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Cartoon: U.S. Postal Service

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Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious FOC Today, Will Stores Order Enough?

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Comics, Doctor Who

Today is the last day that retailers can amend their order the first issue of the upcoming Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious comic book series from Titan Comics. It may be a bigger deal than some comic book stores may have realised though. It is a multi-media crossover, publishing from September 2020 to January 2021, […]

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Christopher Eccleston Returns – The Daily LITG, 10th August 2020

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The world can seem like a terrible and strange place sometimes, but at Bleeding Cool you can still read all about comics, merch, TV shows, games, movies and more. Yesterday, that saw Christopher Eccleston return to Doctor Who as The Ninth Doctor in Big Finish productions next year. The Daily Lying In The Gutters, remains […]

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In Defense of Licensed Comics: Why Media Tie-Ins Matter

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Comics, Doctor Who

There is a pervasive feeling in the comics industry, among pros and indie companies, and especially journalism, that licensed comics are something to be looked down upon. In an industry where the norm has become either Big Two or indie comic, with very little in-between, licensed media tie-in comics are the redheaded stepchild of this […]

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‘Mr H Reviews’ on the Casting of Robot Lead in SF Film

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‘Mr H Reviews’ is a YouTube channel specialising in news and opinions on genre films – SF, Fantasy and Horror. In the video below he comments on a piece in the Hollywood Reporter about the production of a new SF movie, which will for the first time star a genuine AI. The movie is simply titled b. Financed by Bondit Capital, which also funded the film Loving Vincent, with the Belgium-based Happy Moon Productions and New York’s Top Ten Media, the film is based on a story by the special effects director Eric Pham with Tarek Zohdy and Sam Khoze. It is about a scientist, who becomes unhappy with a programme to perfect human DNA and helps the AI woman he has created to escape. 

The robot star, Erica, was created by the Japanese scientists/ engineers Hiroshi Ishigura and Hohei Ogawa for another film. The two, according to the Reporter, taught her to act. That film, which was to be directed by Tony Kaye, who made American History X, fell through. Some scenes for the present movie were already shot in Japan in 2019, and the rest will be shot in Europe next year, 2021.

The decision to make a movie starring a robot looks like an attempt to get round the problems of filming caused by the Coronavirus. However, it also raises a number of other issues. One of these, which evidently puzzle the eponymous Mr H, is how a robot can possibly act. Are they going to use takes and give it direction, as they would a human, or will it instead simply be done perfectly first time, thanks to someone on a keyboard somewhere programming it? He is quite enthusiastic about the project with some reservations. He supports the idea of a real robot playing a robot, but like most of us rejects the idea that robots should replace human actors. He also agrees with the project being written by a special effects supervisor, because such a director would obviously be aware of how such a project should be shot.

But it also ties in with an earlier video he has made about the possible replacement of humans by their Virtual simulacra. According to another rumour going round, Mark Hamill has signed away his image to Lucas Film, so that Luke Skywalker can be digitally recreated using CGI on future Star Wars films. Mr H ponders if this is the future of film now, and that humans are now going to be replaced by their computer generated doubles.

In some ways, this is just the culmination of processes that have been going on in SF films for some time. Animatronics – robot puppets – have been used in Science Fiction films since the 1990s, though admittedly the technology has been incorporated into costumes worn by actors. But not all the time. Several of the creatures in the American/Australian SF series Farscape were such animatronic robots, such as the character Rygel. Some of the robots features in a number of SF movies were entirely mechanical. The ABC Warrior which appears in the 1990s Judge Dredd film with Sylvester Stallone was deliberately entirely mechanical. The producers wished to show that it definitely wasn’t a man in a suit. C-3PO very definitely was played by a man in a metal costume, Anthony Daniels, but I noticed in the first of the prequels, The Phantom Menace, that a real robot version of the character appears in several scenes. Again, this is probably to add realism to the character. I also think that in the original movie, Episode 4: A New Hope, there were two versions of R2D2 used. One was the metal suit operated by Kenny Baker, and I think the other was entirely mechanical, operated by radio. Dr. Who during Peter Davison’s era as the Doctor also briefly had a robot companion. This was Kameleon, a shape-changing android, who made his first appearance in The King’s Demons. He was another radio-operated robot, though voiced by a human actor. However the character was never used, and his next appearance was when he died in the story Planet of Fire.

And then going further back, there’s Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mad plan to create a robotic Salvador Dali for his aborted 1970s version of Dune. Dali was hired as one of the concept artists, along with H.R. Giger and the legendary Chris Foss. Jodorowsky also wanted him to play the Galactic Emperor. Dali agreed, in return for a payment of $1 million. But he stipulated that he was only going to act for half an hour. So in order to make sure they got enough footage of the great Surrealist and egomaniac, Jodorowsky was going to build a robot double. The film would also have starred Orson Welles as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Mick Jagger as Feyd Rautha, as well as Jodorowsky’s own son, Brontes, as Paul Atreides. The film was never made, as the producers pulled the plug at the last minute wondering what was happening to it. I think part of the problem may have been that it was going well over budget. Jodorowsky has said that all the effort that went into it wasn’t wasted, however, as he and the artist Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud used the ideas developed for the film for their comic series, The Incal. I think that Jodorowsky’s version of Dune would have been awesome, but would have been far different to the book on which it was based.

