Why is Theresa May still Prime Minister?

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Theresa May's government has a strong argument for being the worst in the history of our democracy. So why is it allowed to continue?

Brexit: Chasing Their Tails

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More Brexit dithering, but at higher velocities.

Resolution - Final Ratings

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Ratings, UK

 BBC/James Pardon)
Doctor Who: Resolution had an official rating of 7.13 million viewers, according to figures released by the Broadcasting Research Audience Board, BARB.

6.95 million watched the episode on a conventional TV set. However the BARB 4-Screen Dashboard shows that an additional 73,000 watched on their PC, 54,000 watched on a Tablet device and 44,000 watched on a smartphone These figures make Doctor Who the 14th most watched programme of the week ending 6th January.

Top for the week was the New Year Fireworks on BBC One getting 12.27 million watching.

The final rating is the lowest consolidated rating for a Christmas/New Year special since the series returned in 2005.

Resolution had an Appreciation Index score of 80

Doctor Who News

Brexit: Chaos

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Despite May's epic Brexit loss, she's still barely changed her course of action.

Discuss: Brexit deal vote looms

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Tonight, any time now, the UK Parliament will vote on whether or not accept Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit "deal" with the EU. The deal, which essentially keeps us in the EU without any democratic say in how it's run, has achieved the startling feat of displeasing everyone, remainers and leavers, from both left and right. The vote is expected to be a grim defeat for May.

Peoples Assembly Election Carnival: Leftist "Yellow Vests" show their true colours

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On 5 January demonstrators wearing yellow vests assembled in London to demand a ‘hard’ Brexit that will fulfil their nationalist fantasies. In reality that will not happen because it runs so sharply against the interests of the ruling class both in Britain and elsewhere in the European Union.

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The Dallaire Genocide Fax: A Fabrication

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by Christopher Black, April 8 2018, via The Rwandan I first wrote this in 2005 and it was published by Sanders Research Associates in the UK. Since then the information in it has been deliberately ignored by writers in Canada and the US (apart from David Peterson and Ed Herman who supported me in my fight with the New York Times to get the truth out, and Mick Collins) who write on the subject and to whom I have sent this information and of course by the major media. Even those willing to criticise Dallaire on some level seem to want to protect him on this. I have the copy of the fabricated fax as sent into the UN for anyone to see and I have the transcripts of the cross-examination of the Belgian Army  Colonel Claeys during which it was shown to be a forgery by the British Army. Why writers and media continue to ignore the facts they will have to explain. But such, shall we say, negligence seems to be normal these …

The Orwell quotes right-wingers never mention

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If you’ve ever expressed a political view to the left of Tony Blair, chances are you’ve been met with a response along the lines of: ‘Haven’t you ever read any Orwell?’ The irony of this statement is usually in how little Orwell that person has actually read.

When I joined the militia I had promised myself to kill one Fascist — after all, if each of us killed one they would soon be extinct

George Orwell

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Dad’s Army’s cover blown

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A formidable and secret UK government-funded anti-Russian StratCom (strategic communication) enterprise, its cover having recently been embarrassingly blown, now presents itself as a bumbling Dad’s Army outfit. But don’t be fooled: this pussycat is a tiger. Tony Kevin This published-sources-based story has been around for a few weeks but has so far gone completely unreported in Australian media: which is odd, because it is in my opinion quite an important foreign affairs story for Australia. A lengthy set of files, made up of downloaded (or hacked) Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft papers, was published online in late November by British contrarian writer Tim Hayward, as a ‘working file in progress’, under the title ‘Briefing note on the Integrity Initiative’, with authors Paul McKeigue, David Miller, Jake Mason, and Piers Robinson (who call themselves the ‘Working Group on Syria Propaganda and Media’). The URL is here. The authors introduce their set of papers as follows: A close examination of past and present posts held by individuals associated with the Integrity Initiative indicates that [TK- British] …

Brexit: Circling the Drain

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The latest chapter in the Brexit shaggy dog story.