National Biscuit Day! Better Homes & Gardens Meat Cookbook: Sausage in Biscuits (1971)

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Happy National Biscuit Day, my friends! To mark the occasion, I opened the vault brought out this humdinger of a post from November 2012, when DiS1972 was just a wee toddler.  Brace yourself, because this dish…OMG, this dish. It is emblazoned in my mind and has stuck with me for almost 8 years.  Please enjoy……Continue reading National Biscuit Day! Better Homes & Gardens Meat Cookbook: Sausage in Biscuits (1971) →

Muslims and Christians Are Sharing Space

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Three great stories we found on the internet this week.

Giving praise

During Ramadan, mosques around the world are packed, making social distancing all but impossible. Newsweek reports on a solution that breaks down barriers even as it offers square footage: an evangelical church in Berlin opened its doors to those of the Muslim faith, giving them the space to worship six feet apart. 

The church offered two Ramadan services per week, one in German and one in Arabic. Worshippers who wished to attend could apply online for a spot in advance. The offer doubled the number of local Muslims who could attend services while Germany’s ban on gatherings of more than 50 people remains in effect. “It is a great sign of solidarity,” said a spokeswoman for the local mosque. “We are just thankful, this is a good chance of inter-religious dialog and it is wonderful that the church is doing this.”

Read more at Newsweek

A complete breakfast

Madagascar, an island so rich in biodiversity it became a cartoon-animal blockbuster, is being ravaged by deforestation. That’s destroying the habitats of many of the country’s fauna, including its insects, which have long provided a nutrient-rich diet for many rural Malagasy. To help the bugs bounce back, researchers are working with locals to plant crops that feed humans and their invertebrate brethren, improving the prospects of both.

MadagascarA rural road in Madagascar. Credit: Carlos / Flickr

Their pilot project is set in half a dozen remote jungle communities, where they work with families to grow lima bean plants. People can feast on the beans, but so can sakondry, a native insect that feeds on the plants’ sap. Now there are 4,200 plants in the ground — and 52,000 sakondry living among them, allowing hungry folks to make a meal of sakondry bugs with a side of beans. The researchers had hoped that within three years, their experiment would be producing enough bug meat to stop people from hunting the forest’s wild lemurs. Eight months in, they’ve already achieved that goal.

Read more at bioGraphic

Power dynamic

The scientists searching for a Covid-19 treatment need to test millions of compounds, a process that requires massive amounts of computing power. Now, you can donate some of yours simply by being online.

Here’s how it works: Download IBM’s World Community Grid software, and your computer will funnel a portion of its processing power to a project called “OpenPandemics – Covid-19.” Scientists sifting through potential treatments will use this power to run their calculations. The software only sips from the processing power you’re not using at any given moment — if you’re simply responding to an email, for instance, you likely have plenty of power to share. Since the project launched on May 14, scientists have already used OpenPandemics to complete more than 50,000 calculations in their search for a treatment.

Read more at Fast Company

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Help! I’m in Love with The Quarantine (ft. 161. Turkey on a Skewer)

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Time no longer means anything. I have absolutely no idea how long I’ve been under stay-at-home. You could tell me 8 weeks or 18 weeks and I’d nod my head and say “that sounds right.” Confession: for as much as everyone wants to get things back to “normal,” I’m in no rush. I’m enjoying it.Continue reading Help! I’m in Love with The Quarantine (ft. 161. Turkey on a Skewer) →

178. Calico Stuffed Peppers

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FUN FACT: as of June 30 I am unemployed. Yeah, only 2 weeks into the job they sent us to work remotely, and then 2 months later they decided to shutter the school. Permanently. So here I am, shit out of luck. Mr. Sauce, Esq. said that I had jinxed myself with the  “I hateContinue reading 178. Calico Stuffed Peppers →

Brexit disaster looms…

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There is worrying news from the WTO, which seems to be little noticed. The only record I can find is here, and which ‘Yorkshire Bylines’ are, I suggest, well worth following. The USA has long refused to approve more WTO ajudicators (arbitrators for disputes) so these judges are now inquorate. Trump has only accentuated the... Read more

Automatic ‘cheers’…

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A little light relief showing, perhaps, human inventiveness… Or, maybe it’s desperation…. It certainly made me smile.... Read more

The Best of Bon Appetit: Curried Turkey Salad in Brioche (1979)

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I made this dish back in February for a mobile meal at Boordy Vineyards. We are members of their Landmark Club. One of the perks of being a club member is the seasonal release parties. You go and taste the wines that are in that quarter’s selection. There is music and a big cheese bar.Continue reading The Best of Bon Appetit: Curried Turkey Salad in Brioche (1979) →

People Are Getting Hungry. Do You Know What That Means?

