Evidence of the Government's neglect is mounting - CounterBlast 7 April

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The death toll soars in Britain through neglect and incompetence as the US spitefully blocks aid to countries all over the world, reports Shabbir Lakha

We're not all in it together, your majesty - CounterBlast 5 April

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The British state has rolled out its biggest weapon at this time of crisis in a clear ideological intervention, argues David McAllister

Counterfire statement on Labour's election result

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The next steps for the left by Counterfire

A Knight’s leadership heralds a return for the Labour right – CounterBlast 4 April

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This grave result is at loggerheads with the dictates of our present reality, observes Alex Snowdon

The politics of hope: Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy

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As Jeremy Corbyn steps down as Labour leader, Shabbir Lakha reflects on what he achieved

The Matt Hancock Show: government spin and outright lies - CounterBriefing 3 April

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The Tories are lying to us. Penny Hicks responds to the government’s daily briefing

Tories find magic money tree after all - CounterBriefing 2 April

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After demands from the public and eventually the press, the government are finally being forced to move on testing and PPE, reports Lucy Nichols

Opinion: Covid-19 Threatens Our Wet Dreams

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The other night I woke from a nightmare. In the nightmare I was home with Vicki and the kids, I turned to Vicki and told her that I was just going up to the pub for a nightcap. Vicki smiled and off I went.

Next I walk into the pub and see a good sort at the bar. I sidle up to her and say: “Suppose a root’s out of the question?”

When to my horror they turn around and who is it? Vicki! And she’s got the kids.

I analyse my dreams, especially when they wake me up at 2am and there’s no boner. I think the cause of this dream was something not our fault, COVID-19, is now going to cause us massive new problems.

This pandemic is cruel, we’ve seen jobs lost, businesses close and an even more horrific situation arise whereby couples are forced to isolate together under the same roof, just the two of them. These are tragic times my friends.

Before COVID-19, couples were free to come and go as they please – with each other or a staffer, or just a random stranger they met at a pub or on a dating site.

But, not now! Heck, in Victoria a man is not allowed to even leave his premises for the purposes of visiting his mistress!

I’d say “Bloody Nanny state!”, but that would be cruel to anyone out there who has a thing for nannies. No judgment – whatever floats your boat and lets you drop anchor.

Dark times my friends, but fear not. We will get through this, stronger and harder than ever before.

Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce is the member for New England


Ashley Madison: New_England_Stud69

It’s not business as usual, Secretary - CounterBriefing 1 April

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Thanking business at this time is grossly insensitive and irresponsible, argues Katherine Connelly

Working people shouldn't be penalised for staying at home

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From sick pay you can't live on to bad credit scores, the government is pushing working people further into financial difficulty, writes Laura Smith