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Doctor Who Series 12 Hiatus Hijinks: What to Watch While We Wait…And Wait

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It is a brand new year, ‘Resolution’ and its Dalek has come and gone, and we are now in for at least a year of waiting before we get any new Doctor Who television adventures…so what is a Whovian to do?

While I have seriously considered just being sad and yelling at people on the internet, there are much better ways to spend my television watching time over the next year. In order to save you from a similar fate, I have put together (with a little help from my Bleeding Cool friends) an incredibly long and not at all comprehensive list of shows (with random clips) to watch (or listen to) to fill that TARDIS-shaped hole in our hearts.

If You Like Quirky/Funny Doctor Who:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – An attractive band of young heroes travels through time to save the Earth at vital moments throughout history. The show has an outlandish thread of ridiculousness about it that the showrunners fully embrace. Added bonus for Who fans: Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and the occasional Doctor Who reference. Available on Netflix.

If You Like Setting Historical Wrongs to Rights:

Quantum Leap – Heaven Can Wait crossed with Doctor WhoQuantum Leap follows the adventures of physicist Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) as he jumps from body to body throughout his own lifetime. Unlike Who, Beckett takes the place (and the body) of a person in another time and attempts to fix whatever problem that individual is facing. Available on Hulu.

If You Like Friends As Family Travelling Time Together:

Timeless Lucy (Abigail Spencer), a historian, Wyatt (Matt Lanter), a soldier, and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), a scientist, travel through time together to prevent a mysterious organization from changing American history while trying not to change history themselves. Lots of encounters with famous events, famous places, and famous people and historical costumes. Hulu

If You Love Captain Jack Harkness (And Think Companions Should Shoot More Guns):

Torchwood – An obvious choice since it is a Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood follows the adventures of the Cardiff office of the Torchwood Institute: a secret agency that protects Earth from aliens and other threats that come from a rip in space-time that exists in the city. Led by immortal former companion Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and including kick-ass police officer Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), the show is unapologetically action packed and made for an older audience than Doctor Who. There are four seasons but you should only watch the first three. Trust me on this. Amazon Prime

If You Want More Jodie Whittaker and/or Chris Chibnall:

Broadchurch – Detectives Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) investigate the murder of a local boy in the town of Broadchurch, the mother of whom is played by current Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker. The first season follows the murder investigation, while the second season centers on the trial and the third follows Hardy and Miller through a rape investigation. Run by current Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall, Broadchurch is gritty, emotional, dark, and raw. Netflix

If You Like Teen Angst With Your Alien Monsters:

Class – Students at the Cole Hill School, a frequent visiting place for the Doctor, must protect the school from threats taking advantage of a weakening of space-time barriers on campus. As they battle the supernatural, the students must also face the scariest threat of all: being teenagers. Think Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets Doctor Who. Amazon

If you Prefer A Younger Target Audience (or Classic Doctor Who):

The Sarah Jane Adventures – Former companion to the Third and Fourth Doctors, Sarah Jane Smith is now all grown up and an investigative journalist and saving the world from aliens and other oddities. The Sarah Jane Adventures is a shorter form show (24 minute episodes) aimed at the same child audiences the original Doctor Who was designed for, with the same aliens and world-saving you love. Amazon Prime

If You Like Steven Moffat and Man-Splaining

Sherlock – Co-created by former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and starring the incomparable Benedict CumberbatchSherlock is by far the best of the recent Sherlock Holmes inspired properties. Throughout four seasons (fifteen 90-minute episodes) Sherlock is assisted by the cynical and damaged Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman), who writes of their adventures in his blog. Netflix

If You Dream Of Being Swept To Another World By A Mysterious Stranger

Neverwhere – Created by Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry, this miniseries follows the adventures of average London man Richard who is sucked into the secret world of London Below after helping a young woman he finds injured on the street. Stuck in this new, fantastical parallel world, Richard must work with his new friends to find a way home. Amazon

If You Are Missing Peter Capaldi 

The Thick Of It – A satirical British comedy about the fictional Department of Social Affairs, a watchdog department within the British Government. Full of incompetent ministers, political bulldogs, complicated hijinks and Peter Capaldi rants, the show is seen as the follow on to Yes Minister and the 2009 film In The Loop was a spin-off of the show. Hulu

