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CalPERS Still Owns Toxic National Enquirer Via Hedge Fund Chatham; CEO Marcie Frost Falsely Says It Was Sold; Columbia Journalism Review Depicts Pending Sale as a Sham

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/12/2019 - 2:15am in

CalPERS is trying to pretend it is done with the National Enquirer. A pending sale would still have CalPERS subsidizing the Enquirer's costs.

Private Equity’s Uninvested “Dry Powder” and Falling Returns Reflect a Bigger Problem: The End of a Long Term Disinflationary Tail Wind

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The press is finally becoming skeptical of private equity’s claims that it generates superior returns, demonstrated by a Monday Wall Street Journal story, Private-Equity Cash Piles Up as Takeover Targets Get Pricier1 and a Bloomberg article yesterday, ‘Peak’ Private-Equity Fears Are Spreading Across Pension World. This follows a Mark Hulbert piece in MarketWatch, whose title […]

Democrats’ Private Equity Hearing Fail: Abject Incompetence, Corruption, or Mere Unseriousness?

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A House Financial Services Committee hearing on private equity revealed more about the party than about private equity, and in a not good way at that.

How the Fed Boosts the 1%: Even the Upper Middle Class Loses Share of Household Wealth to the 1%. Bottom Half Gets Screwed

It is bizarre to see the Fed present data showing the Gilded Age level of wealth accumulation by the 1% as if that were a badge of honor.

Electronic Voting Machine Debacle Continues in 2019, Setting Dangerous Precedent for 2020

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Bloomberg's recent story on electronic voting machines is good, but ignores their private equity owners, soft-pedals the role of corruption, and ignores the incursion of the intelligence community into the voting process.

CalPERS Follows Naked Capitalism Recommendation: Does 180 on Emerging Managers by Dumping Managers, Slashing Commitments, Defying Board-Authorized Plan Through 2020

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CalPERS has belatedly followed our advice and is radically cutting back on its so-called emerging managers.

Public Pension Funds Criticized for Profiting From Private Equity’s “Surprise Billing” Abuse

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Surprise billing is such a widespread abuse that it is managing to bring private equity chicanery and public pension funds' tacit support of it to long-overdue public attention.

Wolf Richter: How Employees & Employers Get Bled by Health Insurance

Health insurance costs will kill you if your medical issues don't get you first.