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Opposition leader (for now) Peter Dutton has condemned Victorian Premier Dan Andrews over traffic in Melbourne, after his candidate for the upcoming Aston bi-election spent 40 minutes driving from their home in Fitzroy to the electorate. ”What planet does comrade... Read More ›
By Matthew Davidson, 25 December, 2022
A hotel room doorway at the end of a corridor.
The door of a double room with ensuite at the Sawtell Hotel. I barely slept there during my first night in Sawtell early in 2004 as rain dripping from the roof drummed on the awning of the bottle shop below. Photo taken on my last day in Sawtell, May 2022.

Travel is remarkably easy here in the far future of the twenty-first century. At your point of departure you make a series of electronic financial transactions, in exchange for which you receive a bunch of PDF files with barcodes on them.