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When British Tabloids Made Up Stories About The Next Doctor Who

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 22/03/2022 - 12:07am in

This weekend, The Daily Mirror reported that Hugh Grant was to be the next Doctor Who. And people took it seriously. Two things here - firstly for the

Doctor Who: We'll Take a Tennant/Tate Reunion Wherever We Can Get It

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 21/03/2022 - 7:37am in

We'll always jump at a mini Doctor Who reunion with David Tennant & Catherine Tate, even if it's at a red carpet event for The Nan Movie.

Buffy, Star Trek, Doctor Who & More: BCTV Daily Dispatch 20 Mar 22

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 20/03/2022 - 10:38pm in

In today's BCTV's Daily Dispatch: Buffy TVS, Star Trek: Discovery, Stranger Things, Better Call Saul, Rick and Morty, Doctor Who, and more!

Doctor Who Movie Not The Doctor We Deserved But The Doctor We Needed

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 20/03/2022 - 12:28am in

As bad as the 1996 Doctor Who television movie may have been, it also helped pave the road in a big way for Russell T. Davies' 2005 revival.

Titan Comics Will Reveal How The Fugitive Doctor Who Became A Fugitive

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 19/03/2022 - 3:27am in

Titan Comics!" As well as the launch of a new Blade Runner Black Lotus comic book to accompany the cartoon, and The Man Who Fell To Earth graphic novel

Hero Collector Doctor Who, Star Trek & Tron Replicas For June 2022

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 18/03/2022 - 12:18am in


Doctor Who

Bleeding Cool has a first look at the Eaglemoss/Hero Collector solicitations through Diamond Comic Distributors for June 2022. DC Comics hardcover graphic

Doctor Who Season Thirteen on Target

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 17/03/2022 - 11:27am in


Doctor Who

Continuing with the retro Target books, here's season 13. 

It was during this season that I queued up outside Preedy's newsagents in Derby's Eagle Centre in order to have a fully costumed Tom Baker sign my copy of 'Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion' - an odd choice since it was a Jon Pertwee adventure but it was at the time, the only Target book I didn't own.

 From that day until today, I had a complete set of first edition Target books (except for 'The Two Doctors' which is a "Second Edition" due to a f*** up at W H Allen.)

These covers are available as design on RedBubble. Check them out via this link.

Catherine Tate Has Not Been Approached for Doctor Who 60th Anniversary

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/03/2022 - 7:35am in

Catherine Tate just popped up on the BBC's The One Show to promote a couple of things, the upcoming film The Nan Movie to be released on Friday, featuring

Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker, John Bishop Tip Off Bradley Walsh Return?

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 15/03/2022 - 1:16am in

Did Doctor Who stars Jodie Whittaker and John Bishop tip off viewers to Bradley Walsh's return during Bishop's Three Little Words podcast?

Doctor Who, Big E, The Orville & More! BCTV Daily Dispatch 12 Mar 22

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/03/2022 - 11:38pm in

In today's BCTV Daily Dispatch: Doctor Who's Matt Smith, WWE's Big E, Daredevil, The Flash, The Orville, TWD, Star Trek: Picard & tons more!