Preparations for the “Next Afghanistan” Have Already Begun

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 23/08/2021 - 12:36am in

Now that the twenty year-long US military expedition to
Afghanistan has ended in catastrophe, the US Neocon establishment has already
begun preparations for the “Next Afghanistan”. That process begins
with blaming Joe Biden and rewriting history.

Thus, Richard Haas (President of the Council on Foreign
Relations) writes
in Project Syndicate
: “Biden
was recently asked if he harbored any regrets about his decision to withdraw
all US troops from Afghanistan. He replied he did not. He should.” As part
of his argument, Mr. Haas scare mongers prospect of a “Taliban domino
effect” whereby the Taliban takeover Pakistan.

The New York Times has also been busy
playing the blame game and rewriting history. Two days after Kabul fell, its
page one story blamed President Biden and suggested something very different
was possible: “But in his speech, Mr. Biden spent more time defending his
decision to depart Afghanistan than
the chaotic way it was carried out.”

In similar vein, another
Times story claimed
: “In several
cities, Afghan security forces put up a strong fight to stop the Taliban
advance, with videos showing exchanges of gunfire. But much more prevalent
during the Taliban’s offensive were scenes of apparent retreat by government
forces left ill-equipped to secure the country after the American withdrawal.”

The reality is
President Biden has nothing to apologize for and deserves our collective thanks
for a decision that benefits the United States but would never politically
benefit him.

The scale and speed of the collapse in Afghanistan after
twenty years of nation building and massive military engagement is not a
critique of Joe Biden. It is a damning indictment of the national security and
foreign policy establishment.

There was never going to be any other way of exit from this
misconceived imperial venture. It was something like this or be there forever.

The “Taliban domino theory” and the “Not this
way” argument are attempts by the Neocon establishment to deflect their
culpability and pave the road for the “Next Afghanistan”.

Expect more of that from those who got us into this mess and
kept us there so long. And the most dangerous among those voices are
Neocon Democrats and so-called liberal media like The New York Times, as
they give political cover and credibility to their more extreme Republican
Neocon counter-parts.

The Neocon narrative
opportunistically sprinkles the false notion of self-inflicted defeat and
humiliation, thereby rewriting history and making us feel better. That is its
toxic siren appeal. It triumphed after Vietnam. It is absolutely critical we
stop such Neocon narratives taking hold after Afghanistan or we will be
condemned to a future of more of the same.