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¾ pound smoked salmonJuice of ½ lemonSalt and freshly ground black pepperFreshly grated nutmeg¼ pint single creamAspic jelly½ pint double cream, whipped2 egg whites, stiffly beaten1 packet frozen peas, cooked Chop ½ pound smoked salmon (reserving ¼ pound of the best pieces for garnish) and pound until smooth in a mortar with lemon juice and […]
Tue, 30/05/2023 - 15:31
ingredients: ½ pound spinach8 leeks, white parts only2 onions½ cup mushroomscelery stalks10 ounces bamboo shoots1 pound 5 ounces slightly marbled beefsteak3 Tablespoons peanut oil4 eggsFor the sauce:½ cup beef bouillon½ cup soy sauce4 teaspoons sake (Japanese rice wine) instructions: All preliminary steps of preparing the vegetables and sauce are done in the kitchen. The final […]
Mon, 22/05/2023 - 20:22
ingredients: 1 cup chick-peas1 pound carrots½ pound turnips1 small celery root2 onions1-2 pound chicken2 pounds mutton neck, boned breast or shoulder, cut into pieces4 tomatoes1 sprig thyme, or ½ teaspoon dried1 bay leaf2 cloves1 pinch saffron2 cups semolina3 cups salt water2 cups zucchini1 Tablespoon oil1 handful raisins (optional)1 teaspoon harissa sauce instructions: A vegetable steamer […]
Fri, 12/05/2023 - 09:31

Once again war is ripping apart the lives of millions. A capital city is under bombardment, dead bodies litter the streets while hospitals and markets burn. It has been left to ordinary people to organise medical supplies, find water and food and risk their lives under fire to keep basic infrastructure going.

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Is the third time the charm? Charles’s first coronation was at Gordonstoun school in November 1965, when he played Macbeth. There is a photograph in the Royal Collections of him in a get-up nearly as strange as those he is wearing at Westminster Abbey almost sixty years later, sporting a bad fake beard and what […]

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