Joyce Implores The NSW Govt To Allow Ministers And Female Staffers To Be Able To Bubble

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 15/07/2021 - 8:27am in

Australia’s deputy Prime Minister (yes, really) Barnaby Joyce has made a passionate plea to the NSW Government to allow Ministers and their female staffers to be able visit each other in some form of bubble during the State’s extended lockdown.

”It’s vital that a Minister is able to have access to his Staff,” said the Member for New England. ”Sometimes we need to work them all night, burn the midnight hours as we bone up on policy.”

”How do you expect me to bone via Zoom?”

When asked why he was seemingly more interested in his own interests than that of his electorate, the Member for New England said: ”I disagree with your assertation.”

”No one in parliament is as keen on pressing the flesh with the electorate than Myself.”

”Well, George Christensen likes to press the flesh as well but mostly in the Philippines.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and get back to some boneing, I can’t keep my interns waiting.”

Mark Williamson


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