The Morrison Wave (Updated).

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Courtesy of ABC Online, this is how the COVID pandemic has evolved in Australia since March 2020:

A view of the same data starting now on Dec 1st:

Happy New Year, folks!

Doubling times are currently under a week: from Dec 21st, when there were 4,575 new cases, it took three days to double to 9,121 on the 24th. Then it took 5 days to double again to 18,242 (on the 29th) and in two days it almost doubled for a third time to the current 32,940 new cases registered today, December 31st.

All states and territories are seeing alarming increases in the number of new cases, but it is in New South Wales, under Premier Dominic Perrottet, where things are worse.

To allow Anglosphere readers a comparison: the American population is roughly 13 times the Australian population (the UK, 3 times; Canada, 1.5; New Zealand, 1/5), based on Worldometer estimates of population as of December 30th. Just multiply Aussie COVID figures by those values to see how Oz compares.

The saving grace is that – even in NSW – the numbers of patients hospitalised, in ICU and ventilated remain low:

The daily rate of hospitalisations, however, is picking up speed.

Likewise, daily deaths are still lower than they were in the first part of the pandemic, but the accumulated total is increasing:

Perrottet remains, predictably, stubbornly optimistic:

But official guidelines issued to the public change by the day. First it was when boosters were recommended (from six months after the second vaccination date, to five the next day, to four a few days later). Now it’s isolation and rapid antigen test use:



2022 we have the next federal election, even though Scotty from Marketing hasn’t called it. Let me give Scotty a friendly advice: pray to God deaths remain low. Believe it or not, Scotty, I don’t think it’s such a good idea to kill voters before the elections. Survivors may not be too forgiven.


UPDATE: 01/01/2022.

As I have first-hand experience on these matters, I will have more to say about this in coming days, but the bottom line is that workers end up copping abuse for a state of affairs they did not create.

Now it is nurses and midwives who have to face a deeply dissatisfied public, while the media tends to bury references of abuse deep down in their coverage (that is, when they actually make any reference to it). 


Don’t get me wrong, the public is right to be angry. The system is failing. But they should direct that justified anger at those whose reckless decisions caused this chaos, instead of choosing the easy and convenient target at hand: the nurses.

So, people, use your brains, quit scapegoating essential workers. If you add unwarranted shit to their already dire situation, you may find you have no nurses left to help you. That isn’t rocket science, is it?