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‘I’ Report on Petition to End MPs’ Free Meals

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/10/2020 - 9:35pm in

Yesterday I put up a YouTube video by Carl Vernon, in which he criticised MPs for voting against free school meals for children while having their own meals subsidised in parliament’s restaurants. It seems that he wasn’t the only person incensed at this hypocrisy. Others are too. One of them, Portia Lawrie, has organised a petition calling for the subsidised meals to end. And nearly 900,000 people have signed it.

Yesterday’s I for 26th October 2020 carried an article about it by Sam Hall, entitled ‘Petition calls for end to MPs ‘free lunches”. This runs

More than 865,000 people have signed a petition demanding an end to “subsidized” meals for MPs after Parliament voted against extending free school meals for underprivileged children.

MPs are currently allowed to eat and drink in restaurants and bars on the parliamentary estate which, while not directly subsidized, run at a loss.

This means that public money is effectively spent subsidizing the overall catering operation.

The petition, started by Portia Lawrie, stated: “MPs have voted against extending free school meals into the holidays for the poorest children in teh UK in the middle of a pandemic.

“They should under no circumstances benefit from free subsidized meals out of public funds themselves.”

The public are furious, and the longer Johnson and his gang of crooks and murders continue to deny hungry children free meals, that anger will only increase. If the Tories aren’t careful, this could become another expenses scandal. That, however, affected all MPs.

This will just affect the Tories. No wonder they’re trying to deflect blame and criticism with mendacious accusations of abuse and racism.

Capacitivo smart fabric

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 27/10/2020 - 6:13pm in



Capacitivo smart fabric

Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker Thought She Was Playing the Doctor "Wrong"

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 26/10/2020 - 7:05am in

While fans await word on when the Doctor Who "Revolution of the Daleks" holiday special will grace their screens as well as any production news on Series 13, series star Jodie Whittaker is opening up about what it was like during her early days with the series. During a conversation with Guy Garvey on the […]

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Is the UK out of control?

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 23/10/2020 - 5:26pm in

A rating agency thinks that the UK is out of control and that's a reason for them to downgrade UK government debt.

Right now the immediate implications of that are not at all clear: other factors are dominating interest rates. This could, then, be dismissed as of no consequence. I disagree. Whilst there are good reasons for thinking that rating agencies have got many things wrong in the past, not least in connection with the global financial crisis of 2008, the fact that one can now say that the quality of political decision-making and governance within the UK create sufficient grounds for reduced confidence in our debt is a matter of considerable significance. I explain why in this video:

Staged: David Tennant, Michael Sheen Lockdown Comedy Gets S02 Preview

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 23/10/2020 - 7:33am in

Staged is probably the one truly successful new BBC TV series pitched, produced, and about the lockdown. Its premise is simple: it follows actors David Tennant and Michael Sheen in lockdown as they bicker and fail to get on with rehearsing a play through zoom. It's the kind of show only the BBC would make […]

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The UK’s in a total mess. Rewriting the Bank of England’s mandate might be a good place to start if we want to begin putting it right

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 21/10/2020 - 5:07pm in

Some people say that words don’t matter.

Others might say that playing around with them might not change much when we’re in a total mess.

But I would disagree.

Words are there at times of crisis to say what really matters to us.

The Bank of England’s mandate is the only real summary of economic policy that the U.K. has. And it says that all that matters is the prevention of the wealth of a few being depleted by inflation.

That never was a basis for running an economic policy.

It most certainly is not what we need now.

In this video I argue for an alternative.

And yes, I think a few words would make all the difference now.


Manchester is right: people cannot live on next to nothing and lockdown when the government’s got the means to pay

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 20/10/2020 - 4:57pm in

I recorded this yesterday. It’s a more political video than most I have done. But that’s because I am angry with the government. And I think Manchester is right to challenge it over coronavirus lockdowns.

You simply cannot tell people to lockdown and force them into real financial hardship. That won’t work. It cannot work.

