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BCTV Daily Dispatch 27 July 2021: Doctor Who Views & Paulson Provides

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/07/2021 - 9:38pm in

In today's BCTV Daily Dispatch: a double-dose of Doctor Who thoughts, and Ratched star Sarah Paulson: Crusher of Rumors & Winner of Tequila?

Talkin’ ‘Bout Tina

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Talkin’ ‘Bout Tina

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Mr H Reviews Russian Horror Movie ‘Superdeep’

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Mr H is a Youtuber who reviews mainly Science Fiction and Horror movies. In the video below, he gives a good review to Superdeep, a Russian creature feature very much in the same gory vein as John Carpenter’s classic The Thing. Spoilers: The movie is about a group of scientists and explorers who go down Russia’s deepest borehole, where they encounter a type of fungus that infects its victims, turning them into vegetable monsters. Mr H was impressed with the quality. It has excellent special effects, and was made on the incredibly low budget of $4 million. Pacing, he says, is a problem and there were moments when the film sagged. But it had been given a budget of $8 million, he feels it could have easily held its own with the big budget contemporary American films. He especially gets irritated with the flicks that are made for $200 million, but the green screen effects are still sloppy and obvious. And he’s particularly enthusiastic about this flick as its return to the old style, mechanical, physical effects of rubber monsters and models, rather than CGI.

I’ve got a couple of Russian movies here on DVD. One is First in Space, about Yuri Gagarin’s historic manned spaceflight, the other is Guardians, a superhero movie about a team of men and women given special powers by a secret KGB project launched by Stalin. Scattered across the Russian federation, Georgia and the Central Asian republics, the team must come together to stop the evil villain from taking over Russia and the world. The special effects in both movies are excellent, while Guardians has all the tropes of the superhero movie, including secret, immoral government projects. The only difference with western, American superhero flicks is that it’s set in Russia, and so the heroes’ final showdown with the villain is in Moscow, natch, rather than New York or Los Angeles. I can very well believe that the SFX in Superdeep are similarly well done.

I also like the fact that this film uses practical SFX. I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, before the rise of CGI, and was fascinated by the skills of the model makers and make-up artists. Artists like Rob Bottin and Rick Baker really expanded the boundaries of what could be done using latex and their work on films like The Howling and The Thing is still very much admired. In recent years there has been a revival of interest in practical effects in films like Harbinger One, which made it very clear that it was inspired by The Thing and Alien. One of the complaints a number of people have made about CGI is that, no matter how well it’s done, it doesn’t have the convincing presence real, physical effects. This is a film I’d actually like to see, but unfortunately it’s on one of the streaming channels, like Netflix, and I don’t want to subscribe just for one movie.

Hard Cell: Prison Mockumentary Offers Catherine Tate in Multiple Roles

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On Wednesday, Netflix announced that Catherine Tate will be tackling multiple roles in the women's prison mockumentary series Hard Cell.

Law & Order SVU Factory Seconds

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Dick Wolf Presents Law & Order SVU Factory Seconds, Pro Sports Rape Scandal 15-36

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‘Murder Among the Mormons’ Ep 2 Recap: A Family Man With a Wild Side

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  Spoiler: this recap covers some of the crucial investigative developments featured in the second...

‘Murder Among the Mormons,’ Latest True Crime Doc From Netflix, Highlights Issues of Faith, Skepticism, and Authenticity

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Note on spoilers, etc: This essay covers the broad outlines of the Mark Hofmann forgery...