Doctor Who: Are We Giving Daleks Self-Esteem Issues?

If there was one major takeaway from this year’s BBC Doctor Who New Year’s Special ‘Resolution,’ it’s that there’s definitely a new Dalek in town. It’s broke and has no casing, broken off by a bunch of warriors hundreds of years ago. So what’s a poor Dalek in “The Big City” to do when it finally wakes up, naked and broke? Why, do the thrift shop thing and make its own wardrobe, of course!

Our fashion-conscious Dalek takes over a local woman’s mind and body, uses her to murder some coppers, steals their car, drives to a local foundry, kills the owner, takes over the place and hand-builds its own casing from scrap so it can finally get about on its own and kill people.

That’s serious commitment, kids. It’s DIY–a time-honoured British tradition! It’s Punk!

And does it get any credit for all that hard work? No. It just gets The Doctor mocking it for going “retro-chic”.

What’s interesting about the one-off Dalek in ‘Resolution’ is that it’s the first Dalek model to be completely remote controlled by the special effects team. All previous Daleks were large and fat enough to have a human operator sitting inside them peddling and swinging away to make them expressive.

Daleks are television’s most popular evil space Nazis. They were inspired by the real Nazis from World War II, with their unswerving and harsh voices an exaggerated version of how Nazi villains shout. They were designed to look like pepper-shakers so that they didn’t look remotely human or capable of emotion to be just inhuman and scary enough for kids without being too traumatizing. These are angry pepper-shakers that want to kill you. Created in the Sixties when Britain was still recovering from World War II, Daleks are the “gateway drug” to teaching kids about the evils of bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, and fascism.

They also sell a lot of toys. That’s one reason the basic design and look of the Daleks have stayed the same since 1964. The silhouette of a Dalek is unmistakable: a pepper-shaker with a plunger for an arm, a ray gun, two lights on its head, and bumps on its lower half.

Over the decades, Daleks have had minor variations in their design – when the show was finally filmed in colour, they had different colours often denoting different ranks. The Peter Cushing movies had them in different colours as well.


They were silver in the early 1970’s…


In the 1980s, they were gunmetal grey.

In ‘Remembrance of the Daleks,’ the gold and white Daleks were a breakaway faction called Imperial Daleks, along with a stubby Special Weapons Dalek. The other faction was the gunmetal Daleks along with a black Dalek as their leader.
doctorwho daleks esteem issuesBBC

Their basic design always stayed the same–even when the Daleks returned in 2005, there were minor tweaks but the look stayed the same other than being bronze (a look that fans of the current show have latched onto).

Of course, there were still new variations like the Emperor Dalek, a variation of the basic design – and another toy to sell in the shops…

Then came this…

Midway through Steven Moffat’s run as showrunner, there was an attempt to revamp the Daleks with a new redesign. These new Daleks were supposed to be an elite, more genetically pure version with higher tank bodies–designed apparently to be as tall as Karen Gillan so they can be more intimidating now. They had fatter bodies and came in different colours…and fans hated them.

They demanded the show stick to the bronze Daleks introduced during Russell T. Davies’ run, and called these new models the “Teletubbies Daleks”. I call them the “IKEA Daleks” because their colours and smooth, slightly streamlined design made me think of the Swiss DIY furniture you buy from IKEA. The outcry was nearly as loud as the objections over the next Doctor being a woman.

So with that, the show quietly mothballed the new IKEA Daleks. The bronze ones became the standard again for the show. The IKEA Daleks and some of the other special Daleks showed up in the background on episodes like ‘The Magician’s Apprentice.’ Here we have the usual bronze Daleks but also a red Supreme Dalek and the IKEA Daleks and a black Dalek as extras. That was probably the last time that many Dalek variants were seen together on the show.

What’s interesting is the creators of the DIY Punk Dalek from ‘Resolution’ stressed in the making-of video that this was a one-off Dalek and not the new look for all the Daleks from now on. It feels like they needed to go out of their way to reassure fans that they won’t be changing the look of the bronze Daleks that the fans have fixed upon.

Honestly, what’s a Dalek to do if it wants to go out on the town with a new look for a change? Looks like the fans just won’t let that happen…

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Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait

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It is a brand new year, ‘Resolution’ and its Dalek has come and gone, and we are now in for at least a year of waiting before we get any new Doctor Who television adventures…so what is a Whovian to do?

