Free markets and their discontents

Life, Deferred: Student Debt Postpones Key Milestones for Millions of Americans

The student debt crisis has produced a decline in homeownership, marriage, and childbearing rates among the young.

Even Larry Summers Denounces World Bank’s “PEF” Ebola Bonds That Enriched Investors at Expense of the Sick in the Congo

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The World Bank wants to double down on financial gimmickry rather than develop the public health infrastructure to combat pandemics.

Brexit: According to Script

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The commentariat's Brexit predictions are playing out, sadly.

Inflation Data Shows Tariffs Are Not a Tax on Consumers but on Foreign & US Corporations

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Yves here. It has been reported in venues like the Financial Times that importers who would face increased costs from tariffs on China were taking steps so as not to increase prices to customers, which includes making their suppliers give better prices and eating some costs too. With profit share at a record high level […]

Class-Action Lawsuit Seeks To Let Medicare Patients Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage

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A Medicare lawsuit winding its way through the courts should take some of the wind out of the sails of the idea of Medicare in its current form as a good way to implement single payer.

How Richard Vague Discovered Gravity: An Interview + Book Review of A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises

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Richard Vague extends his work on the dangers of private debt via his new book, A Brief History of Doom, on the role of debt in financial crises.

No, Productivity Does Not Explain Income

Why a widely-held view about productivity that is foundational to the claim that people are paid what they deserve does not hold up to scrutiny.

Austerity Has Made People Less Prepared for a No Deal Brexit

The government says it's preparing for a Brexit crash out. But ten years of spending cuts have made the people of Britain intensely vulnerable to economic shock.

How Capitalism Exploits Our Fear of Old Age

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Pondering the challenges of being old now.