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How Trump’s Attempted Coup Could Still Succeed

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The former president’s attempted coup is not stopping. He still refuses to concede and continues to...

Why Aren’t Biden and the Democrats Going All Out for Democracy?

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You’d think President Biden and the Democratic Party leadership would do everything in their power...

Report Card: Six Months Into Biden’s Presidency

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Joe Biden has a good chance of getting America back to where it was before the pandemic. Covid-19 is...

What Does Patriotism Really Mean? Real patriotism is about...

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What Does Patriotism Really Mean?

Real patriotism is about paying taxes proportional to your wealth; paying your workers a living wage; ending the filibuster to protect voting rights; and reckoning with — not whitewashing — how racial oppression has shaped the nation, and taking restorative action to repair harm.

The Beginning of the End of Democracy as We Know It?

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On Sunday, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced in an oped in the Charleston Gazette-Mail...

The Beginning of the End of Democracy as We Know it?

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voting rights

This morning, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced in the Charleston Gazette-Mail that he’s a...

Punish the Voting Rights Villains

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Photo credit: Lightspring / _____ In April, pundits feasted on the U.S. Census Bureau’s announcement of state population figures...

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Democrats are Running Out of TimeThe political window of...

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Democrats are Running Out of Time
The political window of opportunity for Joe Biden and Democrats to deliver on their promises to the American people and pass the legislation the country needs, could close at any time. 

We must understand how rare it is that the Senate and the House and the presidency are all under the control of the Democratic Party.

That’s happened in only 4 of the past 28 years

The Democrats’ current Senate majority would end with the shift of a single seat from Democrats to the Republicans. That could happen even during this session of Congress. In 27 of the 38 Congresses since World War II, the party in control of the Senate has changed during the session.

Not to be morbid, but we also need to consider that this Senate has six Democratic senators, over the age of 70, who are from states where a Republican governor would be free to replace them with a Republican should a vacancy occur.

Five other Democratic senators are from states in which a Democratic vacancy would go unfilled for months until a special election was held to fill the seat — which itself would hand the G.O.P. control of the Senate at least until that special election.

It would be foolish to count on the Democrats increasing their numbers in the Senate or the House in the midterm elections of 2022. The president’s party rarely, if ever, picks up more seats during midterm elections. The last time a Democratic president has not lost Democratic seats in Congress in his first midterm election was 1934.

Meanwhile, state Republicans — who, not incidentally, control a majority of state governments — are proposing an avalanche of bills to make it harder for likely Democratic constituencies to vote, including people of color, young people, and low-income people. Some states, like Georgia, have already put these voter suppression measures into place.

And with these state Republicans in control of the upcoming once-in-a-decade redistricting process, we could see even more gerrymandering in these states — meaning an even greater likelihood that Republicans gain ground in the House.

If Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to accomplish what a majority of Americans want them to — such as raising the minimum wage, expanding health care, strengthening unions, raising taxes on big corporations and the wealthy, providing free public higher education, and strengthening voting rights with the For the People Act — they’ve got to get it done, now. 

That means Democrats have to get rid of the Senate filibuster and stop worrying about bipartisanship. 

The window of opportunity is already tiny. And it’s closing fast.

Is Corporate America Rebuking the Republican Party?

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Photo Credit: Eric Kilby/Wikimedia Commons _____ The Republican outrage over Major League Baseball moving the All-Star game out of Georgia...

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Racism in America

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Slavery is our nation’s original sin; the treatment of people of color a blot on the history of a country “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Here, a variety of Moyers conversations with Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Maya Angelou, David Simon, and others offer a useful primer on the history of racism in the United States and its continuing impact. Continue reading

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