Climate Justice as Economic Mobilization – 21st June

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Climate Justice as economic mobilization
From ‘de-developing’ the Global North to WW2-style transitions

Stefan Jacobsen, Roskilde University
4pm, 21st June
Goldsmiths (RHB 143)

Drawing on a newly published book, this talk will give a brief outline of the economic ideas that have been central in the buildup of a global movement for Climate Justice (CJ) since the 1990s. Jacobsen argues that although campaigns against the dominance of carbon markets and for divestment strengthened the CJ movement in raw numbers, these approaches also marked a move away from earlier demands for radical equality as part of transitioning away from fossil fuels. Finally, Jacobsen discusses recent calls for a WW2-style mobilization as a response to the failure of reaching globalized economic principles of CJ mobilization.

Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen is assistant professor at Roskilde University, currently working on the project ‘Sustainable Rationalities’. Funded by the Danish Research Foundation, the project investigates the economic imaginaries of contemporary critical environmental organizations. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Political Economy Research Centre, Goldsmiths.

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