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“Doctor Who” Series 12: So Who Exactly IS Goran Višnjić Playing? Our Thoughts…

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Goran Višnjić is establishing himself as a mainstay in genre TV shows these days. He has appeared in recent fan favourite shows like Timeless, The Santa Clarita Diet, the upcoming second season of The Boys, and now the upcoming series of Doctor Who. He and veteran actor Robert Glenister are both joining BBC‘s Series 12, along with Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry.

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For Višnjić, it’s about what it means to go from fan to family member: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Doctor Who, so when the offer to play one of my favorite people in history came, it made me so happy to be part of the show and it turned into this awesome, dream job!”

Executive producer Matt Strevens believes it is a testament to the show that actors of Višnjić’s caliber want to be a part of it:

“One of the great joys of Doctor Who are the legendary actors who want to come and join in the Doctor’s adventures. We were thrilled to welcome Goran and Robert, whose worked we’ve loved and admired for years. They create two iconic characters who are going to delight and entertain.”

So who is Višnjić going to play on the show?

I’m calling in some mindless speculation now:

He’s playing Nikola Tesla.

Višnjić said he was playing one of his favourite characters in history, so he’s not playing some anonymous made-up guy. It’s a historical episode. It’s got to be someone significant in history. Višnjić is from Croatia, and so was Tesla.

Tesla is one of the coolest and strangest people in history. He’s responsible for so many technological things we take for granted in our everyday lives. He also invented a lot of strange and wonderful things he never got a chance to make. He is a figure of endless speculation amongst Science Fiction writers. He’s a lot of people’s favourite historical figure. It would make sense for Višnjić to be playing his countryman whom he admires. And looks like it’ll be funny.

Hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll totally own it. If I’m right, then you read it here first. And it’s always fun to speculate.

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Our First Looks at Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry – and the Racnoss? Ten Thoughts About The Doctor Who Series 12 Trailer

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The new Doctor Who trailer is out. And while we wait for news or not news of a New Year’s Day episode, or a date beyond ‘Early 2020’ for more Doctor Who to come we do, at least, have a trailer. So what do we know? What can we guess at?

1. “The Name’s Doctor. The Doctor.”

Doctor Who

The similarities and differences in the way that James Bond and Doctor Who have presented Britain to the rest of the world over the years have been the source of many theses. But only one would ever pretend to be the other. Still, dig the tuxedo and the foreign climes. You’ll be in a casino sipping martini before midnight. But also, classically, a little bit of non-binary/queer coding. And they will know their classics.

2. “The Security Of This Entire Planet Is At Stake. Can We Rely On You?”

Doctor Who

Stephen Fry gets to be in Doctor Who. He was to have written an episode, but it didn’t work out, he has appeared in audios, and he kinda-of played a Time Lord in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, but now he has made it onto Doctor Who TV screen proper, in some kind of British government official, which lets face it, is the kind of role he plays best.

3. “Fro Jo Ko.” “What?”

Doctor Who

Plenty of familiar faces, as promised The Juddoon are back, with their own brand of Judge Dredd-like lawmaking. And Jonathan Hickman-style language.

4. “I Don’t Suppose You’ve Seen Anything Weird Around Here?”

Doctor Who

And there’s another one, of the Racnoss. The Racnoss Empress? Or another Racnoss dignitary?

Doctor Who

I mean that looks quite Racnoss-y too. We haven’t seen them since The Runaway Bride.

5. “Have I Got To Answer That?”

Doctor Who

Graham gets some nice new headgear. Suits you sir. The Doctor gets some as well…

Doctor Who

6. Lenny Henry Gets The Gun

Doctor Who

Sir Lenny Henry makes his first official Doctor Who appearance shooting at the Doctor despite, well, see all of Stephen Fry’s entry. Lenny Henry was also behind Neil Gaiman‘s Neverwhere and played a version of the Doctor in his own sketch show back in the eighties. Oh go on, let’s have that as well.

I mean, yes, it is very much of its time. But it still makes me laugh.

7. “Where Are We?” “Paris, 1943.” “Oh no.”

Doctor Who

Okay, so in the midst of the Occupation, people had begun to return to Paris. But then there were air raids from the Allies, the arrest and deportation of Jews and foreigners, and the forced departure to factories in Germany of many young Frenchmen. French fascist groups such as Vichy France were set up to fight the communist-led resistance. I can presume which side the Doctor will be on, but those air raids were rather non-discriminatory.

8. “Something’s Coming For Me.”

 She's the Doctor. Ring Any Bells? Series 12 Materializing "Early 2020"

Yup, it’s the Cybermen, there for the Doctor’s last regeneration. What has happened since?

Doctor Who

And now phasing through TARDIS doors. Will we get news of Missy/The Master as well?

9. The Birds.

Doctor Who

Fear them.

10. Coming Early 2020

Doctor Who

For a show all about time and space, they are really indeterminate about scheduling, aren’t they? Here’s the trailer and we are promised more before/during/after Strictly tonight on BBC1 as well.

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Tories Planning to Sell Out NHS to Trump

Mike covered this story a few days ago, but it’s another one that bears repeating: the Tories want to privatise the NHS and sell it off to American corporations.

This was revealed on Monday night’s Dispatches programme on Channel 4, broadcast at 8 pm. The description of the programme in that day’s I ran

Earlier this year, Donald Trump sparked a row when he said that the NHS would be “on the table” in any future trade talks between the UK and America – swiftly performing a U-turn over his comments. Now Antony Barnett shows that US drug giants are busy lobbying trade negotiators in Washington and London to make the health service pay more for their medicines and to ban cheaper alternatives.