While I have seriously considered just being sad and yelling at people on the internet, there are much better ways to spend my television watching time over the next year. In order to save you from a similar fate, I have put together (with a little help from my Bleeding Cool friends) an incredibly long and not at all comprehensive list of shows (with random clips) to watch (or listen to) to fill that TARDIS-shaped hole in our hearts.

If You Like Quirky/Funny Doctor Who:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – An attractive band of young heroes travels through time to save the Earth at vital moments throughout history. The show has an outlandish thread of ridiculousness about it that the showrunners fully embrace. Added bonus for Who fans: Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and the occasional Doctor Who reference. Available on Netflix.

If You Like Setting Historical Wrongs to Rights:

Quantum Leap – Heaven Can Wait crossed with Doctor WhoQuantum Leap follows the adventures of physicist Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as he jumps from body to body throughout his own lifetime. Unlike Who, Beckett takes the place (and the body) of a person in another time and attempts to fix whatever problem that individual is facing. Available on Hulu.

If You Like Friends As Family Travelling Time Together:

Timeless Lucy (Abigail Spencer), a historian, Wyatt (Matt Lanter), a soldier, and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), a scientist, travel through time together to prevent a mysterious organization from changing American history while trying not to change history themselves. Lots of encounters with famous events, famous places, and famous people and historical costumes. Hulu

If You Love Captain Jack Harkness (And Think Companions Should Shoot More Guns):

Torchwood – An obvious choice since it is a Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood follows the adventures of the Cardiff office of the Torchwood Institute: a secret agency that protects Earth from aliens and other threats that come from a rip in space-time that exists in the city. Led by immortal former companion Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and including kick-ass police officer Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), the show is unapologetically action packed and made for an older audience than Doctor Who. There are four seasons but you should only watch the first three. Trust me on this. Amazon Prime

If You Want More Jodie Whittaker and/or Chris Chibnall:

Broadchurch – Detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) investigate the murder of a local boy in the town of Broadchurch, the mother of whom is played by current Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker. The first season follows the murder investigation, while the second season centers on the trial and the third follows Hardy and Miller through a rape investigation. Run by current Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall, Broadchurch is gritty, emotional, dark, and raw. Netflix

If You Like Teen Angst With Your Alien Monsters:

Class – Students at the Cole Hill School, a frequent visiting place for the Doctor, must protect the school from threats taking advantage of a weakening of space-time barriers on campus. As they battle the supernatural, the students must also face the scariest threat of all: being teenagers. Think Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Doctor Who. Amazon

If you Prefer A Younger Target Audience (or Classic Doctor Who):

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Former companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors, Sarah Jane Smith is now all grown up and an investigative journalist and saving the world from aliens and other oddities. The Sarah Jane Adventures is a shorter form show (24 minute episodes) aimed at the same child audiences the original Doctor Who was designed for, with the same aliens and world-saving you love. Amazon Prime

If You Like Steven Moffat and Man-Splaining

Sherlock – Co-created by former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and starring the incomparable Benedict CumberbatchSherlock is by far the best of the recent Sherlock Holmes inspired properties. Throughout four seasons (fifteen 90-minute episodes) Sherlock is assisted by the cynical and damaged Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman), who writes of their adventures in his blog. Netflix

If You Dream Of Being Swept To Another World By A Mysterious Stranger

Neverwhere – Created by Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry, this miniseries follows the adventures of average London man Richard who is sucked into the secret world of London Below after helping a young woman he finds injured on the street. Stuck in this new, fantastical parallel world, Richard must work with his new friends to find a way home. Amazon

If You Are Missing Peter Capaldi 

The Thick Of It – A satirical British comedy about the fictional Department of Social Affairs, a watchdog department within the British Government. Full of incompetent ministers, political bulldogs, complicated hijinks and Peter Capaldi rants, the show is seen as the follow on to Yes Minister and the 2009 film In The Loop was a spin-off of the show. Hulu

If You Like Entertaining And Funny History:

Drunk History: UK – The British version of the wildly popular and hilarious US show, intoxicated comedians relay historical stories while actors poorly reenact the scenes. If you are going to do something badly, why not do it badly while drunk and telling jokes? Available on Hulu (U.S. version)

If Nothing But Doctor Who Will Do

Big Finish Doctor Who Audio DramasWant to experience new adventures with your favorite Doctor? Experience new companions with former Doctors? Check out the Big Finish audio dramas. These original stories feature Classic and New Who characters, sometimes with the original actors providing the voices, as well as introducing new characters. A great way to spend a little extra time with your favorite former Doctor. Amazon and

