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Just added to my radio archive (click on date for link):

November 29, 2018 Adam Kotsko, author of Neoliberalism’s Demons, on the doctrine’s theology • Kristen Ghodsee, author of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism, on how socialist–feminism will make us better and happier

How Queer Theory Became University Policy

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by Michael Biggs, [edited by Sarah Mills], via Conatus News The establishment of an official doctrine on gender identity is an unprecedented threat to academic freedom. Sex and gender should be subjects for debate. My university has recently established an official doctrine on gender, promulgated by its Equality and Diversity Unit. The University of Oxford declares that sex is not determined at conception but rather ‘assigned’ at birth, presumably on the whim of the midwife or obstetrician. Sex must be replaced for all practical purposes by an individual’s sense of gender identity, which may be chosen from a lengthy menu including nonbinary and genderqueer. Oxford is not peculiar, for the same doctrine is being instituted across British universities. This doctrine is derived from queer theory, an outgrowth of postmodernism. To understand how this esoteric discourse became the new orthodoxy, we need to follow the work of Gendered Intelligence, the charitable interest company that translates queer theory into public policy. Its chief executive is Jay Stewart MBE, a transman with a doctorate in Visual Cultures from …

Why We Have Sex

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Marriage, Sex

Sexuality is about a lot more than reproduction. For our species, by far the most sex happens in contexts where conception is impossible.

Why You Won’t Talk About Sexual Issues With Your Partner

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Intimacy issues are difficult to discuss, but they’re also among the most important conflicts that couples need to resolve.

Some Fatherly Advice

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Sex, Children, Feminism

Stop sexualizing kids by trying to teach them sex ed!

The Love Addiction Quiz

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Relationships, Sex

Is your relationship addictive? Here are some criteria with which to explore the question.

Pleasing Your Partner Is Half the Fun

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Relationships are happiest when you make efforts to meet your partner’s needs, trusting they’ll meet yours in return.

Putting the Sex in Sexagenarian

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Sexual desire decreases with age, but physical intimacy is still an important aspect of life even as we grow old.

Is Hook-Up Culture Dominating College Campuses?

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Hooking up is nothing new for college students. Only the technology for finding casual sex partners has changed.

Male Contraception is Coming Soon

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Researchers joke that male birth control is always 10 years away — but clinical trials are finally happening.