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China’s slow drift from a Western-centric economic system is being coupled with a whole new approach to foreign policy - ‘wolf diplomacy’ in the West and a gentler, kinder approach in the Global South.

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MORON #1: Great wig. It must be so cool not to have to do your hair.

ME: I’ve worn a wig since my hair fell out. I got tired of people gawking at me and my bald-ass head like I was some escapee from Area 51. It’s especially fun to wear this wig during the summer months. With this wig atop my head and all that heat trapped up under there, Dante could throw a seventh-ring soiree on my scalp. So hot.

- - -

MORON #2: Your legs are so smooth. What? You don’t even have to shave them because the chemo made your hair fall out. I’m so jealous.

ME: It’s glamorous as fuck. Cancer has changed every aspect of my life, and now I don’t even have to do the everyday things that once made me feel human. Gone are the days when I felt the deep satisfaction of that first good spring shave after letting the hair on my gams go wild all winter. Nope. Tossed that razor right out the window.

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Kim Nyamushonongora and Oscar Spencer 99.9% of UK businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), employing 61% of the UK population. Yet, we know so much more about large businesses, how they function and particularly how they finance themselves. SMEs have been referred to as the backbone of economies around the world. Therefore, SME’s access … Continue reading A quick dive into SME finance
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August 16th, 2023: My new book DANGER AND OTHER UNKNOWN RISKS is out and it's getting

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The Georgia RICO indictment includes a couple of strange operators working the conspiracy in a specifically weird little side story I’ve always wondered about. This is the one about the woman who approached Ruby Freeman and told her that the feds were out to get her: Here is yet another story from the range of conspiracies and criminal plots that were afoot last winter to overthrow the government of the United States and keep Donald Trump in power after losing the 2020 presidential election. Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman was one of those innocent bystanders who became the target of death threats and harassment tied to a conspiracy theory that she had helped steal the presidential election in Georgia for Joe Biden. On January 4th 2021 – two days before the Capitol insurrection – a woman named Trevian Kutti knocked on Freeman’s door and told her she was in danger. If Freeman didn’t confess to the truth of Trump’s election rigging charges within 48 hours unidentified persons would come to her home and Freeman along with members of her family would be sent to jail. Kutti is a publicist and head of Trevian Worldwide, a PR firm.
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This chart is going around:

This is a useful chart, in that it shows that we aren’t reducing absolute use of energy sources which increase global warming: the gains you constantly hear about, at a global level (there are country exceptions, such as Germany) are relative, not absolute and it’s absolute that matters.

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Just because he wrote it on twitter doesn’t mean it can’t be a crime: Trump is stupid and shameless so he often lied or gave unlawful orders on twitter or some other public forum. He believed that he was totally protected by the first amendment or executive privilege. Those rights are not absolute and if he gave it half a thought (or had half a brain) he would have realized that. Executive privilege (or Article II) does not allow a president to do anything he wants. And when speech is in furtherance of a crime like fraud it’s not protected. You’d think a snake oil fraudster like Trump would have been aware of that. Of course he’s gotten away with it his whole life so I suppose he assumed he always would.