And what’s more it’s also completely unnecessary because the money to pay people in lockdown is readily available, which means that by not paying it the government is choosing to impose poverty on people. Of course Manchester is right to oppose that.

The tax gap: why HMRC has always seriously underestimated it

Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 16/10/2020 - 4:14pm in

The Public Accounts Committee has published a new report on HM Revenue and Custom’s tax gap estimates this morning. As I will note  in a separate post, they are deeply critical, but not wholly for the same reasons that I am.

One issue that the PAC did not pick up on was that HMRC has admitted that their whole model for estimating the tax gap is flawed. I call that a big deal. I address the issue in this video, made before I saw the PAC report:

In summary, the case is a simple one, and one I have long made. HMRC has used a US model for estimating the tax gap. So, they sample some tax returns and find errors and then extrapolate that error rate across all the tax returns that they get.

The model works in the USA because everyone has to submit a tax return.

Only about a third of tax payers in the U.K. have to submit tax returns. And HMRC make the absurd assumption that those who do not submit tax returns - whether they are individuals, or the very large number (almost the majority) of companies that do not do so - make no mistakes in their returns as the have no income to declare.

That assumption makes no sense at all. In fact, not requiring returns is    a mechanism perfectly designed to help the evader and is bound to increase the tax gap.

The assumption HMRC has used by adopting a US model does not work then.

And that is why I have always suggested that there is very strong evidence that HMRC has substantially under-estimated the tax gap. I think it may be three times their own estimate, which is implausibly small and so persistently stated that its credibility is very low.

Paul Joseph Watson Refutes Black Lives Matter

Paul Joseph Watson is another right-wing Youtuber. He used to be bonkers conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones’ British buddy on Infowars, before he split with him and returned to Blighty. Leaving Jones to peddle his overpriced quack health supplements and mad ideas about the globalists running the world on behalf of demonic aliens, Obama and Hillary Clinton being demonic alien cyborgs set on imprisoning Americans in FEMA camps alone. Like Carl Benjamin, he’s also responsible for breaking UKIP. He entered the party along with Mark ‘Nazi pub’ Meechan. And the rest of the party, who really didn’t want to look like a bunch of racists, left in response.

But despite his extreme right-wing views and his opposition to immigration, I really don’t think it’s fair to call Watson a racist. And he does have a point about Black Lives Matter. BLM is centred around the perception that Black people are more likely to be killed by the cops than Whites, and that the police are institutionally racist. But this isn’t born out by the statistics.

Five years ago in May 2015 Watson posted this video, ‘Racist Facts White People Daren’t Talk About’ on his YouTube channel. He cites official government, police, FBI and academic statistics to show that Blacks aren’t killed by the cops more than Whites. But they do have more encounters with the rozzers because they disproportionately commit more violent crime.

He begins the video by showing that half of the police officers responsible for killing Freddy Gray, which set up of the Baltimore riots, were Black. But this fact is ignored. Black Lives Matter is about exploiting White guilt while ignoring the real causes of confrontations between Blacks and police.

Blacks commit disproportionately more violent crime than Whites. Blacks constitute just 13 per cent of the American population but commit half of all homicides. Department of Justice statistics from 1980 to 2008 show that Blacks were responsible for 52 per cent of all homicides compared to 48 per cent by Whites. FBI statistics for 2013 show that Blacks committed 38 per cent of murders compared to 31 per cent of Whites. From 2011 to 2013 38.5 per cent of those arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault were Black. Young Black men between the ages of 15 to 34, who comprise just 3 per cent of the American population, are responsible for the proportion of these crimes from Black people listed above.

Whites, on the other hand, are twice as likely to be killed by the cops. Data from the Centre for Disease Control from 1999 to 2011 show that 2,151 Whites were shot by the police, compared to 1,130 Blacks. But as Blacks commit the same numbers of offences as Whites, then the numbers of Blacks shot should also be equal.