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he people, Marxists always said, won’t revolt unless they’re hungry enough. Mass unemployment and poverty, along with government in action, are about to test that proposition.

The Kaleidoscopic Community of a Coronavirus Hotel

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Here are three great stories we found on the internet this week.

Room service

The U.K. is aiming to eliminate homelessness (at least temporarily) to slow the spread of the coronavirus, in part, by putting up 5,400 people in hotels. The Guardian takes a tour of such a hotel in London and finds a highly functional community that shows how housing people can help them get their lives on track

The hotel provides all the perks it would to paying guests: room tidying (the chambermaids wear masks and gloves), a reception desk (keycards float in a bowl of sanitizer), even a daily newspaper left at each door. Plus, a few unconventional services, including substance use and mental health counseling, and help finding a family doctor. One nurse working at the hotel describes it as “a very interesting social experiment… If you give people what they want, they tend to take the sensible decisions.”

homeless londonCredit: Garry Knight / Flickr

Though homelessness in the U.K. is rising along with unemployment, the government claims to have found housing for 90 percent of the people who need it during the crisis. “People say it’s not possible to end rough sleeping, but we’ve always maintained that it is, with the right attitude and money,” said one advocate. 

Read more at the Guardian

Survival gear

Personal protective equipment like medical masks and gloves is designed to be thrown away after one use, a disposable-focused system that has contributed to shortages. Now, in British Columbia, home to well-known outerwear brands like Arc’teryx, a handful of companies normally associated with REI are delving into PPE. 

Credit: Ingrid Taylar / Flickr

“We quickly realized these guys don’t have the best stuff,” said a manager at Mustang Survival, a Canadian outerwear company. “Everything seems so stale, like there’s been no innovation in the medical field.” Now Mustang is prototyping items like Gore-Tex hospital gowns with design elements used in surfer drysuits. Other outerwear companies are working on better-fitting gloves and more breathable N95 masks. 

Health Canada is fast-tracking approvals for new equipment to be used in medical settings, though it could still be months before these designs show up in hospitals. Even so, “If another crisis hits, they have the capability to retool and respond faster,” said the director of one design lab. “We won’t be as dependent on the rest of the world for the products that we need.”

Read more at Hakai

Free delivery

In many Appalachian communities, school-lunch programs feed entire families, as cafeterias send kids home to their parents with extra cans of soup and boxes of pasta. This system feeds thousands — in Ohio alone, 50 percent of Appalachian families rely on it, making school closures a hunger issue as well as an educational one.

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How to keep the food flowing? In some communities, the solution has been to maintain school bus routes during the closures, with drivers dropping off meals at homes where they would normally drop off kids. In Ohio’s Kanawha County, school buses are providing 12,500 weekly meals “delivered to every bus stop along our normal routes,” according to a school district official. 

Often these meals are left on front porches, reminiscent of what’s known in Appalachia as the “porch network,” an informal system in which neighbors drop off and pick up goods from each other’s front stoops: tools, ingredients, medicines and second-hand clothes can often be found sitting on Appalachian porches, offerings from people who no longer need them to strangers who might. “The way we figure it, if we go through the end of [the month], we’ll deliver almost a million meals,” said one of the bus drivers.

Read more at Yes!

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Frankie Avalon’s Chicken Thighs with Peas, Sweet Vermouth, and Sherry

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Back in college my roommate and I spent an entire afternoon just going through the names of celebrities and debating their “fuckability factor” if you will, We actually made a “dudes we’d do” chart (please remember this was pre-2000. There were no smart phones or streaming. We were bored). There were your standard folks inContinue reading Frankie Avalon’s Chicken Thighs with Peas, Sweet Vermouth, and Sherry →