Titan Comics: An excellent way to go on more adventures with your favorite Doctor. Titan currently has 197 Doctor Who titles in its collection, ranging from Classic to New Doctor Who Doctors. You can even go on additional adventures with the Thirteenth Doctor, as the third issue of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor was released on January 2, 2019. As broken by Bleeding Cool at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the 13th Doctor’s series will be written, drawn, inked, and edited by women.doctorwho hiatus watch

Classic Doctor Who – A whole year with no new Doctor Who is a perfect time to catch up on Classic Doctor Who episodes. Not only can you watch the Who episodes that have survived over the years, but you can also view the revived animated episodes that the BBC has recreated. BritBox

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Kevin Logan on the Arrest of Fascist Brexiteer James Goddard

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One of the disgusting events of this past week was the harassment of Tory MP Anna Soubry and left-wing journalist Owen Jones by James Goddard, a fanatical right-wing Brexiteer. Goddard has been the leader of a number of yellow vest protests in London, modelled on those in France. These blocked off various roads preventing traffic from getting through. In one of these stupid stunts, this included an ambulance.

Goddard is one Tommy Robinson’s fanboys, and so it was almost inevitable that amongst the insults he hurled at Soubry, Jones and the rozzers protecting them, he accused a Black copper of being ‘not even British’. Yesterday the news broke that the wretched thug had finally been arrested. Kevin Logan has put up two videos about Goddard.

The first video shows the scenes of him abusing Soubry, Jones and the cops. Goddard, whom Logan describes as a ‘paypal patriot’ and a ‘grifter’ because of his apparent eagerness to exploit his supporters by asking them to give money to him for his antics, first appears with a baying mob to surround Soubry as she walks to parliament. Amongst the insults they hurl at her is ‘f***ing Nazi’, because, according to Goddard, ‘Hitler wanted to unite Europe’. He also accuses her of being anti-democratic, because she wants a second referendum on Brexit. This shows disrespect to the original Brexit referendum, apparently, which is ‘the will of the people’. A policeman also tells Goddard that a complaint has been made against him for his behaviour. Soubry had earlier told Goddard that she wasn’t taking being sworn at when he used the ‘F’-word against her.

The video then goes on to show Goddard and his squadristi abusing Jones. They call him a ‘tampon’ and a ‘muesli’, and Goddard tells him that he is a bully and that he feels sorry for his mother, having a son like him. Instead of being offended and intimidated, Jones appears amused, saying that he’s going home to have a nice breakfast of gammon.

Then there’s the clip from the Beeb, in which an interview Soubry was giving to one of the Corporation’s journos was interrupted from offscreen by Goddard and his stormtroopers chanting ‘Soubry is a Nazi’. After finishing the interview, Soubry makes the point to the Beeb’s man that she has to walk back through the mob. The interviewer then apologizes to viewers for some of the comments, which some of them may find distasteful.

The next clip on the video is Goddard and his crew threatening the cops. Goddard tries to stand his ground when one of the cops tries to force him back by advancing on him saying ‘Get away from me’. This is the Black policeman he then insults as being ‘not even British’. He reacts angrily to another, this time White copper, who tries to force him way by screaming ‘You want war? You’ve got a war! I’ll give you a war! Every Saturday night!’

Logan comments on this highly intimidating behaviour by asking how this is can be allowed following the murder of Jo Cox, and looking forward to Goddard getting arrested. The video then concludes with a scene in parliament about it, with John Bercow explaining that it was a type of Fascism, which was particularly, but not exclusively threatening, to women and ethnic minorities.

Mike has reported on his blog today that Goddard was detained by the rozzers at just before a quarter to midday yesterday outside the underground station at St. James Park. This was on suspicion of a public order offence, although he may have been on his way to hand himself in at the Holborn police station. He was bailed, then immediately went to a local pub and told a reporter for the Metro that he had been ordered to leave the area within the circumference of the M25 or be arrested. He also has to live at home and sign in at the police station every Monday and Friday, and that he is forbidden from entering Soubry’s constituency or going to her workplace or press events.

Mike states that Goddard’s removal from London for the time being is to be welcomed. His followers, however, will continue abusing and intimidating those they don’t like, because they have no arguments against them. Thus they hurl abuse, threaten violence and spit at them.

