Central Banks, Technocratic Power, and the Fear of Democracy

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Jacqueline Best has an interesting new article that starts with catchy and provocative analogy and then presents thought-provoking discussion and arguments: “What do border guards and central bankers have in common? Both operate, on a day-to-day basis, in political spaces exempt … Continue reading →

NSW Government To Demolish Luna Park To Build World’s Largest Pokies Machine

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The NSW Government has announced today that Luna Park situated on the harbour at Milsons point will be bulldozed and replaced with the World’s largest Pokies machine.

“We’ve listened to the people of Sydney and realised that this city doesn’t need a theme park with it’s rides and fun it needs something the whole family can do together and that’s gamble,” said NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. “The giant Pokies machine will accommodate a 1,000 gamblers at a time and have a multi-story car park for the kids to relax in.”

“Also the Pokies machine will be themed with a silent disco so as to not to upset the local residents. All gamblers will be given a free headset and they can chose to listen to such popular tones as ‘Queen of The Nile’ or ‘Bonus Free 25 games.'”

When asked whether the State has an issue with problem gambling the Premier replied: “The only problem we have is if people stop gambling. I tell you gambling revenue and stamp duty is what makes this State great.”

Mark Williamson

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Planners Decide On “Siberian Mining City” Look For Sydney

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Planning NSW and Australia’s biggest property developers have announced their new plan for Sydney, with a motif based upon the thriving mining metropolises of the Siberian tundra.

“The look we’re going for is one we call Novosibirsk with ibises,” said Kyle Woodstain, the Minister For Packing People In Like Pringles Chips In A Can. “I don’t normally have much time for the godless communists but you’ve got to hand it to them when it came to creating joyless windswept communities filled with juvenile delinquents and roving gangs of feral cats.”

“We’ve deliberately designed Sydney in a way that will create thousands of jobs,” said the planning consultant Philippa Corinthian. “Admittedly most of these jobs will involve scraping red smears off the sides of buildings that used to be pedestrians before random gusts of wind picked them up and slammed them into the walls.”

Fresh from a fact finding tour of Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Norilsk, the town planners raved about the possibilities of bulldozing all residences that contain a grain of charm and replacing them with barren courtyards, cheerless roundabouts and gardens full of spiky leaved shrubbery.

“Sydney has a space problem and one way to solve that is to deprive children of sunlight so they grow up smaller,” said property developer Hamish Espieff. “Look, have you ever seen an unhappy sardine? No, me either.”

Peter Green

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Gramsci on the State, the Proprietorial Class, and the Sovereign Laws of Capitalism

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“In the sphere of general capitalist activity, even the worker operates on the plane of free competition, is a citizen-individual. But the starting conditions of the struggle are not equal for all, at the same time: the existence of private … Continue reading →

Vic Govt Urged to Increase NDIS Funding

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