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Camping out on campus was not how many students planned to end the academic year. But the past nine months have witnessed unprecedented mobilisations calling for an end to Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault against the Palestinian people. In late April and early May, the inspiring student encampments that started in the USA and have since […]

Thu, 18/07/2024 - 15:27
How Much Does Genocide In Gaza Effect The US Presidential Election?

I’ve been saying it mattered a lot for quite some time, but, finally, some numbers:

Foreign policy debates rarely determine U.S. presidential elections, although polling suggests that 2024 might be an exception. Nationwide, nearly 4 in 10 voters (38 percent) say they are less likely to vote for President Biden because of his handling of the war in Gaza, according to a July 2024 Century Foundation/Morning Consult poll of 1,834 registered U.S. voters. Many core constituencies—including independents, swing state likely voters, and Democratic Party activists—are angry at Biden’s unqualified support for the Israeli assault on Gaza.

Thu, 18/07/2024 - 06:30
A bunch of polls out today showing that a huge majority of Democrats want a different presidential candidate but the race is still within the margin of error. So, as I have said before, Democrats will walk over hot coals to vote for a fetid pile of garbage over Donald Trump;. The question remains how many of those independent swing voters and 3rd party types will do the same. The race is still stuck. This is the NBC poll: In case you’re wondering whether Harris does better well, yes and no, depending: [T]he poll showed Trump doing slightly better among white voters when matched up with Harris instead of Biden, leading her by 16 points among these voters, compared with his 14-point advantage here against Biden. (These subgroups of voters, however, all have substantially larger margins of error than the poll’s overall margin of error, which is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.) Among other demographics — by age, by gender, among Latino voters — there was very little difference between Biden or Harris. But the biggest differences between Biden and Harris in the matchup against Trump go well beyond demographics.
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A FUN day of bowls hosted by Urunga Bowling Club has culminated in a grand total of $1,500 being raised for the Pink Silks Trust (PST). The Charity Gala Day of bowls on Thursday 30 May brought together 22 teams from South West Rocks to Woolgoolga. Advertise with News of The Area today. It’s worth...

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SCORES of young people gathered for the Naru Goori Groms NAIDOC Fun Day at Coffs Harbour’s Jetty Beach last Wednesday, participating in pursuits promoting healthy living and well-being. The day revolved around three core activities: learning to surf, touch football and playing the didgeridoo. Advertise with News of The Area today. It’s worth it for...

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COMMUNITY Garden champions Peter Lewis and Linda Woodrow educated and entertained an enthusiastic group of budding gardeners at Northside Community Garden (NCG) in Bellingen on Sunday 14 July. The two-hour interactive workshop on resilient gardening demonstrated and discussed how to set your food garden up for success through summer, with a particular emphasis on using...

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PLANS to build Sawtell Chilifest into a Coffs Coast tourism draw were boosted by the news the signature festival has received support from the NSW Regional Event Fund. “This funding is a significant milestone for Sawtell Chillifest, and we are deeply grateful to Destination NSW and the NSW Government for their support,” said event organiser...

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A TREE planting ceremony by Jetty Dunecare volunteers at the site where one of their members discovered human remains has achieved a sense of closure for the group. In the course of tending the weeds in the dunes behind Jetty Beach, Steve Melville came across the human bones on June 18. Advertise with News of...

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