Doctor Who - Series eight on Target

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 31/07/2021 - 9:51pm in


Doctor Who

I did these some time ago. As I think I may have said before, I ended up doing all these new retro Target covers in reverse, beginning with Peter Capaldi's final series (which I adore and that's probably the reason why I started there.). 

Not a lot to say about series eight that hasn't been said already. Capaldi hits the floor running with his portrayal. There's a good repartee with Clara despite her story having reached a climax with The Name of the Doctor. It has a reasonably subtle story arc to it that doesn't get in the way of the standalone nature of the individual episodes. 

My favourites here are 'Listen' (a great meditation on fear and its sources within the subconscious mind) and 'Flatline' (Great variation on an old SF idea with some mind-blowing visuals). The worst is undoubtedly 'In the Forest of the Night' which, whilst elegant to look at, feels patronising in its storytelling - like a kids' TV show that needs to emphasise its subtext via the characters' posturing and lengthy bouts of exposition. 

And Doctor Who is never like that... it?

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