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‘Astounding’: Trump Officials Reportedly Bypassed CDC Scientists to Publish ‘Dangerous’ Covid-19 Testing Guidelines

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 19/09/2020 - 7:55pm in

Top Trump HHS officials caught out again on bypassong CDC on COVID-19 testing recommendations for those with possible exposure to virus.

How Hospitals’ Profit Orientation Led to Covid-19 Unpreparedness

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 18/09/2020 - 8:13pm in

How hospitals set themselves to perform badly in pandemic conditions.

Political HHS Appointees Demand Authority to Rewrite CDC Reports

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/09/2020 - 11:55pm in

Trump partisans and the ongoing war against the CDC; seeking authority to amend Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Reports.

NIH ‘Very Concerned’ About Serious Side Effect in Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/09/2020 - 7:25pm in

FDA mulls whether to follow British regulators in resuming a vacccine trial that was halted when a participant suffered spinal cord damage.

The Rise of Ultra-Processed Foods and Why They’re Really Bad for Our Health

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/09/2020 - 6:25pm in

Factors driving the growth of ultra-processed foods, such as Big Food lobbying, despite these Frankenfoods being really bad for our health.

Hubert Horan: The Airline Industry Collapse Part 4 – Total Paralysis Continues

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 14/09/2020 - 8:29pm in

Hubert Horan recaps a talk with FT Alphaville's Izabella Kaminska on why the airline is in desperate shape and not considering solutions.

How Charles Koch Is Buying Credibility With Academic Investments

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 13/09/2020 - 8:50pm in

Koch influence in the academic sphere is far ranging. Koch money funds individual courses, professorships, fellowships, and even energy research and policy programs. These are significant investments in the “intellectual raw materials” of free-market advocacy.

Climate Crisis and Population Growth Will Displace 1 Billion over Next 30 Years

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/09/2020 - 11:55pm in

Think tank says climate crisis and population growith will lead at least 1 billion to migrate in countries with least ecological resilence.

Wolf Richter: Unemployment Crisis Going in Wrong Direction: Week 25 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse

Unemployment claims continue to increase, with nearly 20% collecting unemployment insurance. even according to the stringent claims criteria.