Mike concludes

There’s no reason anybody should put up with that. The police response has been mild so far, but I would certainly expect the Met to step up its efforts if this harassment continues.

Kevin Logan put up this video responding to Goddard’s arrest.

This shows the scene of Goddard screaming at a policeman that if he wants a war, he’s got a war. Every Saturday night, and that the cop’s ‘fair game’ and ‘not even British’.

Then it shows the headlines reporting that Goddard had finally been arrested, with the captions ‘Reality 1 – Goddard O’ and ‘Kevstradamus strikes again’. It then ends with a clip from the previous video with Logan stating that Goddard and his Fascists have to be arrested because they’re getting out of hand.

Free Doctor Who! BBC Offers Script Downloads for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and More

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While the holidays may be over, that doesn’t mean the season of gift-giving is over quite yet. You can now download the script for the Series 11 debut episode of Doctor Who, ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’ from the BBC Writers Room website. Best part? It is entirely free. Second best part? There are a lot of other script options to choose from.


The BBC is a public service, and one of its mandates is to provide educational resources. BBC Writers Room offers opportunities for submitting scripts to the BBC, which is how many writers got their start at the BBC. It also offers free downloads of scripts for students of writing who want to see how scripts are written and formatted.

The first and best way to learn how to write screenplays is to read them, and the BBC offers anyone who’s interested a number of samples to work with. Not everyone gets to go to an expensive writing workshop or get into a film writing course at a university: sometimes you learn the basic dynamics of television dramas just from absorbing the scripts in front of you.


The BBC doesn’t just offer Chris Chibnall’s first script as showrunner, the BBC Writers Room also includes a large selection of scripts from Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat’s stints as well. If you want to learn how to write Doctor Who, this is a great way to immerse yourself in the variety of tones, themes, plots, and styles the show adopted over the last ten series. As a fan, it is a great way to revisit moments from your favourite episodes.

Below is the full list of Doctor Who-related scripts available in the Writers Room site:

Doctor Who

● Smith and Jones by Russell T Davies

● The Magician’s Apprentice by Steven Moffat

● The Witch’s Familiar by Steven Moffat

● Under the Lake by Toby Whithouse

● Before the Flood by Toby Whithouse

● Face the Raven by Sarah Dollard

● Heaven Sent by Steven Moffat

● Hell Bent by Steven Moffat

● The Pilot by Steven Moffat

● Oxygen by Jamie Mathieson

● Thin Ice by Sarah Dollard

● The Lie of the Land by Toby Whithouse


● The New World by Russell T Davies

The Sarah Jane Adventures

● Prisoner of the Judoon Part One by Phil Ford

● Prisoner of the Judoon Part Two by Phil Ford

● The Vault of Secrets Part One by Phil Ford

● The Vault of Secrets Part Two by Phil Ford

In addition to Doctor Who, the BBC Writers Room also archives the scripts of virtually every drama series the BBC has produced over the years, including hits like The Bodyguard, Happy Valley, Peaky Blinders, The Informer, Mrs. Wilson, A Very English Scandal, Keeping Faith, Trust Me, as well as children’s dramas and comedies like Cuckoo and Inside No. 9. This is a treasure trove of scripts in just about every genre the BBC has produced, and an invaluable resource for any student of screenwriting–all paid for by the licence fee. If you’re not in the UK and didn’t pay a licence fee, you still get the benefits since this is an educational resource.

doctor bbc free scriptBBC

Who says we can’t have nice things? The BBC keeps giving us nice things–and for free!

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‘Doctor Who’ Series 12: The Real Big Bad Responsible for 2020 Delay

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As we all know by now, there won’t be a new series of Doctor Who in 2019. Series 12 will begin in early 2020.

There’s one reason the show has been delayed till 2020: Money.

While money is often the reason a show gets pushed back, the BBC works differently from commercial TV networks because it has to schedule and allocate the money that goes to its shows before they can go into production. Money is the reason Series 11 had only 10 episodes and the Special instead of 12 episodes like past series. Money is always tight at the BBC–which you might not notice from the expensive-looking shows they put out every year–but that’s how far they stretch the budget to make sure the shows look prestigious.

