Today is Grey but the Future Looks Black

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New year, old music, from a well-known score sheet played out by... the Left. A "Left" that’s not ashamed to dress itself up in populist clothes, worn in the service of state capital on the understanding that this is the way to open up markets as a "progressive realisation of the patriotic ideal and the concept of nationhood". In the name, of course, of the people and the "concept of community" as understood by those who are ready to recite the hidden virtues of a renewed "capital-socialism".

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The Drums of War in the Gulf

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The article which follows is taken from the new edition of Revolutionary Perspectives (#14) which is just out. It was obviously written before the events which followed the British Navy’s seizure of the Iranian tanker, the Grace 1, off the coast of Gibraltar, but the substance of the analysis has not changed.

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USA: Overview of Auto Workers' Strike

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The article here, from our ICT affiliate in the United States, evaluates the longest strike by US car workers in a decade. After six weeks, members of the United Auto Workers voted for the union’s deal with General Motors.

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DISCUSS: Iran Admit to Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Flight

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Earlier today, President Rouhanie of Iran formally admitted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps had shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet leaving Tehran a few days ago. Speculation has been rampant, but here are the alleged facts of the case, at this time: In the early hours of the 8th January, Iran launched missiles at …

The US Attack on Baghdad

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Let's cut through the media fog and get to the point. The American attack in Baghdad which killed 10 people, including two Iranian politicians and Qassem Suleimani, a strong man of the Iranian regime, poses a series of problems to which we should give precise answers, even if based for now only on piecemeal information.

With poverty increasingly widespread, an ecological disaster looming, this sword of Damocles will hover over the head of the working class until that head decides to say “enough” to it all.

Battaglia Comunista

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How can the US lecture China on the rights of Muslims?

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Andre Vltchek In 2019, I wrote a long analysis about “the Uygur issue”; analysis which will be soon published as a book. For some time, I have been warning the world that the West, and the United States in particular, are helping to radicalize the Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province and outside. And not only that: …

Strikes & Chokepoints Workshop, San Francisco Zinn Bookfair, 8 Dec 2019

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The dispersed system of global production, united by supply chains stretching across the planet, has not only integrated our world but made capitalism more vulnerable to disruption. This workshop will identify and map potential choke points, exposing vulnerabilities where struggles could possibly circulate globally through acts of working class solidarity.

They are not all organized, but then they would not all have to say ‘No’: just enough of them, acting in concert, at vital points in the chain.”

JoAnn Wypijewski

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'Living and Dying on the Factory Floor’ - by Dave Ranney

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This book is a thoughtful and easy-to-read account of the author's experiences in various industrial workplaces in the US in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Dave's book, as part of this wider historical and political context, is a valuable and enjoyable contribution to the realities of day-to-day struggle. We recommend you get yourself a copy!

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Awkward Moment As Clinton And Prince Andrew Hit Squads Arrive At Same Time To Kill Jeffrey Epstein

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Prince Andrew

An embarrassing faux pas led to the assassination squads arranged by both Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton arriving at the same time at Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell to carry out the hit, an inquiry has been told.

“It was really awkward and led to some tense negotiations over who had first dibs,” said former SAS special operative Barclay “Snuffy” Smythe from the Prince Andrew squad. “Prince Philip had gotten the old gang back together from the Princess Diana job and we were all looking forward to a good old fashioned silencing of someone who’d rubbed up the palace the wrong way when we came across these American chappies in the corridor who had pretty much the same intentions.”

“We went scissors, paper, rock… or rather scissors, paper, rock spider… over who got the job,” said Colonel Mike “Bloodguts” Reilly from the Clinton squad. “We weren’t going to let no god-damn brits take the glory and luckily we won. I’ve had the whole crew from the Vince Foster job in training for months.”

It was also revealed that a hit squad put together by Donald Trump had mistakenly descended upon James Buchanan High School in an effort to assassinate Juan Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter.

Peter Green

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Corporate Mammon: Amazon and the Seattle Council Elections

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Binoy Kampmark An enduring US political tradition was in evidence in Seattle recently.  Amazon had decided that the city council elections would be too important to leave alone.  Seattle was their city after all. The aim of the company was much in keeping with the manor lord who prosecutes keen poachers: fund pro-business candidates sympathetic …