Doctor Who - Series Five on Target

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Matt Smith

Back to catching up with my faux Target covers. 

A few months ago, for some reason known only to my raddled subconscious, I ended up doing 70s style Target covers for the current run of Doctor Who series-by-series... but in reverse. This meant I started with series ten and worked my way back to series five. Thus if you accept the fact that one gets better and better, the more you perform a task, then these selections of Target book covers will get progressively worse as I'm post them in series order beginning with Matt Smith's debut series. 

I liked Matt's debut series but not as much as series seven and certainly more than series six. I hope this shows with this selection. 

Particularly pleased with the one for Amy's Choice. This really was a great example of Doctor Who doing a unique standalone tale which needs no introduction or follow-up. It's got a beginning, a middle and an end... And that's it. No necessity for a prequel or a sequel. No need for Toby Jones' Doctor to return as a villain in a Big Finish spin-off set in a dreamscape where he traps a different character from the Doctor's past every episode... The story is a nice enclosed little tale of its own. I'm surprised Simon Nye didn't write at least another script for the series but there you go. 

Anyway, here goes... 

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