The BBC has had a funding crisis for years now because the Tory government has refused to raise the license fee to keep up with inflation and the rising costs of production. This is because the right-wing government in the UK has always believed the BBC to be a hotbed of “biased, leftist viewpoints” that never give them a fair shake. That’s debatable, given the way BBC News usually takes the Establishment view, but every politician–left and right–always complains that reporters are biased against them.


The result of a perpetually-underfunded BBC is that virtually every drama series the BBC makes needs a foreign co-producing partner to help fund them – including American, Australian and Canadian networks. PBS co-funds a lot of British shows. Netflix and Amazon Studios co-fund many BBC shows in exchange for streaming rights in the US. AMC has co-produced BBC shows like McMafia, The Night Manager and The Little Drummer Girl; BBC America (which is a US-based commercial affiliate that’s owned 49% by AMC) co-produces Doctor Who.

Yes, Doctor Who is one of BBC’s most popular shows. It boasts a global audience of 90 million viewers and makes the BBC over $100 million in merchandising, licensing, and foreign sales every year – but that money does not automatically go back to the budget for Doctor Who.

The money from all sales involving BBC properties is collected by a division called BBC Worldwide and goes into a general fund for all programming at the BBC. That’s all programming at the BBC, TV and radio. Everything from scripted dramas to variety shows to reality shows to news programs to documentaries, which includes Question Time, Newsnight, Panorama, Eastenders, The Great British Bake-off (before the producers sold it to Channel Four), Les Miserables, The Archers, Luther, The Bodyguard, Holby City, Gardener’s Question Time, and – yes – Doctor Who.

doctor who series 12BBC

This means that the producers of Doctor Who (and any BBC show) can only make the show when the BBC finally allocates the budget for it. The BBC makes decisions based on what is best for the public interest, not what would make them the most money. That is what makes the BBC different from a commercial TV channel and every American TV network. The BBC is not a for-profit organisation and allocates budgets according to schedules – there are other shows that need to be funded before they fund the next series of Doctor Who.

This is the “Voldemort” that showrunner Chris Chibnall and his predecessors Steven Moffat and Russell T. Davies will never discuss openly because they don’t want to throw the BBC bean counters under the bus, causing a bigger fuss than what’s already been kicked off. Budget – as in when they finally get it – is the subtext of every public quote they have ever given about why the show is delayed. You can’t make a show when you haven’t been given the money, and money is always in short supply in filmmaking–particularly Doctor Who.

When Chibnall said Series 12 would take longer because he needs more time to make it well, it’s the most diplomatic answer he can give. But it’s about money – not skill or talent or personnel.

After 1989, fans have waited 16 years for the show to come back so one year isn’t going to hurt. If it was a lesser-known show or a new show, being away for a year would seriously hurt its momentum. Audiences forget it existed and move on. Not the case with Doctor Who. It has a rabid fanbase eagerly waiting for the next episode.

For Doctor Who, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

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Doctor Who ‘Resolution’: You Wanted a Dalek? Jodie Whittaker Got You That Dalek

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At a special advance screening of the Doctor Who New Year’s Special “Resolution”, showrunner Chris Chibnall revealed that it was the Doctor herself Jodie Whittaker who was responsible for a Dalek showing up this series.

Many fans feel that a new Doctor only truly becomes the Doctor when they face the Daleks for the first time, yet Chibnall declared that there would be no old or returning monsters in Series 11. So I guess it’s a matter of semantics, since the Doctor Who New Year’s Special ‘Resolution’ isn’t considered part of the series proper. Christmas and now New Year’s Day specials are considered special stand-alones, even though past specials were often continuations of cliffhangers at the end of the series finales.

During the Q&A at the end of the screening, Chibnall admitted that the seeds were planted from the start for the final episode of the current series of Doctor Who to end with the Doctor fighting a Dalek.

“We knew we wanted something big for the end of series special, and knowing that we would have no old monsters in the series was really a build-up for the special. When you see the Dalek, it’s hopefully exciting, it feels rare, and fresh, and thrilling. And also the first encounter for Jodie with that iconic monster. We knew we wanted to do that as the kind of climax of the series.”

However, the situation was actually much more fluid than he initially let on. It was back when Whittaker showed up her first day on set to shoot her post-regeneration scene as the Doctor at the end of the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special ‘Twice Upon a Time’. Wandering the studio and ending up amongst the props, Whittaker found a spare Dalek lying about. She asked for a photo to be taken of her sitting with the Dalek with a cup of tea in her hand for the fun of it.

