Labour can win by-elections but it’s a long way from being ready for government

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 24/06/2022 - 5:30pm in

I do not wish to rain on any one’s parade this morning, but I think it’s only right to note a big chunk of an article in the Guardian yesterday. They reported:

Labour has broken its long silence on Brexit, laying out detailed plans to improve, not scrap, the deal Boris Johnson struck with the EU, in a move it concedes will enrage remain supporters.

On the sixth anniversary of the Brexit referendum, the shadow foreign secretary, David Lammy, confirmed the party would seek only limited changes and would not seek to rejoin the single market which would bring the return of free trade and free movement of people

“We are not going into the next election saying that we will enter the single market or the EU.

“You might not like it but Labour is determined to govern the entire country,” he said adding “there cannot be a rehash of arguments” made in remainer constituencies like his in London.

“The British people have made a decision and we have to honour it,” he told the UK in a Changing Europe’s annual conference.

To not put too fine a point on it, that is full scale electoral cowardice of the first degree.

Labour can win by-elections against a corrupt government.

It could even win a general election.

But when it wants to duck Brexit and won’t either talk about how it will tackle inflation or stand up for working people, let alone offer a vision of how it wants to transform the UK, then it’s a long way from being near delivering what the country needs.

And that is the downside of this morning.