Pell Ecstatic To Once Again Be Free To Touch The Children Of Australia

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Cardinal Pell has talked of his relief at being released from prison, following the overturning of his conviction by the High Court. The Cardinal spoke enthusiastically about being allowed to once again reach out and touch the children of Australia.

“I feel like a new boy,” said the Cardinal. ”What an opportunity I have been given – the chance to once again go out and really make a difference to the people of Australia.”

“Children are the future of this country and I hope I get the chance to once again leave my mark on them.

When asked what he planned to do with his new found freedom, the Cardinal said: ”Well, I must catch up with those who supported me through these tough times, Andrew Bolt, Tony Abbott and of course our Lord, Rupert Murdoch.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear the Mr Whippy truck coming, it’s been awhile since I’ve joined the kiddies for a lick.”

Mark Williamson


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Bolt Demands That The Nation’s Parks And Playgrounds Be Opened For George Pell

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Australia’s ‘most-read blogger’ and aspiring detective Andrew Bolt has called upon the Nation’s leaders to cancel the Australia-wide lock down and open up the country’s parks and playgrounds from tomorrow, as he anticipates that disgraced Cardinal George Pell will be released from prison.

”I’m sure tomorrow that the High Court will free Cardinal Pell and therefore I think we as a nation need to roll out the red carpet, so to speak,” said Mr Bolt. ”The Cardinal has spent so long locked up in a cell that I’m sure he will want to run free through the parks.”

”I can just see it now – the Cardinal swinging on the swings and going down on the children on the slides.”

When asked if it were appropriate that Pell, who is still under investigation on other counts of abuse, should be allowed to frolic in parks with children, Andrew Bolt said: “The Cardinal is innocent, I mean how could he be guilty? He’s white!”

”I yearn for the day when this country stops chopping down tall poppies. Imagine a country where men of the stature of Cardinal Pell are free to reach out and touch the children.”

”What a world it would be!”

Mark Williamson


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Two-part interview on COVID-19 and the global economic crisis in the Korean internet newspaper, ohmynews (in Korean – and in English)

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There is a two-part interview of me on COVID-19 and the global economic crisis in the Korean internet newspaper, ohmynews. The original Korean versions are here (Part I) and here (Part II). The English translations are here (Part I) and … Continue reading →

Tories Have Fiddled the Statistics on Coronavirus Deaths – Is Anyone Surprised?

Last Tuesday, 31st March 2020, Mike put up a piece reporting how the Office for National Statistics had caught the Tories fiddling the figures for the numbers of deaths from the Coronavirus to date. According to the government’s figures, the number of dead up to March 20th, the cut off date for the ONS figures, stood at 120. However, they achieved this figure by only counting deaths in hospitals. When the ONS factored these in, the real number of fatalities increased by 23.5 per cent or more, rising to 210. The official death toll at the time Mike put up his article was 1,408. But if the ONS’ estimation of the real figures is correct, then the real number of deaths was 1,739. This assumes that the proportion of deaths in hospitals has remained constant, but as Mike pointed out, it could be much higher.

Mike pointed out in his article that these stats are important, as they show that the government’s figures cannot be trusted. It also means that the government cannot be trusted when it claims that the spread of the virus is slowing. He was concerned that the government would be tempted to lift the lockdown prematurely, which would allow the virus a whole new lease of life.

Coronavirus: UK government death figures are FALSE

Mike wasn’t the only person smelling a rat with the government’s official Coronavirus stats. The previous Thursday, March 26th, Zelo Street put up a piece about how the government’s statistics had mysteriously changed as they altered the rules regarding how the deaths were counted. That Tuesday, the Department for Health and Social Care declared at 15.51 on Twitter that the number of people, who had tested positive for the virus, stood at 8,077 and 422 had died. But on Wednesday the situation appeared to change. At just past a quarter past two, the Department’s Twitter feed announced that the figures would be announced later that afternoon, but reassured readers that they were working hard to compile them. However, the figures were only released on Twitter at 2300 hours, after they had been given to the media. The number of people, who had tested positive was now 9,529, but there had been only 463 deaths in total.

Sienna Rogers of LabourList reported that it had been claimed that the government was changing the way it was releasing the death figures. The numbers of deaths reported may not be the same as the number of deaths that had occurred in the previous 24 hours, as family consent was now required to release the figures. Luke Cooper of the LSE called it what it looks like. He said that family consent was not required if the information was anonymised. This looked like the Tories were fiddling the stats. Chris Smyth of the Times then added that the low figure of the 28 new deaths that had been recorded wasn’t a piece of good news, but the opposite. There were now so many new deaths that the government had changed the cutoff time from 1 pm to 7.30 am. This was supposedly to give the government more time to inform the families and get the details on the locations of the deaths before releasing them. Zelo Street contrasted this with the situation in Italy and Spain, the two countries worst affected, where the hundreds of new deaths are freely reported to the media. The Street concluded that

‘We are told that there is bad news coming down the track; a new NHS facility is being built at the ExCeL centre in London’s Docklands; that facility, NHS Nightingale, has provision for thousands of beds and two morgues; individual reports of deaths are everywhere; TfL staff report scores of their colleagues falling ill from the virus; and the numbers dry up.

This is the stuff from which conspiracy theories spring. Government must come clean.’

