FaiFCast and Upcoming Talks

Tue, 17/01/2012 - 20:15
Tue, 17/01/2012 - 20:15

This blog post is mostly just informational about a few oggcast releases and my upcoming talks and conference trips.

Today Karen Sandler and I released Episode 0x20 of the Free as in Freedom oggcast (available in ogg and mp3 formats). We discuss in that oggcast the issue of gender inequality in the software freedom community and in computing generally (which I made reference to in a blog post I wrote about a year ago.

I also forgot to note here in my blog when Episode 0x1F of the Free as in Freedom oggcast (available in ogg and mp3) was released. In that episode, Karen and I discussed the issue of legal discussion fora, which I mentioned in my blog last month.

This weekend, I'll be giving a talk entitled 12 Years of FLOSS License Compliance: A Historical Perspective at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) 10x. It's actually been 13 years now, so I suppose this will be the last time I give that talk. If you're curious to hear the talk, it's similar to one I gave at OSCON 2011, which was later an oggcast.

Finally, I wanted to note that the schedule for the Legal and Policy Issues DevRoom at FOSDEM 2012. My thanks in particular to Tom Marble, who did most of the work putting the track together, although Karen, Richard Fontana, and I helped, of course. :)