Sat, 06/05/2023 - 19:20

I made it to Flora Day yesterday with my brother and nieces. An early start at my sisters place. The requisite downing of cock sucking cowboys along with numerous bloody mary’s got the show on the road. My sister is beloved by a fraternity of party people and Flora Day figures large on their calendar. Before lunch I had met, hugged and drank with more friends than I had in the past year.

Fri, 23/12/2022 - 12:51

I had to drop something to Re at work early on a Sunday morning. On the way home I thought I’d go sit in a cafe with my laptop like one of those fancy-shmancy people. I rarely do this but the house is a mess and I wanted to be alone with my thoughts for a bit.

Through the window I watched as a woman got up from one of the tables and came inside. She paused at the door before coming over to my table. Without looking at me she pulled up the chair next to me and sat beside me. On the table was todays Australian newspaper she picked it up and opened it to read. She was so close to me the pages fell over my laptop screen. Surprised, I looked at her but she did not seem to notice me despite having chosen to sit directly next to me at a large table with 8 other empty seats.

“Hi, how’re you going?”, I asked

She gave me a brief neutral look and continued to shuffle the pages of the newspaper across my laptop.

“Hey, do you mind, you’re a bit close.” Then to soften what I think may be misconstrued as rudeness I go on, “Are you on holiday?”