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Rachel Reeves needs a new economic narrative to break the fear of deficits and debt 24th November 2023 To observe the basic thinking behind Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement on 22 November, and how Rachel Reeves will respond, is to find that the Chancellor and his shadow inhabit the same mental universe. They both aim to … Continue reading Marx and Keynes can free Labour from its budget bind
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They will see the promise—it is incumbent on us to alert them to the threat, or humanity will perish 14th November 2023 My new book, The Machine Age, is an ambitious—possibly overambitious—attempt to understand the human condition at this moment in time, through the prism of our relationship with machinery.  The book is structured around three … Continue reading What we should tell our grandchildren about AI
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  THE Coffs Senior Computer Club are celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a mini expo to be held on Monday 14 August. Club president Fay Rollands told News Of The Area, “Everything you do has to be on the computer these days. “You have to go online, plus you have to learn extra things as...

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