Two FaiF Episodes

Wed, 28/09/2011 - 18:25
Wed, 28/09/2011 - 18:25

I've not been particularly good at keeping up with this blog here, although I have generally kept up with the oggcast that I co-host with Karen Sandler, Free as in Freedom, which is released every two weeks.

Episode 0x18 was a recording of my OSCON 2011 talk, 12 Years of Compliance: A Historical Perspective, which may be of interest to those who enjoy hearing about stories of GPL enforcement. It's available in ogg and mp3, and the slides are available if you want to follow along while you listen.

Today's episode 0x19 (available as ogg or mp3) is a bunch of discussion about various topics. Karen talks about GNOME 3.2, I discuss various issues with the upgrade (in particular, the fact it still locks-in your data and won't let me export it), and the issue of UEFI so-called “secure” booting.

On the last point, I strongly recommend everyone look at Matthew Garrett's blog post about UEFI. I've not been completely happy with what Matthew has said since his initial post on the subject — it seems like he wants to find a way to support UEFI for GNU/Linux systems and I think we should refuse — but Matthew is pointing out that Microsoft is misleading people in its anti-software-freedom campaigns (like always).