If You Like Entertaining And Funny History:

Drunk History: UK – The British version of the wildly popular and hilarious US show, intoxicated comedians relay historical stories while actors poorly reenact the scenes. If you are going to do something badly, why not do it badly while drunk and telling jokes? Available on Hulu (U.S. version)

If Nothing But Doctor Who Will Do

Big Finish Doctor Who Audio DramasWant to experience new adventures with your favorite Doctor? Experience new companions with former Doctors? Check out the Big Finish audio dramas. These original stories feature Classic and New Who characters, sometimes with the original actors providing the voices, as well as introducing new characters. A great way to spend a little extra time with your favorite former Doctor. Amazon and

Titan Comics: An excellent way to go on more adventures with your favorite Doctor. Titan currently has 197 Doctor Who titles in its collection, ranging from Classic to New Doctor Who Doctors. You can even go on additional adventures with the Thirteenth Doctor, as the third issue of Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor was released on January 2, 2019. As broken by Bleeding Cool at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, the 13th Doctor’s series will be written, drawn, inked, and edited by women.doctorwho hiatus watch

Classic Doctor Who – A whole year with no new Doctor Who is a perfect time to catch up on Classic Doctor Who episodes. Not only can you watch the Who episodes that have survived over the years, but you can also view the revived animated episodes that the BBC has recreated. BritBox

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Made By Philosophers!

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Comics, philosophy

If you are still in the market for presents, or just want some cool philosophy stuff…

…you should check out the gifts designed by the philosophers who create the Daily Nous Philosophy Comics. Each of them has a variety of goods and designs on offer.

In Pete Mandik’s shop you’ll find, for example, his instant-classic “Phenomenology: it’s what it’s like” on shirts, posters, and more, plus many other designs.

Rachel Katler’s shop features an assortment of goodies adorned with her work, including the popular “Why Turtles?” It’s easy to see a mug with that on it in a philosopher’s collection, but there’s more than just mugs for sale.

Ryan Lake’s shop has several of his designs in several formats, such as his brilliant mash-up of two famous philosophical thought experiments, “P-Zombie Bats.”

And last but not least we have Tanya Kostochka’s shop, filled with gems such as her “Thought Experiment Support Group,” which you can order as a pillow—to support where the thought experiments happen—along with many other delights.


Happy gift getting!

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Thirteenth Doctor #2

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Out now, the second in the series of Titan Comic Adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor

Thirteenth Doctor #3

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Rachael Stott
Colourist: Enrica Angiolini

Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Faith, Mother Panic, Stranger Things) leaps in with mind-blowing adventures for the Thirteenth Doctor and her brand new friends! A mysterious new time traveller appears - but can he be trusted when he says he's human? Thirteenth Doctor #3 - Cover A (Credit: Titan )Thirteenth Doctor #3 - Cover B (Credit: Titan )Thirteenth Doctor #3 - Cover C (Credit: Titan )1Thirteenth Doctor #3 Preview 1 (Credit: Titan )Thirteenth Doctor #3 Preview 2 (Credit: Titan )Thirteenth Doctor #3 Preview 3 (Credit: Titan )Thirteenth Doctor #3 Preview 4 (Credit: Titan )

Doctor Who News

Sargon of Akkad and Nazis Join UKIP and Break It

Okay, let’s have some fun at the expense of the Kippers and the extreme right-wingers Gerard Batten has brought into the party. Right-wingers like Count Dankula, Tommy Robinson and Sargon of Akkad.

Sargon, Dankula, Tommy Robinson and UKIP

Count Dankula is the idiot, who taught his girlfriend’s dog to do the Nazi salute when he said ‘Sieg Heil!’ and ‘Gas the Jews’. He put it on YouTube, and then, unsurprisingly, got prosecuted for hate speech. I don’t think he’s actually a Nazi, just a prat, who thinks really tasteless, offensive ‘jokes’ are hilarious. Tommy Robinson is the founder of the EDL, and has been briefly involved with that other Islamophobic organization, PEGIDA UK. He used to belong to the BNP and has a string of criminal convictions behind him. These included a number for contempt of court after he was caught giving his very biased very of the proceedings outside the court building during the trial of groups of Pakistani men accused of being rape gangs. Technically, Robinson isn’t a formal member of the party. It’s constitution bars anyone, who has been a member of the racist right from joining it, which rules him out. But he has become a special advisor on Islam and prison reform to Batten.

