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Katharina Kraus, previously associate professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, is now, as of this term, associate professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. Professor Kraus works in the history of modern philosophy, especially Kant. She is the author of Kant on Self-Knowledge and Self-Formation: The Nature of Inner Experience (2020), along with several other works. You can browse her writings here and here. (via Steven Gross)
Tue, 24/01/2023 - 20:57

Many Indigenous people are sceptical about the planned Voice to parliament, despite the media focus on its support. Solidarity spoke to Indigenous activists Callum Clayton-Dixon, Suellyn Tighe and Michael Mansell about the problems with the proposal.

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Big Finish have today released a new story based upon the Doctor Who spin-off Class created by Patrick Ness and starring two actors who appeared in the televised series. Original series stars return to Class in the very special limited-edition audio drama, Secret Diary of a Rhodian Prince, released today from Big Finish Productions. The […]

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Montagem da Folha de S.Paulo faz parte de uma série de representações que põe em risco não só a vida de líderes petistas, mas as de milhões de brasileiros.

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On Dec. 20, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced the appointment of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as his country’s next ambassador to the U.S. I have known Rudd for about 25 years in different contexts and our paths have crossed in various parts of the world. We’ve been fellow panelists at seminars and conferences Continue reading »
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So, my team is using Kubernetes for deploying a complex app in a developer environment on our desktop. We use the Kubernetes (“k8s”) built into Docker Desktop. We need persistent storage, so we use a PersistentVolume with local-storage type. Initially, we thought we should put our data directory in a well-known directory, like /var/local/ or … Continue reading PersistentVolume on Docker Desktop for Mac
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Make it a double About that “Weaponization Committee”… The defeat of election deniers running for important statewide offices last fall suggested a nation edging away from seven years of Trumpism. But that trend will be tested in the next two years, with supercharged Republicans newly empowered to spout conspiracies, grievances, whataboutism, and lies from official, high-profile platforms. The House Oversight Committee’s crammed investigations menu is perilous for President Joe Biden, from the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Southern border, and Hunter Biden’s activities to the recently discovered classified documents at Biden’s residences and a think tank once associated with him. But beyond the political risk for Biden and his legacy, there is a larger danger for the country—specifically the Judiciary Committee’s new Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan has long complained about the supposed persecution of conservatives by the FBI and other agencies.
Tue, 24/01/2023 - 10:13
‘Ruthless’ general secretary’s push to take control of union’s executive council marked by allegations of breaches and bending of ‘rule 6’ eligibility requirement by union Allegations of ‘contrived’ and even rule-breaking eligibility, for supporters of Unite general secretary Sharon Graham, in the union’s executive council (EC) elections have multiplied since Skwawkbox broke the news of […]