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Published by Matthew Davidson on Wed, 27/10/2021 - 2:24pm in

As the pandemic was getting into its stride in 2020, I was watching:

Pie Net Zero

Whenever I think the momentum's gone, and the Jonathan Pie character should be laid to rest, he comes back with one that's right on target. This long short is rather charming.

How Myst Almost Couldn't Run on CD-ROM | War Stories | Ars Technica

Like anybody who owned a computer in the 1990s, I was mesmerised by Myst. This compelling little mini-doco shows just how hard the Miller brothers were pushing the envelope to get their concept to work on 256-color graphics cards and first generation single-speed CD-ROM drives.

How does an Oscillating Fan work?

The only thing I can make with my bare hands (and maybe a 3D printer) is a mess. I don't have an engineering mind. Jared Owen's videos make me wish I did.

Carol Kaye - Most Heard But Least Known


Honest Government Ad | The Fires

There's a smugness to most things that go out under the label "satire", and this is no exception, but it hits the mark. The summer of 2019/20 seemed like the end of the world. Ah, such innocent times.

The Concept of Language (Noam Chomsky)

I love these interviews where the interviewer asks questions about things that they think are within the domain of academic linguistics but aren't. The polite answers, always with the caveat that he's not really qualified to speak on the topic, show that there's not much that Chomsky hasn't spent at least some time thinking about.

"STATE OF THE UNION 2020" — A Bad Lip Reading

This joke never gets old.