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Alert: This is Verizon letting you know that an unrecognized device, the only device you’ve ever used to sign in to our website, has logged into your account. Was that you? Was it??

We are freaking out over here. We have no idea if this device—your only device—was you logging in. For all we know, it could be anyone. It could be an enemy that you have. Is there an enemy you have who might’ve used a device we don’t know to log into your account? Or was it you?

It was you, right???

It might not be. That’s why we asked, Is “AUDREY FARNSWORTH MACBOOK AIR” you, Audrey Farnsworth? We don’t recognize this device, even though you have literally never used any other device to log into our website.

But that doesn’t mean it’s NOT possible that it wasn’t you. There is actually no way of us knowing that. We weren’t there, physically, to see the logging in. That’s why we’re asking. So, was it?

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Clair Wills has long been among the most supple and illuminating explorers of the intertwined cultural histories of Ireland and Britain. She works in the intersections between social experience and literary representation, giving as much weight to supposedly ordinary lives as to momentous political events and artistic movements. That Neutral Island: A History of Ireland During […]

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Nuri Khayal and Jonathan Loke Many households in the UK have seen their mortgage payments go up since mortgage rates started to increase in 2022. In the current environment of higher rates, the question of how much a household can comfortably spend on their mortgage payments before getting into financial distress is particularly relevant. This … Continue reading The link between mortgage debt servicing burdens and arrears: is there a critical threshold?
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There’s a new asset class being traded between corporations. It’s called children in care. By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 18 May 2024 I’m a patron of a small local charity that helps struggling children to rebuild trust and connection. It’s called Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship, and it works by bringing them together with rescued […]
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The Technical Working Group (TWG) is announcing one coding standards change for final discussion. Feedback will be reviewed at the meeting scheduled for Wednesday 5 June 2024 UTC.

Issues for discussion

The Coding Standards project page outlines the process for changing Drupal coding standards. Changes to the Drupal Coding Standards are announced via Coding Standard changes records.

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THERE’S a buzz around the Botanic Gardens as a major cultural celebration prepares to open on Sunday 26 May. Themed ‘In Harmony on the Coffs Coast’, the All One Under the Sun festival will celebrate multiculturalism through live music, dance, workshops, and a multitude of activities for all ages performed on the Gurray Jaliija Garugun...

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I can’t wait for the new movie about Trump and Roy Cohn. Trump has threatened to sue but nobody seems too exercised about that. One of the investors, Dan Snyder owner of the Washington Commanders (formerly the Redskins), has been gnashing his teeth about it, although he doesn’t appear to have any say in the final cut. It’s controversial to say the least. The script is by Gabriel Sherman who writes for Vanity Fair and had hit with the movie about Roger Ailes called The Loudest Voice starring Russell Crow. This one is about Trump and Roy Cohn — Trump is the apprentice in this one. (I wrote a little bit about their relationship just the other day.) Anyway, this sounds really interesting. It stars Jeremy Strong, who played Kendall Roy in Succession, as Cohn. Perfect. Here’s a little bit of the review in The Hollywood Reporter: Beyond the specific portrait of the man identified by his vanity plates as DJT (Sebastian Stan) and the barracuda who took him under his wing, Roy Cohn (Jeremy Strong), the movie takes a broader view of the corruption of the American soul.
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And one was even scanned for Trump’s PAC for some reason Axios: Former President Trump’s attorneys found classified documents in his bedroom four months after the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, per court documents unsealed Tuesday. The revelation comes as part of a newly unsealed opinion that U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell cited last year when she found that prosecutors brought forward sufficient evidence to show Trump mishandled classified documents. The former president’s classified documents trial in Florida was indefinitely postponed earlier this month, with the judge citing the number of outstanding pre-trial motions. An empty folder and “another mostly empty folder marked `Classified Evening Summary'” were found when Trump lawyers searched his properties following the FBI’s August 2022 raid on the former president’s Florida home.