This is another story which Mike covered on his blog, reproducing the tweets issued by Dispatches showing that there had been six secret meetings in both London and Washington about this, and that they began under Tweezer. See

This should come as no surprise. The Tories voted against Labour’s bill setting up the NHS, even after claiming that they welcomed it. A few years later under Harold Macmillan, the Tory Right tried to privatise it on the grounds that we could not afford it. And Thatcher wanted to privatise it, but was prevented by a cabinet revolt. Since then there has been an encroaching privatisation of the NHS by both the Tories and New Labour. It’s described in Ray Tallis’ book, NHS – SOS, and I’ve self-published a book on Lulu and a small desktop pamphlet discussing this. There have also been a series of short videos presented by Stephen Fry on YouTube against the Tory attempts to sell out our NHS to the Americans. In one of them, the former presenter of QI tells you that under the American private healthcare system, simply being taken to hospital in an ambulance can cost you £200. The Tories have been lying for years that the NHS is safe with them, but the truth is that they have consistently run it down, closing hospitals and A&E departments, all while claiming that they are doing no such thing. Or are actually going to reverse this policy. Remember when Dave Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith were running around protesting against Blair’s hospital closures when they were in opposition? Soon as Cameron got his foot in the front door of No. 10, that policy was reversed and they went on closing hospitals and outsourcing services to private healthcare companies.

You cannot trust the Tories with the NHS – not now, not ever. If you want to continue having a National Health Service that provides everyone in Britain with healthcare, free at the point of service, you have to vote for Corbyn and Labour.

If you vote for the Tories, you are voting for a private system, which will profit the big healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, but will be unaffordable to a large part of the British people. Can you afford private health insurance?


Labour Promises State Pharmaceutical Company to Guarantee Affordable Drugs

This is really going to drive the Tories and the private healthcare companies that are funding them and dictating policy on the NHS up the wall. According to today’s I for 25th September 2019, Jeremy Corbyn has declared that Labour would set up a state-owned pharmaceutical company to make sure everyone had access to affordable medicines. It’s discussed in the article ‘Corbyn vows to ‘put power back into the hands of the people’ by Nigel Morris on page 17. The article states

Jeremy Corbyn announced that Labour would would set up a state-owned pharmaceutical company to provide cheaper life-saving medicines to all patients regardless of their wealth.

Insisting that the “tide is turning” against the Conservatives, he urged activists to prepare for an election victory that would “put the power back into the hands of the people.”

The Labour leader, whose address was brought forward 24 hours following the Supreme Court judgment on the Prime Minister’s decision to close parliament, won cheers as he denounced pharmaceutical companies which deny vital medicines to ill patients by charging extortionate prices.

And he promised that Labour would redesign the system to “serve public health, not private health” by ensuring all patients had access to generic versions of patented medicines.

Mr Corbyn cited the case of nine-year old with cystic fibrosis, Luis Walker, who is denied the drug he needs because its manufacturer refuses to provide it at a modest price. “Luis, and tens of thousands of others suffering from illnesses like cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C and breast cancer, are being denied life-saving medicines by a system that puts profits for share-holders before people’s lives,” he said.

This is excellent, but it’s really going to rile Trump and his attempts to get his hand on Britain’s NHS. The exorbitant prices charged by the pharmaceutical industry is a continuing scandal in America. A few years ago, Martin Shkreli, the head of one of the American drug companies, found himself vilified when it was revealed that under him his company and massively increased a drug used to treat AIDS to several hundred dollars per tablet from only a couple of dollars. The reason? He didn’t want it bought by poor Indians. The American private healthcare system is such an expensive sham that one of the campaign groups put a video about it up on YouTube, narrated by Stephen Fry. This opened by revealing that in America, simply calling an ambulance can get you charged $200 +. The whole point of the video was to warn people about the dangers to the NHS posed by the Fuhrage and the Brexit party. Farage is in favour of introducing private healthcare, like America. And Trump wants to get his mitts on the NHS. One of the things that annoys him about the NHS, quite apart from the fact that it’s supposed to provide free healthcare, is that it also acts at the moment to stop the American pharmaceutical companies charging what they like. Farage, of course, isn’t the only right-winger to hate the NHS. So do the Tories and the Blairites. They’re just quieter about it.

The only people you can trust with the NHS is Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

The article also mentioned some of the other policies Labour were putting forward, stating that Corbyn had received standing ovation after standing ovation for them. In the words of the article, Corbyn

vowed to repeal Thatcherite trade union legislation, introduce a £10 an hour living wage, nationalise railways, mail, water and the National Grid, and trigger a “record investment blitz ” in the UK’s infrastructure.

The Labour leader denounced Boris Johnson as part of “an elite that disdains democracy” who was not fit to be in Downing Street and demanded his resignation.

All absolute correct. And you can see how much the Tories disdain democracy by the frenzied denunciations of the 11 Supreme Court judges by the Tory press. Who really can’t stand the fact that we live in a constitutional country, governed by the rule of law, rather than the arbitrary whim of an unelected populist leader. Like Putin. Or Boris as he’d like to be.

We definitely need Corbyn to be put in No. 10. The health of our people, and the prosperity of our country, and the security of our democracy absolutely depends on it.