He also presents evidence to show that Blacks are far more like to commit crimes against Whites than the reverse. He claims that Blacks are eight times more likely to commit crimes against Whites than Whites are against Blacks. He cites FBI stats from 2007 that state that Black males were 40 per cent more likely to assault Whites as the reverse. And interracial rape is almost wholly Black on White.

He quotes the academics James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein , who stated in 1985 that the higher rates of crime amongst Black Americans cannot be denied, even allowing for discrimination in the justice system. Every official statistic shows Blacks overrepresented people arrested and imprisoned for street crimes.

And Blacks are more likely to be involved in violent confrontations with the police. Here Watson makes the point that this does not justify police brutality, but it does refute the BLM allegation that the cops are racist or solely brutal towards Blacks.

This raises the issue of whether Blacks are unfairly targeted and framed by the police. This allegation is debunked by looking at offenders described as Black by the victims. The number of Blacks arrested correlates with the numbers of perps described as Black by their victims.

Watson also goes on to consider the factors responsible for the greater incidence of criminality in the Black community. Poverty is one factor responsible for disproportionately predisposing Blacks towards violent crime, exacerbated by family breakdown. But there is also the problem that there is an element in Black subculture that actively celebrates criminality. This is encouraged by the White liberal media. After the Baltimore riots the media justified the violence directed against Black owned businesses. This is racist, and it leads to more police brutality.

He states that police brutality is a problem in the US. But the real problem is the violent criminality in the Black community. But until this becomes part of the national conversation the real, underlying issues will not be resolved. He concludes that by keeping silent about this, Black leaders and White liberals are responsible for maintaining a vicious cycle of violence.

Obviously this is very controversial stuff. There have been complaints and campaigns for decades about the reporting of crimes committed by Blacks to prevent the automatic association of Blacks with criminality and violence. This has now got to the point where many people assume that a perp must be Black, if his race is not mentioned in any news reports as there are obviously no such delicacies about the reporting of crimes by Whites. 20 years ago this resulted in a reversal of racial prejudices. A poll of the British public taken about then found that White youths were the most distrusted section of the British populace.It’s undoubtedly true that Blacks have been the victims of massive discrimination and prejudice by Whites down the centuries. Highly discriminatory legislation was put in place to keep them down and segregated after the abolition of slavery in America. And there was considerable, vicious racism against them over here. I’ve Black friends, who’ve had terrible experiences.

Black Lives Matter’s assertion that police are prejudiced against Blacks also has a basis in fact. The police were, but I don’t think it’s true so much now. As I’ve said in previous articles, I’ve had relatives and friends in the police who very definitely weren’t. And this ingrained prejudice against the police has caused terrible misperceptions of intent when the cops have gone to help Black people. Years ago back in the 1990s I was on a sociology course as part of a postgraduate degree I wanted to do on British Islam. The lecturer told us that we had to be aware how our views of events didn’t necessary match those of others. One of these examples was a case in America, where a Black woman collapsed in the street. Two White cops went to help her, but other Blacks automatically assumed that they were attacking her and an angry crowd gathered. This was an instance where Black prejudice against the police, which I don’t doubt came from previous experience, was actively harming them by preventing the rozzers from helping that poor woman.

Watson has the attitude that the liberals and the media are keeping silent about the real reasons for Black confrontation with the police, as they wish to keep them dependent on the state. This is the usual conservative nonsense about welfare dependency. I think one of the reasons Britain did not have the same level of violent crime until the last couple of decades or so was because we had a functioning welfare state, or at least some semblance of one, which meant that in the absence of properly paid work people weren’t faced with the choice of robbing or selling drugs to keep body and soul together.

I’m not great fan of Watson, and certainly don’t share his arch-Tory, Brexiteer opinions. But I think that the facts are behind him in this case. And this does need to be recognised, because without it nothing will change.

Even if it discredits Black Lives Matter’s essential assertion that more Blacks are killed by police.

Cash flow is king, and business is going to run out of it

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Economics, YouTube

Businesses are going to fail in the coming months. And the reason is that they are going to run out of cash. It’s always the killer. I explain why, here.