Sargon of Akkad, whose real name is Carl Benjamin, is another YouTube personality and ‘Sceptic’. I think he used to be one of the atheist ranters on YouTube at the time when the New Atheism was on the rise with the publication of Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion. Then a number of them, Sargon included, appear to have become tired of arguing for atheism and naturalism, and started talking about politics. This was from an extreme right-wing perspective, attacking feminism, Social Justice Warriors, anti-racism, immigration and socialism. Many of them appear to be Libertarians, or see themselves as ‘Classical Liberals’. This means their liberals only in the early 19th century sense of standing for absolute free trade and the total removal of the welfare state. Sargon’s one of these, although bizarrely he also describes himself as ‘centre left’. Which only makes sense to some of the equally bizarre individuals out there, who rant about how Barack Obama was a Communist.

The presence of these three characters at a recent UKIP conference was discussed in an article by the anti-racist, anti-religious extremism organization Hope Not Hate as proof that under Batten UKIP had very definitely moved to the Far Right. And Nigel Farage was apparently so concerned with this move a few days ago that he very publicly resigned from the party. And this naturally upset many long-time Kippers. One of them was a YouTube vlogger, whose channel is called People’s Populist Press. He posted this video four days ago on his channel bitterly attacking Sargon and the others he describes as ‘YouTube Nazi punks’ for ruining the party.

Kipper Official Tries to Dissuade Sargon from Joining

It seems, however, that some members of UKIP didn’t want Sargon to join. Not because they objected to his opinions, but because they were afraid that he and his followers wouldn’t take the party seriously. The Ralph Retort YouTube channel played a recording of a conversation between Sargon, his mate Vee, and an anonymous UKIP official arguing about whether or not Sargon should be allowed to join the party. I’m not putting this up, because I’m unsure of the Ralph Retort channel’s political orientation. Sargon’s not only upset left-wing YouTube controversialists like Kevin Logan, but also members of the extreme right, including the Nazi fanboys of Richard Spencer. The argument was also played by Oof Curator on his channel, about whom I have the same caveats.

From the conversation, it appears that the Kippers didn’t really want Benjamin in the party, because they wanted committed activists. Benjamin had said that he wanted to join the party simply to show his support and not to take a more active role. They were also concerned that his followers also weren’t taking politics seriously. The Kipper believed that most of Sargon’s followers on YouTube were people in the teens and early twenties. Sargon told him that the average age of his audience is 34. The Kipper accepted this, but stuck to his point that Benjamin’s followers don’t take it seriously. This included an incident when some of Sargon’s followers got drunk in a pub and started shouting ‘Free Kekistan’ at passing cars. Kekistan and Pepe the Frog are memes taken over by the Alt Right. They were originally the creation of a Latin American cartoonist, with absolutely no racist element. But they’ve been appropriated by the Nazi right, to the dismay of the cartoon’s creator, who now wants nothing to do with it. The Kipper contrasted the flippancy of Sargon’s followers with those of Tommy Robinson, who he believed would take UKIP seriously.

UKIP Factions

The argument also gave an insight into the deep divisions and delicate internal politics in UKIP. The Kipper official stated that UKIP’s made up of three different political groupings. There are Christian Social Conservatives. These are political Conservatives with traditional views on social morality, emphasizing the traditional family and condemning promiscuity and particularly homosexuality and gay rights. Then there are the Libertarians, who also free market Tories, but with liberal attitudes towards drug taking and sexuality, although some of these have moved away and become more traditional in the moral attitudes. And then there are the Social Democrats. This means Old Labour, standing for the nationalization of utilities but rejecting immigration, feminism, and gay rights. There are clearly strong divisions between the three groups, and the Kipper did not want this delicate balance disrupted by the mass influx of new members with very strong factional views. This was one of the Kipper’s concerns when Sargon tried to argue that he’d be an asset to the Kippers as when he, Dankula and another YouTuber joined, the party’s organization rose by 10,000. The Kipper responded to that by stating that raises the question of ‘brigading’, presumably meaning attempts to take over the party through the mass influx of supporters.

