zionist activists I’d offended. My removal was justified on the basis that I violated […]

The post I was banned from Elon’s ‘free speech’ X app for offending power first appeared on The Grayzone.

The post I was banned from Elon’s ‘free speech’ X app for offending power appeared first on The Grayzone.

Thu, 22/02/2024 - 01:18

Ever since an infantile fascist billionaire (hereafter, the IFB) decided to turn Twitter over to the racially hostile anti-science set, folks who previously used that network daily to discuss and amplify topics they cared about have either given up on the very premise of a shared digital commons, continued to post to Twitter while holding […]

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Tue, 06/02/2024 - 03:36

Jessica Buxbaum investigates how "Facts for Peace," founded by Pro-Israel real-estate billionaire Barry Sternlicht, is trying to turn public opinion back in Israel's favor by spending exorbitant amounts of money targeting American social media users.

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Fri, 01/12/2023 - 04:42

Visegrád 24 and its ultra-viral content have dominated social media platforms since Israel's war on Gaza began, but who is behind the pro-Israel account helping to shape the narrative on the year's most controversial topic? MintPress News investigates.

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Wed, 08/11/2023 - 00:40

Israel is losing the information war. But that is not because they aren't trying. MintPress' Alan MacLeod breaks down how the government of Israel has spent millions of dollars on targeted ads aimed at Westerners, all in an attempt to whitewash a genocide.

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