Capitalism under the pandemic, Brexit, US-China, the Eurozone & Austerity: Oxford Political Review interview

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OPR Editor-in-Chief Brian Wong and Managing Editor Nicholas Leah speak with Professor Yanis Varoufakis – a former Minister of Finance in the Greek Government, a leading economist and philosopher, Member of Parliament in Greece, and the author of several high-acclaimed books. They discuss COVID-19, Brexit, the Eurozone, Austerity, Greek/European politics and Professor Varoufakis’s new book. The interview was originally live streamed on the OPR’s Facebook page. About OPR: The Oxford Political Review is an Oxford-based publication with a global reach. OPR publishes a quarterly journal and regular articles on current affairs, political theory, and international relations, as well as conducting interviews and podcasts with prominent academics and public figures around the world.