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Published by Matthew Davidson on Sun, 09/08/2020 - 10:25pm

This is cruel and unfair on the poor people who have to manage the picturesque suburban sprawl drainage ditch Bogan Bay, but as a lesson in how not to do things on the cheap, I must draw your attention to their "Things To Do At Boambee Creek Reserve - Image Gallery".

I stress, this is their context. "Things to do". I'm adding nothing to this; this is all their framing.

  • Here's a bridge:

    Great. Now what?
  • Bark chips! A king's ransom!

    You've never seen anything like it. Except, well, everywhere.
  • You can cultivate a splendid beer belly!
  • Admire some rust.

    Cook on it, if you dare!
  • Use a stick.
  • Think about all the friends you used to have.
  • Drop your car keys. Damn.
  • Watch the sad dog.
  • Oh look, there's that bridge again. Amidst all the grief and loss, I'd forgotten all about it.
  • Who is that lady? Is she following me? Is it because of… No! It can't be! That was years ago! I'm all better now!
  • Fecking bridge.
  • Leaving the car behind for a long, relaxing walk home.

    No boy, keep away from the black dog. We both have to keep away from the black dog of Bogan Bay.