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 A bumper crop here for what became the 50th anniversary series. 

To a certain degree, it was two series. The first five episodes aired in late 2012 and saw the departure of Amy and Rory. This led into a Christmas special that introduced for a second time, the new companion Clara. The series returned in Easter 2013 with another introduction for Clara whom this time, we were assured was safe and not liable to die for at least the rest of the series. This run of eight episodes climaxed with the revelation of the retrospectively named 'War Doctor' played by Sir John Hurt. This in turn was followed by the anniversary special in November which in turn was followed a month later by another Christmas special which bade farewell to Matt Smith. 

We never had it so good!

The second batch of eight contained some of my favourite eleventh Doctor stories, 'Cold War', 'Hide' and 'The Crimson Horror' were all high points with the only low point being the disappointing 'Nightmare in Silver', which despite being written by the great Neil Gaiman, felt like a remix of old ideas with some superficial re-colouring. The new Cybermen were cool though. Their looked smoother and more streamlined than the more robotic Cybus versions. It's just a pity they still had that clanky stiff sound effect every time they took a step. 

Here they are anyway. And don't worry, I've no After Party to follow this post.

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