Tue, 09/07/2024 - 04:52
The housing crisis will not be solved for those who are suffering the most by the mish mash of half hearted, small steps, and policy responses currently favoured by governments. They lack the courage to commit to direct government intervention on a sufficient scale in the failed housing market in the form of publicly funded, Continue reading »
Tue, 04/06/2024 - 04:54
Labor’s $4 billion for Indigenous housing in the Northern Territory is set for failure unless it incorporates Aboriginal expertise. Bob Hawke famously was told the jig was up when Gareth Evans told him to “pull out, digger. The dogs are pissing on your swag.” I got the message when I was told by a Department Continue reading »
Sat, 25/05/2024 - 04:57
Dutton has finally started to show his hand and build his campaign for the next election around energy policy and housing affordability. The problem is that his ignorance of the evidence demonstrates his incompetence. Ever since he became Leader of the Labor Party, Albanese has been determined to offer a small target by not departing Continue reading »