She texted the photo to Chibnall with a caption “Me and my mate.” Chibnall, who was still planning the episodes for Series 11, was so struck by the image that he decided she had to have her first Dalek story at the end of her first series.

“When we came into work and you decided to share with us what we were doing, you’d said that that had been the beginning,” Whittaker said. “And so it felt like the right end I suppose, for this season.”

The result was ‘Resolution’, a raucous, slam-bang climax to the 13th Doctor’s first season that felt more exciting, surprising, and fun than the Series 11 finale ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Koros’.

“It’s exciting, and I think for Whovians, or NuWhovians, this moment is as epic for you guys as it is for us. Because for us to be the first time for some fans that they encounter this particular moment of the history of the show, and for other fans like old Brad [Walsh] that have been with it since the black and white days, this episode is a celebration of old and new.”

– Whittaker

doctorwho resolution whittaker dalekBBC Studios

So there you have it: if Jodie Whittaker hadn’t taken a larky photo with a Dalek in the props room at the Wales studios, we might not have gotten a Dalek episode. It was as if she followed the universe’s direction – very much Doctor-like, actually.

Now could someone perhaps post that photo of her in Peter Capaldi’s costume drinking tea with a Dalek?

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Doctor Who ‘Resolution’: BBC Drops Spoiler-Filled Behind-the-Scenes Videos

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The UK’s time zone means that the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special ‘Resolution’ has already aired on that side of the pond. Fans in the United States have hours left until the episode premiers at 8 p.m. ET. – though the BBC‘s efficient YouTube channel has already posted two behind-the-scenes videos filled with detailed spoilers for those who have not yet seen the episode, “Making The New Years Day Special” and “Making The Monster.”

If you are avoiding ‘Resolution’ spoilers, read no further!

doctorwho resolution video spoilers

The first, “Making the New Year’s Day Special,” is packed with behind-the-scenes footage of cast, crew, producers, and showrunner Chris Chibnall discussing their process of making the episode. Bradley Walsh (Graham) compared the experience to working on a sci-fi film set, and the size and scale of the stunts and sets support that. Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones explains that the underground sewer set they built for the show was one of the largest ever build on Doctor Who and they went as far as flooding it with water to get the realistic underground feeling. We also get to see some awesome footage of how they filmed Charlotte Ritchie (Lin)’s car chase scene, which apparently involved her pretending to drive at high speed while a stunt driver steers the car from the roof.

The second, “Making the Monster,” has in-depth spoilers on the episode’s classic villain, the Daleks. Nikki Wilson and Chibnall explain their vision for the episode: the “naked” Dalek must assemble its own shell, and does so by taking over the body of Charlotte Ritchie’s character Lin. Jodie Whittaker (the Doctor) explains that the episode uses all the previous knowledge that has come out about the Doctor’s nemesis, but the shell is “built here” so it seems “steeped in history but brand new.” Also from the footage, it seems to have made some improvements. Giving us new information on continuity, producer Matt Strevins explains that this Dalek exists outside the rest of the Daleks – so rather than a new species of Dalek, this villain is a “one off” aberation: which takes this episode out of the larger continuity of the Daleks in Doctor Who.

Want more? Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special ‘Resolution’ airs on BBC America Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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Brexit Destroyed UNIT? Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Resolution on New Year’s Day 2019

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Okay, so there are spoilers going forward, Lots of spoilers, lots to discuss. If you haven’t seen Doctor Who: Resolution, look away…. now.

1. Location Location Location.

What’s in a name? Well, they didn’t call it Resolution Of The Daleks. for a start there was only one and it took some time together. Already defeated by warrior tribes (somehow) and divided to be guarded around the world gave us a great laugh out loud gag for the whole family.

Because this is a Doctor Who series that has travelled more for locations than any other before it, giving us other countries and other worlds far from the gravel quarry. But also giving us a gravel quarry as well, because sometimes you just have to. But here we have the blue skies of the South Pacific… one of the three locations of the beast, locations writ large…

The white bitter snow of Siberia… where else…?

Oh. Yorkshire. Where the majority of this episode will be set. Sheffield is the new Cardiff, don’t you know.

