Prepare for waves – of redundancies for sure and in all probability Covid-19

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We seem to have voted in a government that thinks its duties include the right to pillage society and its people. The may not be quite as bad as King John but everyone is definitely supposed to be aware that human worth has its market price. The people are all supposed to be prepared to... Read more

Protestors criticised for looting business without forming Private Equity firm first

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I loved this headline from the American satirical website “The Onion” It concerns the rather unsurprising discontent in Minneapolis following what looks to be a police arrest using deathly force. Interestingly it seems that fires in the disorder were contained rather than extinguished by the fire brigade – seemingly as further protest. But the short,... Read more

Eye test in progress…

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Harvesting other people’s debts should not be a business model

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Crises tend to reveal unacknowledged truths. In 2008, we learned that the majority of the financial wizards we had been taught to treat with awe for the previous two decades were, in fact, little more than scam artists — and rather clumsy ones, at that. The coronavirus, and resulting lockdowns, is teaching us an even... Read more

PM Cummings in complete control

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Michael Gove has told LBC he has ‘on occasion’ driven to check his eyesight, but the Minister said he was ‘not an authority on driving.’ But he doesn’t believe in experts so why on earth does that matter? Perhaps, driving whilst checking your eyesight – it is of course only a mere suggestion – is... Read more

Government Employee Eye-Test Slide (1970s)

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We may be on the money – towards a common outlook

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I have been contributing to a ‘Positive Money’ paper on the Covid-19 consequences. I have no idea if it will be accepted but I thought it would be interesting to discover how they are becoming much more ‘government money creation’ friendly! Indeed I think they suggest that they probably always have been (and, actually who... Read more

Lost property: moral compass

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I think it appropriate to add this screen shot of a civil service tweet – since. of course, deleted ( I’m told it lasted only ten minutes but got 33,000 retweets) – that went up very soon after Johnson’s lying press conference today, which showed contempt for the rule of law, never mind contempt for... Read more

If the rich knew what tax was for they might actually appreciate it…

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This shortish piece (below in quotation marks) arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago after somebody had viewed the excellent ‘Money for Nothing’ video. “Three questions: Why doesn’t the Labour Party explicitly adopt this approach [that money is created out of thin air and we spend and tax in fact] to tax and... Read more

Understanding the Right Wing mind – William Hague

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Here is yet another article in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ – I know – people will think I read nothing else! Which is probably why I chose – just in case – to add this piece to our series on understanding the Right Wing mind. If Johnson is the after-dinner speaker as Prime Minister, then I... Read more