This, alas, is too much to hope for. The Tories are a party of liars – always have been, always will be. Their record on the unemployment stats abundantly testifies to that. When unemployment under Maggie Thatcher shot up to over 3 million – an unheard of record at that time, the Tories immediately changed the way the unemployment figures were counted in order to make it smaller. And they’ve kept doing it. A few years ago, when Dave Cameron was the latest malign presence squatting in No. 10, it was revealed that they’d changed the way the stats were collected once again. The unemployment figures were based only on those currently claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. Which meant that the peeps, who were unemployed but ineligible to sign on, or who had refused to do so because of the humiliating way they were treated by the staff and the infamous ‘work coaches’, who ring you up at home to harangue you into getting work, weren’t included.

This is a government that prefers to hide embarrassing statistics. The DWP under another malign presence, the utterly vile Iain Duncan Smith, fought tooth and nail to stop Mike and the other great disability bloggers from getting the statistics for the number of people, who had died after being declared ‘fit for work’ by the government assessor, outsourcing company Atos. They stonewalled, tried to claim that Mike’s request was vexatious, appealed against the Information Commissioner’s ruling when he ruled in favour of Mike, and, when they finally had no choice but to release the stats, interpreted Mike’s request to give him a slightly different set of figures than those he requested. But these were damning enough, even so.

And the subsequent Tory leaders, Tweezer and now Boris, really don’t like meeting the public. They run away and hide from unexpected meetings and questions from the media. Tweezer’s appearances on the campaign trail were carefully choreographed with selected groups and closed to the general public. So were Johnson’s, who fled when confronted by someone he didn’t expect. Remember how he disappeared into a fridge when he was visiting a dairy in order to escape questions from a TV journo? And then we had the unedifying spectacle a few months ago of Boris and Cummings trying to divide the media lobby into inner and outer groups. The inner – who were all their loyal supporters – were to be rewarded by being invited to a press conference on Brexit at No. 10. That attempt to control the media didn’t work, as all the media, even those that staunchly support the Tories, immediately balked at such overt, cynical manipulation and walked out in protest.

The Tories are congenital, irremediable liars. No-one should be surprised that they fiddled the stats. They tried to hide the number of deaths of disabled people, who had been falsely declared fit for work. They’ve falsified the unemployment figures. It should come as no surprise that, as they have shown themselves incompetent and out of their depth at handling the Coronavirus crisis, they should be fiddling those statistics too.

And Mike is right. They are a menace. Boris dithered and tried everything possible to delay imposing a lockdown until it was too late, because he was too worried about the economy at the expense of people’s lives. And a sizable proportion of the Tory party and their supporters, like the noxious Brendan O’Neil of Spiked, Toby Young of the Spectator, Trevor Kavanagh of the Scum, still believe that people should sacrificed for the sake of the economy.

There is therefore a very real danger that the Tories will use the falsified stats to justify lifting the lockdown prematurely, and so starting off a new wave of illness and deaths.

A 70-Year War on ‘Propaganda’ Built by the CIA

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Cynthia Chung “Hell is empty and all the devils are here” William Shakespeare (The Tempest Act I, Scene 2) War has always depended on a reliable system to spread its propaganda. The Arthashastra written by Chankya (350-283 BCE) who was chief advisor to the Emperor Chandragupta (the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire) discusses propaganda …

Pandemic: The South Korean Case

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Every American needs to understand the chilling implications of the graph below. Click on a country to see the different rates at which COVID-19 infections are increasing: Look at the US line on the graph of “Which Countries are Flattening … Continue reading

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Time on Your Hands? Try Double Sequels

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Much inspiration flows from collision.

Covid-19 Rages On Despite The 800 Million Infectious Disease Experts On Facebook

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The world’s number of fatalities and cases has continued to soar despite the hundreds of millions of infectious disease experts providing advice on Facebook.

The multitudes of specialists have been sharing their own medical opinion as well as debunking common myths, on everything from how the virus operates to how it should be managed.

“Social distancing won’t work”, commented Meredith on a popular mummy-blog post, “all it will do is cripple our economy.”

The 38 year-old, mother of two often moonlights as an essential oils entrepreneur when she’s not providing advice on the deadly outbreak.

“It’s like people are stupid or something,” she told the Unoz, despite us not even asking the question, “just being force-fed someone’s agenda!”

However, the issue is that the 800 million experts don’t always agree on the best course of action. One particular guild, who keep their identity veiled using motor vehicles as their display pictures believe Australians just need to “harden up, it’s just the flu”.

The members of this fraternity are often spruiking their expertise in immunology on the Facebook pages of News Corp publications.

Despite the sheer numbers of experts, it has done nothing to curb the impact of Covid-19.

Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, has publicly thanked those offering solutions and encouraged them to retire off the back of such hard work.

GK Kidd


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Why Republicans Are Less Likely to View the Coronavirus as a Serious Threat

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Recent survey data show that Republicans are significantly less likely than Democrats to view the coronavirus as a valid threat.

Book Review: The Quirks of Digital Culture by David Beer

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In The Quirks of Digital Culture, David Beer provides a patchwork of quirky vignettes that together create a representative picture of the cultural environment in which we now live, showing how digital culture offers a means of access, insight and possibility while also bringing the payoff of surveillance, manipulation and a sense of inescapability. Ignas Kalpokas highly … Continued