2. And You Thought Your Fireworks Last Night Were Impressive

This is a New Year’s Day Special that is aware it is New Year’s Day. They haven’t done that since… the Doctor Who Movie wasn’t it? And that didn’t even come out on New Year’s Day. And when The Next Doctor did, they didn’t bother with it.  The move from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day does give the crew a new bag of tricks to play with, dropping dates and years and years to come… and also a much better firework display courtesy of the cosmos than anything Sadiq Khan could conjure up at the London Eye last night.

3. Sorry Doctor, These Archeologists Are Taken

The Doctor has a history with archaeologists. River Song, Bernice Summerfield, it’s like she’s been in a battle with them, a fight that has become something more. These two have only eyes for each other… so of course that won’t be allowed to happen.

5. This Dalek Has Really Come Out Of Its Shell

It is Brian Coz who will talk endlessly about how alien the octopus or the squid are, compared to our own intelligence. Which makes it a great go-to when trying to show an alien intelligence that is utterly non-human. This episode gives the Dalek some social skills. Or at least how to park a human.

And don’t worry – this Dalek has got your back.


By wonderfully adding the whole alien invasion/body snatcher/control trope to the mixture. And treating the human body as the squishy version of its own shell – which is basically what it is. And worry not, whatever archaeological agency is denied will be dug up at a later date…

6. Arms Race

So we have some new initials. MDZ – a weapons research company buying up alien tech – any relation to 2012’s Henry van Statten’s company doing the same? They had a whole Dalek after all… could this be what was left?

7. Yes, Yes, Brexit Destroyed UNIT.

And a welcome to UK Security Helpline, the Doctor’s new best friend. What’s happened to UNIT?

Really? Why?

Yup. Brexit. They probably said it would maintain all its funding, but only on the side of a bus. Man, a lot has happened since the Doctor was President Of The Earth…

8. Reviving the Dalek Making Industry

For decades, people have made their own Daleks. You can even buy Dalek kits online. Comic convention are full of people who’ve managed to put the clobber together, and even automate them, controlled remotely. Some ended up working for the BBC as well. Doctor Who has basically had hundreds of interns doing private study…

And I’ll tell you this, they all looked a lot more convincing than this bolt of buckets. Admittedly their firepower was never much up to scratch. But the idea of Daleks building themselevs wherever they go feels something that can continue to be played with…

But what this scene also did was emphasise that Sheffield is a town of industry. That ran through the series, was saw the Doctor melting down spoons made of Sheffield steel before, here a possessed archeologist can forge a Dalek from the industry that still remains. It’s a very working class Dalek.

9. Signal To Noise, Ratioed

They may not have UNIT anymore but at least they have GCHQ. Who have probably not had this much positive publicity in ages. And maybe may make ever child grateful to the system that gives them mobiles, tablets… and even Netflix? What the hell was a Netflix plug doing in this, anyway? Couldn’t they have brought themselves to mention the BBC iPlayer? Or did they not want to admit that ever went down?

By the way, in my own fan wankery version of this story, the Dalek’s signal did get through. It’s just, travelling at light speed, it will take 130 years to reach Skaro, or the Dalek Fleet. Just in time for a Dalek Invasion in 2150…

10. Love Of The Daleks

A longer episode meant a lot longer dealing with Ryan’s issues with his father. And while I could have done with more Dalek and less parental responsibility, it did lead to the return of the Power Of Love ending which we haven’t had for ages. And also just about managed to justify it as well, which is a novelty.

And considering how many Christmas dinners were ruined by a dodgy oven over the last few years, there’s no reason to dispute the same happening with a Dalek as well…

Doctor Who: Resolution – Jan 1st 2019

As the new year begins, a terrifying evil from across the centuries of Earth’s history is stirring. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?

The Doctor – Jodie Whittaker
Graham O’Brien – Bradley Walsh
Yasmin Khan – Mandip Gill
Ryan Sinclair – Tosin Cole
Lin – Charlotte Ritchie
Mitch – Nikesh Patel
Aaron – Daniel Adegboyega
Police Officer Will – Darryl Clark
Security Guard Richard – Connor Calland
Farmer Dinkle – James Lewis
Mum – Sophie Duval
Teen 1 – Callum McDonald
Teen 2 – Harry Vallance
Call Centre Polly – Laura Evelyn
Sergeant – Michael Ballard

Writer – Chris Chibnall
Series Producer – Nikki Wilson
Director – Wayne Yip

Doctor Who will theoretically return in 2020 on BBC.