Sargon and Philosophical First Principles

The argument was also interesting for what it showed about the real depth of Sargon’s own political knowledge: actually quite shallow. Sargon’s despised by his opponents on both the Left and the Right for his intellectual arrogance. He’s been ridiculed for commonly responding to any of his opponent’s points by saying ‘That’s preposterous!’ and asking them if they’ve read John Locke or Immanuel Kant. The Kipper was impressed by Sargon’s support of property rights and popular sovereignty, which he had in common with the rest of the party, but was concerned about how Sargon derived his views of them. He asked him about first principles. Sargon replied that he got them from John Locke and the 18th century Swiss political theorist, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, although the latter was ‘too continental’ for him. The Kipper responded by asking about the specific derivation of his support for natural rights, as argued by Locke. Sargon responded by saying that they’d been put there by the Creator. The Kipper then replied ‘Ah! You’re a theist!’ To which Sargon replied that he wasn’t, because ‘We don’t know who the Creator is.’ This is the line taken by the Intelligent Design crowd, who argue that evolution isn’t the product of Neo-Darwinian random mutation and natural selection, but the result of planned, intelligent intervention by a Creator. Sargon’s response is strange coming from an atheist, as for many Sceptics, Intelligent Design is simply another form of Creationism. ‘Creationism in a cheap tuxedo’, as one critic called it.

Sargon objected to the question about how he derived his support for natural rights on the ground that it didn’t matter. And I think he’s got a point. I’ve no doubt that the majority of people in the mass political parties probably don’t have a very deep understanding of the fundamental basis of the ideologies they hold. I doubt very many ordinary members of the Tory party, for example, have read Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France or the works of the 20th century Tory ideologue, Trevor Oakeshott. It’s probably particularly true of the Tories, as Roger Scruton, the Tory philosopher, said in his book on Conservatism in the 1980s that Tory ideology was largely silent, consisting of the unspoken emphasis on traditional views and attitudes. But clearly, the people at the top levels and some of the real activists in the political parties, including UKIP, do have a very profound understanding of the philosophical basis of their party and its views. And Sargon didn’t.

In fact, Sargon’s ignorance has become increasingly clear in recent months. There’s a notorious clip of him shouting down his opponent, Richard Carrier, in a debate on ‘SJWs’ or something like that at an atheist convention in America, Mythcon. Sargon is shown screaming at Carrier ‘No! No! Shut up! Just f***ing shut up!’ That went viral around the Net.

Racism and Views on Child Abuse

He’s also got some other, deeply offensive views. Sargon considers himself a civic, rather than ethno-nationalist. Which means he stands for his country’s independence but does not believe, contra the BNP, that only members of a specific ethnic group can really be its citizens. He appears to hold a very low view of Blacks, however. There’s a clip of him telling his extreme right-wing opponents to ‘Stop behaving like a bunch of N****rs!’ Quite.

There’s another clip of Sargon going around the Net of him apparently supporting paedophile. He was talking another YouTuber, who believed that underage sex was fine, and that the age of consent should be lowered to 12 or 14. When asked about the morality of adults having sex with underage children, Sargon responded ‘It depends on the child’. Which has naturally upset and outraged very many people.

Conclusions: Robinson and Sargon Will Damage and Radicalise UKIP

There are therefore a number of very good reasons why decent, anti-racist members of UKIP wouldn’t want him in their party. Sargon’s own popularity also appears to be declining, so that it’s now a very good question of how many people he will bring with him into UKIP. Furthermore, a number of people are going to leave with the departure of Farage, though he isn’t the non-racist figure he claims to be. The association of Tommy Robinson with Batten is going to drive people away, so that the party will become even more right-wing and much nastier.

The conversation between the Kipper and Sargon also shows that the party is in a very delicate position at the moment, with a very precarious balance of power between the various factions. As the Kipper official himself said, the only thing they have uniting them is Brexit. If that balance is upset, or the unifying factor of Brexit removed, the whole thing could well collapse in a mass of splits and infighting, like the various overtly Fascist groups have imploded over the years. It also shows that while some people on the extreme right have probably a far too high opinion of themselves and their intelligence, others, like the Kipper official, are genuinely bright and very well read and informed. Even in a party like UKIP, those people shouldn’t be underestimated.