The Evangelical Mind

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Yet because of the movement’s own internal contradictions, the evangelical goal of perfect replication has proven impossible. As parents, evangelicals incite their children to take personal ownership of Christianity, but demand that their children conform to their own understanding of the faith. They claim to want us to have an authentic, spontaneous religious experience, yet relentlessly manipulate our emotions.

Back to the Trees

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Environmentalists have finally come up with at least one practical remedy for climate change.

Why Human Evolution Is a Fact

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There is little doubt that evolution happens, or that humans are products of evolution by natural selection.

Problems with "A God Problem"

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There is no incoherence in the notion of a perfect God. When understood with sufficient precision and detail, 'the idea of God that most Westerners accept' is coherent.

Democrats Finally Acknowledging Secular Voters

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Nonreligious voters have long been a solid Democratic voting bloc, but the party has rarely acknowledged it. As the demographic has grown, that is changing.

Religious Pluralism and Religious Relativism

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Just because there are diverse religious beliefs, it does not follow that religious belief is mere subjective preference or opinion.

Religious Reasoning for a Secular State

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Many religious people see secularism as evil, but there are good reasons for religious people to support a secular society.

Colbert vs. Sessions: Who's Right?

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Jeff Sessions cites scripture to justify immigration policy, but does it really make sense to cite scripture to refute him?

Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity

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Book at Lunchtime, Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity Thomas Aquinas on Bodily Identity is a study of the union of matter and the soul in the human being in the thought of the Dominican Thomas Aquinas. At first glance this issue might appear arcane, but it was at the centre of polemic with heresy in the thirteenth century and at the centre of the development of medieval thought more broadly. The book argues that theological issues, especially the need for an identical body to be resurrected at the end of time, but also considerations about Christ's crucifixion and saints' relics, were central to Aquinas's account of how human beings are constituted. The book explores in particular how theological questions and concerns shaped Aquinas's thought on individuality and personal and bodily identity over time, his embryology and understanding of heredity, his work on nutrition and bodily growth, and his fundamental conception of matter itself. It demonstrates, up-close, how Aquinas used his peripatetic sources, Aristotle and (especially) Averroes, to frame and further his own thinking in these areas. The book also indicates how Aquinas's thought on bodily identity became pivotal to university debates and relations between the rival mendicant orders in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, and that quarrels surrounding these issues persisted into the fifteenth century.

How Trump is Improving (and Ruining) Science Fiction

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While Trump is making many past science fiction stories newly relevant, he is also making their happy endings less believable.