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UPDATED: More Daleks from Tonight’s Doctor Who: Resolution (Spoilers)

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/01/2019 - 6:22am in

UPDATE: Oh yes – there are Daleks:

daleks2 doctorwho resolution spoilers


They told you there would be no Daleks in the new series of Doctor Who. They lied.

They teased Daleks in the trailer to the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special: Resolution. They told the truth.

And now here they are. Your first look at the Daleks in Doctor Who, opposite Jody Whittaker‘s Thirteenth Doctor.

In the nude…

“I always think I’m rid of them but I never am”.

You’re not the only one Doc. Ask that archaeologist….

Doctor Who: Resolution

As the new year begins, a terrifying evil from across the centuries of Earth’s history is stirring. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth?

The Doctor – Jodie Whittaker
Graham O’Brien – Bradley Walsh
Yasmin Khan – Mandip Gill
Ryan Sinclair – Tosin Cole
Lin – Charlotte Ritchie
Mitch – Nikesh Patel
Aaron – Daniel Adegboyega
Police Officer Will – Darryl Clark
Security Guard Richard – Connor Calland
Farmer Dinkle – James Lewis
Mum – Sophie Duval
Teen 1 – Callum McDonald
Teen 2 – Harry Vallance
Call Centre Polly – Laura Evelyn
Sergeant – Michael Ballard

Writer – Chris Chibnall
Series Producer – Nikki Wilson
Director – Wayne Yip

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Doctor Who Series 12: Chris Chibnall Kinda, Sorta, In-a-Way Offers Tiny Hints

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/01/2019 - 1:45am in

With only hours left until the premier of the Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special ‘Resolution,’ showrunner Chris Chibnall is priming fans with the tiniest of Season 12 tidbits to keep them talking until the show makes its Series 12 return in 2020. At a recent special viewing of ‘Resolution,’ Chibnall took fan questions about his plans for the show, monsters, and companions for the next series.

Considering the BBC has a talent for releasing more tiny teasing breadcrumbs than a room full of two-year-olds eating toast, Chibnall stayed right on message and revealed little. Speaking only in sweeping generalities and giving no real information, it is unsurprising that the showrunner is unwilling to commit to anything regarding episodes that are more than a year from airing. So what, exactly, did he say?

BBC Studios

When a fan asked whether Chibnall’s antipathy for classic Doctor Who villains will continue in the next series, the showrunner seemed more open to the idea than he had been previously, stating:

“Well, maybe we’ll do some [classic monsters], then. I’ll have a think.”

We already know that Chibnall broke his prohibition on Classic Who monsters in ‘Resolution’ as the Daleks will appear. It stands to reason that after a successful first series as showrunner and a New Year’s Day Special with a classic villain and a lot of buzz, Chibnall would be feeling secure enough in his position and characters to write in some throwback episodes with the monsters fans know and love. The move would also go a long way to endearing him to viewers who had trouble adjusting to the new directions taken in Series 11.

Another fan asked about new developments in Series 12 for Yaz (Mandip Gill), especially her (former?) work as a police officer. Yaz’s personal storyline has taken a backseat to the changing relationship between Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Ryan (Tosin Cole) throughout the season and the fan was obviously interesting in knowing more about her character. Chibnall’s response indicated that we are in for more Yaz-centric storylines in the future:

“That’s a really good question. I think that some of these questions may be answered in the forthcoming season. I think that’s the first teaser of the series! Really good question!”

BBC Studios

Chibnall also opened up about one of the more polarizing aspects of Season 11: the socially-relevant historical episodes like ‘Rosa’ and ‘Demons of the Punjab.’ While visually stunning and emotionally poignant, some maligned these episodes for “trying to make a statement” or “trying to be politically correct.” Chibnall reminded viewers that Doctor Who does not take place in the vacuum of space:

“I think you want to be writing about the world that we live in – the show is not a standalone thing, it’s a response to the times that we’re living in, the world that we’re in, and things that affect people’s lives, particularly things that children and young adults are going through.”

BBC Studios

It is great that the showrunner was willing to take fan questions, and even better that he seems open to more Yaz storylines and Classic Who monsters – but the reality? Chibnall didn’t actually commit to anything. Don’t get me wrong: nothing Chibnall said was discouraging or negative – but he also made no promises and dropped no real hints. After ‘Resolution,’ fans will have more than a year to wait and wonder what he and the writers have in store – would be nice to get some inkling of just what we were waiting for.

doctorwho chibnall series 12

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