I also like the idea of robots performing as robots in an SF movie. A few years ago an alternative theatre company specialising in exploring issues of technology and robotics staged a performance in Prague of the classic Karel Capek play, Rossum’s Universal Robots, using toy robots. I can see the Italian Futurists, rabid Italian avant-garde artists who praised youth, speed, violence and the new machine world around the time of the First World War, being wildly enthusiastic about this. Especially as, in the words of their leader and founder, Tommasso Marinetti, they looked ‘for the union of man and machine’. But I really don’t want to see robots nor CGI recreations replace human actors.

Many films have been put on hold because of the Coronavirus, and it looks like the movie industry is trying to explore all its options for getting back into production. However, the other roles for this movie haven’t been filled and so I do wonder if it will actually be made.

It could be one worth watching, as much for the issues it raises as its story and acting.

Cartoon: Covid-mart's back to school supplies

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The school year’s already begun for some unfortunate kids, and college students are returning from their various hometown COVID hotspots back to campus. It’s a disaster in the making, and watching it unfold is one lesson none of us should have to experience.

Time Lord Victorious Begins – Thank FOC It's Friday 7th August 2020

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Comics, Doctor Who

Welcome to Time Lord Victorious: Thank FOC It's Friday. Planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off at Diamond Comic Distributors. And now UCS and Lunar as well. Of course, in these times, so much of this is up in the air.  There's a lot of product coming through that needs […]

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Time Lord Victorious #1

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Titan has released the covers for the first in their upcoming contribution to the Time Lord Victorious series. 

The comic, which pits the Tenth Doctor against the Daleks will be released on 2nd September 2020


Time Lord Victorious #1

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Roberta Ingranata

A thrilling new adventure for the Tenth Doctor (as played by fan-favorite David Tennant) that sees the shocking return of his deadliest enemies: the Daleks! But things aren't what they seem - time is all wrong, and something is coming that terrifies even the Daleks... The first of two oversized issues kicking off the BBC's highly anticipated multi-platform Doctor Who epic, Time Lord Victorious!

Time Lord Victorious #1 - Cover A (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Cover B (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Cover C (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Cover D (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Page 1 (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Page 2 (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Page 3 (Credit: Titan ) Time Lord Victorious #1 - Page 4 (Credit: Titan )

Cutaway Comics - Update

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 Cutaway Comics<\/a>Cutaway Comics, the new independent imprint featuring worlds and characters from the world of BBC Television’s Doctor Who, had announced stretch goals for their hugely successful Kickstarter.

The project has already raised over £8,000, far in excess of the £678 goal. 


The top goal will be a pilot for a new series of comics featuring ORCINI: Master of the Grand Order of Oberon, as played by William Gaunt in the 1985 Doctor Who story Revelation of the Daleks . <\/a>


This is a return for one of Eric Saward’s most celebrated creations. Oricini is a space knight, who battles evil across the five galaxies with his loyal squire, Bostock, at his side.

The tales of this legendary caste of space knights who dedicate their lives to fighting against evil are known across the Galaxy. The legends of these quasi-mystic beings speak for themselves. For reasons we have yet to learn, one of their number, Orcini, has been excommunicated from the Order. Cast out and dishonoured, Orcini has been reborn as a Soldier of Fortune. Accompanied by his faithful squire, Bostock, this mythical pair have embarked on a galaxy-spanning quest to vanquish evil and maybe, restore their honour.Orcini has had many adventures. Songs of his victories are sung across the Five Galaxies. The legends talk of a man who needs just to breathe on his enemies to make them wither and die. But the latest assignment has Orcini at a disadvantage. On paper, it seems a straight rescue, but is life ever that simple at the Outer Systems of the Galaxy?


Publisher Gareth Kavanagh comments:

Orcini and Bostock are a refined double act, played with flair, and completely in keeping with some of the finest duos to have grace Doctor Who’s screens. The thought to bring them back for this Kickstarter was irresistible, and a perfect way to reward those who have pledged their support to the project already if we can meet the stretch goals.


Orcini is available to those backing the Cutaway Comics Kickstarter and will be issued if the top funding goal is met. Other goals include merchandise packages which include new commentaries for classic Doctor Who serials, and prints and posters based around launch title Lytton.


The Kickstarter can be found online<\/a> along with information on the project and an introductory video. More information can be found on the Cutaway Comics website<\/a> or in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine which features an article with interviews including Eric Saward, Bob Baker, Stephen Wyatt and artists Barry Renshaw and John Ridgway.

Cartoon: Trump re-election rally

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