If the government will abandon a climate change and levelling up programme for the sake of a short term cut in fuel bills are they really serious about either issue?

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 21/01/2022 - 7:01pm in

As The Guardian reports this morning:

More than 30,000 jobs would be put at risk if the government were to scrap the energy bill levy that pays for home insulation improvements for poor households, the industry has warned.

This story matters. It reveals the priority of the government. Under pressure from increasing energy prices, the government's reaction is to end a measure designed to help those on low income and which is critical to progress in achieving energy efficiency in UK houses, which must be part of its net-zero programme. We have both levelling up and climate change on the table here, and the government is willing to throw both away to say £29 a year on energy bills instead of, for example, imposing an energy tax on the companies that will benefit enormously from the increase profits that increase increasing tariffs will bring.

If the government will abandon its supposed priorities on the basis of such a small pretext when alternative policy is available to them what chance is there that we can believe that this government is serious about climate change?